Friday, June 1, 2018

Friday Fleeting Glimpse

SO! Pete's tired to a bed! WHOOT! I hope it's Dr. O and she tortures the hell out of him.  oh! It's NOT Dr. O- it's NINA!!! wow. 

Remember Mac tied to the bed?? 
How's he go pee pee!!?? 

Robert is still on! Yeah!

So, I guess Kirsten Storms was out for a couple of days with the flu. Hmmmmm. Okay. 

CarSon   ugh. Whatever. 

I take it Michael is bamboozling Nelle?? Does Jason know he's doing it?? Are they in cahoots ?? I don't know because I didn't see Wed or Thursday. 

I see FINN is getting a DAD. :eyeroll: Don't we have enough characters on this show And if anyone is being cast, shouldn't it be Jeff Webber??! The hell?? 

Presser interrupted GH for me..any cliffhanger? 


  1. Hiney's hotel room: ROBERT YAY!!! Glad you are still here honey! :)

    Anna and Robert: Robert wins the line of the day.

    Robert: At one point did you lose touch with reality?

    ROFL! Oh just kiss already!!!!! :) Robert gave really good advice to Anna about Robin! Anna talks to Robin on the phone?!!?! So she is getting on a plane to see Robin, I bet we don't get to see the scene where Anna tells Robin about her having a half brother!

    The hospital/Maxie's room: Why can't we ever have Jen Lilly as Maxie?!!?! I want Jen Lilly!!!!!

    Nina and Maxie: Great scene!!!!!!!!!!! Awww wittle tiny James!!! I just want to squish his cheeks!!! :) Great scene there too!!!! :)

    Anna and Maxie: Awww how sweet.. They are talking about Anna's rewrite son. :)


    Carson: Carly! Sonny doesn't give a crap! So divorce him!

    Jarly: Awww I love my Jarly!!! :) They touch glass to "touch" hands, and Carly didn't do that with Sonny! ROFL! Awwww Jason is there for her even tough he thinks she is wrong. Awwww! :)

    Q home:

    Nelle and Michael: Come on Michael! Nelle is still manipulating you! Can't you see that?!?!?!!

    Michael and Jason:

    Michael: I am putting my FAMILY first.

    *Michael gives Jason a look and Jason gives Michael a look*

    WHOA! Michael and Jason are working together! YAY! And they both know Nelle is listening!!!! The scene with them is a set up! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Michael and Nelle:

    Nelle: When you said you were going to put your family first, you mean,

    Michael: I meant you Nelle. I mean you and the baby.

    MICHAEL!!!! :) You are lying and playing her! I am so proud of you!!!!!! :) GET HER GET HER GET HER! :)

    Nelle and Sonny: Why are you there Sonny to see Nelle? You don't believe Carly!

    Hotel hallway: Or at least I think that is where Michael is.. So glad he is working with Spinny! YAY!

    A cabin: Oh my!!! Hiney all tight up in bed. Kinky! I was thinking is it Maddox? Dr. O? Nina? OH IT'S NINA! YAY! :)

    1. Loved the Michael/Jason scene and even the Carly and Jason scene. Interested to find out what Sonny is going to say to Nellie.

  2. I was enjoying the show today until it got interrupted! Michael playing Nelle is great! I am so glad he isn’t being dumb!
    I like Carly but if I were her I would dump Sonny like yesterday’s trash-he is making me cringe every scene he is in with her. He has no faith whatsoever in her.
    WHERE IS THE FLASHDRIVE???!!! This is never going to end and it has been beat to death, please put us out of our misery GH!

  3. I guess if Maxie was sick and they had scenes they had to film with the baby they wouldn't use her.

  4. Such a good GH and most of the show was interrupted here. Really good fill in for KS, adorable baby and it was Nina who got Peter? Love love love having Robert pop in regularly. So glad Michael isn’t as dumb as he usually is. Wish I could have seen the whole show.

  5. Please stop crying Anna! Ever single time someone says Peter she cries. Just stop this crappy storyline already.
    Wish we had real Maxie for these scenes but nice anyway. Wonder if she'll read the letter or flush it down the toilet. I would.
    Who did Nina pay to do the stab and drag on Peter? And does she have the flashdrive? Let's hope so, we need to get this Drew show on the road. Hopefully he will remember that he left Kim and deserted the Navy because he wanted to be a drag queen, fly kites for a living and really loves men. That would be a better story than whatever the writers come up with.
    Missed the last 20 because of blahblah political crap I FF through. Had to go online and watch again.
    Michael! You may not have drank the Kool aid after all. You smartey pants you!

    1. Oh my God Alicia! You are funny!!! I'm so glad that Michael has finally wised up!

  6. "Alicia says, Hopefully he will remember that he left Kim and deserted the Navy because he wanted to be a drag queen, fly kites for a living and really loves men."


  7. sonya, jenn lilly is on days of our lives

  8. Maybe Nina hired Curtis to do it? The WSB was all over Hiney's room and did not find the flashdrive, so hopefully Curtis has it?

  9. Wow. So little ol' Nina dragged Peter? Wasn't she just with Maxie?

  10. I missed it all due to our "special" report

  11. To me it looked like the thing at the Q house with Michael and Jason was staged for Nelle to hear. Hope so

  12. KEEP Tristan around. He is always the best!!!!

  13. I got so excited when Jason left the Q mansion and paused, looked over his shoulder out of the corner of his eye at Nell hiding in the corner... Then the look on Michael's face as he hugged Nell.... They are ON TO HER!!! Hooray. Love that Michael believes his Mom!!

    1. Yeh that look when he hugged her haha evil!! Can't wait til she's busted!! Hopefully now it won't be dragged out much longer!

  14. "witch said...sonya, jenn lilly is on days of our lives"

    Still? Damn. :(

    "lindie said...To me it looked like the thing at the Q house with Michael and Jason was staged for Nelle to hear. Hope so"

    It looked like it. I think it was.

  15. Second time I really liked Molly Burnett. Very upbeat personality easy to like as a replacement for Maxie. I'd have no problem with her as a recast. Heinrich not looking comfortably numb.

  16. I think I saw the flashdrive on the floor of the cabin? Didn't see anything in Hiney's hands in the room though I don't think.

    1. When he was being drug out it came out of his hand. It still should be in his room at the MC unless the goon picked it up.

  17. It could be in an evidence bag somewhere now.


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