Tuesday, June 5, 2018


NEW Promo pics for GH... interesting that Laura and Wes have photos together... hmmm?

I'm so happy Felix is Mike's caregiver. I like him with Stella too--- He thinks she likes him! Jordan and Curtis walk in, killing that buzz.

Sam wants to give Aurora away to Peter. Alexis thinks Jason might want Sam to get some money for it.  Alexis also tells Sam she wants to find out more about her father Mekkos Cassadine and Valentin is going to help her? Huh? Okay then! 

Kim found a DNR on Drew's desk. I guess because of his mind experiments with Maddox that are coming? 

Sonny, Jason and Diane talking about Carly. They are going to try to get her into Shadybrook intead of Pentonville. Jason says Spin can't find anything on Nelle.  They go over the stuff Nelle's been doing to Carly....Jason realizes that Nelle has been torturing her since the phone calls. 

Lulu and Dante are fighting. Still. 


  1. kim and oscar not needed. go back to california. her facial expressions are annoying. and nelle is smarter than the jackal. ok

  2. Do you mean that Sam is giving Aurora to DREW? I wonder if Laura Wright is going on a long vacation, or if they will just show her at Shadybrook for 3 months?

  3. They can't find where Nelle bought the scarf? Jackal is smarter than that

  4. I'm surprised that they photographed various "couples" together . . . In the magazines they generally look like bad photoshops using individual pictures, LOL.

  5. Don't forget that Felix is gay. He has a boyfriend. Donny????

    1. Yeh he mentioned Donny today.
      I think she was talking about Mike and Stella.

  6. since i dont always watch the show this might seem like a redundant question....

    is Nelle her real name? maybe Nelle is an alias. Maybe a long line of alias's. Is spin using the right information?

    Hey... maybe anna had another child.... a daughter this time... and....

    oh, never mind.

    lindie, im not sure i understand the correlation of Felix is gay and with a boyfriend. is there a topic or comment I am missing?

  7. How come Diane said Jason was there for all this, the scarf, the calls, etc? He wasn't, he was "dead". Drew was still known as Jason. Did I miss something?

  8. laura and wes..... hmmmmm....

    maybe carly and sonny will break up and carly will be paired with peter, freeing sonny up to pursue kim (another carly)

  9. Yes - Karen meant Sam's giving her 1/2 of Aurora to Drew - not Peter. (And Lulu and Dante actually patched things up today - for now).

    Michelle - Jason was back long before Nelle started to gaslight Carly. He was there for the calls and the scarf.

    So Diane is 'the best lawyer in the tri-state area' - supposedly. IDK ... I'd rather have Jason defend me. She just asked what medication Carly is on? Sonny doesn't look too happy with Jason. Too bad! ;-)

    Was happy to see Anna and Robin in the previews. Was afraid the Heiny/Peter reveal would be off-camera.

    1. I guess time has just passed me by, I thought it happened before. Thanks Paul.

  10. Lante home:

    Lante: Damn Lulu!! Stop being so damn defensive!!! Listen to Dante! He is right!!!!

    Alexis's home:

    Alexis and Sam: Oh Alexis!! Ned wasn't horrible for you! All the rest, sure!

    Alexis, Sam, and V.C.: Sam wins the line of the day.

    Sam: Luke Spencer would have been a more trustworthy source.


    Alexis and V.C.: YAY! We get more scenes with them! Thank you writers!!!! :)


    Carson home:

    Diane and Sason: UGH! More of the damn same!!!!! Stop it!!!!!!!

    The floating rib:

    Felix and Stella: Hmmmmm. Stella and Mike are cute together and they have chemistry, but if they start dating, he will have his moments where he doesn't remember her. :( That is gonna hurt. :(

    Stella and CarlyKim: Damn Stella! What are your plans for Jurtis? You gonna stop the wedding?

    Drew's office: Damn!!!! His office is busy and he isn't even there!!! Geez CarlyKim! Panicking over the DNR! Just tell him you are still inlove with him! He is single now. Otherwise stop acting like his girlfriend and go be with Julian!

  11. "Paul773 said...Was happy to see Anna and Robin in the previews. Was afraid the Heiny/Peter reveal would be off-camera."

    Yeah so did I!!! Glad it won't be off-camera! :)

  12. Dave, I think the comment you say you missed is that it sounded like someone here was implying that Stella "likes" Felix, so lindie said that he is gay. However, I think the original comment was supposed to mean that Stella "likes" Mike.

    OK, did I get this right, or just add to the confusion?

  13. AntJoan - that's how I read that, too.

    delcodave - Nelle's real name is Janelle. I'm guessing Spinelli knows this (he may have been the one to discover it?). Which doesn't mean she didn't have other aliases.

  14. Lulu:but I'm a REPORTER! Dante: but I'm a COP! How we possibly be married to each other? Blahhhhh kissy kissy
    Same old same old...Carly Nelle baby blanket Morgan Morgan Morgan so tired of it.
    Gee Kim snoop much? Did Drew really change his mind or did he just say it to keep her from spazzing out? Do it already Drew! Maybe he'll have no memories before the Jake Doe thing and then realize that he still loves Liz after all since he pushed her aside for Sam because he thought he was Jason.
    Stella is up to no good with Jordan and Curtis, I just don't know what yet.
    Alexis...you SHOULD ask Luke about Mikkos. Just open the envelope, you know you will anyway. Sam is as intimidating as a squirrel throwing an acorn at Valentin, just go away Sam, you're ruining the scene.


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