Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Marry Me?

So that nurse that dated Michael was going to tell him something because he's on the GH board. She saw a sign saying that "any" form of harassment needs to be turned in. Then she saw Kiki and stopped. 

Sonny "talks" to Rupert about Carly. 

Ummm.... Oh, Chase meets with Nelle at Kelly's and stares to the right as he has flashbacks. He notices the smell he's smelling is the same smell he smelled at Morgan's grave. AHAHAHAHA. 

Alexis gives Jules back the house he bought for her. 


Nelle pretends Chase grabbed her hard. Michael comes in and is all: WHAT YOU DOIN"!?  Did you send that Tshirt? (Michael knows he didn't). 

Julian thinks he and Alexis might be friends. He tells her to keep the house. She's like OK! Guess she didn't want to fight it. 

Sonny bought off Rupert to "Protect" Carly so that fun is gone. I tell you what, that had BETTER NOT BE MORGAN in that room next to Carly. He better not have amnesia and a new face...then has to convince people he's really Morgan--then Bryan Craig decides to come back and we get another Todd/Victor  Jason/Drew Mess because I CAN NOT. 

AVA AND Franco are talking about Kiki. They wish they were still evil. SO DO I!! The best most grandest nasty duo are with a priest and an angel. UGH. 

Nurse Francesca comes to tell Kiki and Alexis that Bensch harassed her-- and she finally gave in and had sex with him. 

Kim and Julian might go to Tuscany. Julian surprised her with the trip.

Michael proposed to Nelle. Although not sure why..does he think he has to to keep her 'close"?? Ugh. 

I think Dante tells Lulu tomorrow hes' going into the WSB....

SCOOPS: Hmmmm do they finally SORA Cameron??? 

4th of July Peter begs Nina to set him free Jason, Sam and Danny on the footbridge Julian, Kim, Lucas and Brad at the MC Joss, Oscar and Cameron at the park watch fireworks from their doorstep. They will be exploring their family dynamics as they move forward


  1. I saw a picture of the new Cameron. He looks to be about 15 with black hair and dark eyes.

  2. The show was already getting on my nerves. Now I get to listen to banging on the walll in Morse code???????????? AIEEEEEEEEEEe!!!!!!!! Is there someone on staff whose job it is to make GH more annoying?????????

  3. ok so maybe its because I am a man or becaue I have never been sexually harrassed but i have this question......

    are they doing this storyline justice?

    because it really doesnt look like it to me

  4. WSB? Really - well, at least they won't kill him....

    okay people - it's the end of June - summer 1/2 over here in the South - we go back to school august 5....gotta start summer storylines earlier.

    If Carly says she learned Morse Code somewhere - I will in fact scream loudly.

    Love Finola - but it's not right she leaves every summer - and there is always a twist - just film ahead or mention her - but don't make it so dramatic - who else leaves that long?

    1. Anthony Geary used to get his outs, why can't she?

  5. well I read the recap - and Carly uses her phone to figure out the Morse Code of SOS..........sigh.

    and in another website - WHO was Raj on GH that Dante leaves to find? I don't remember him.

  6. I think Cam is technically "SOSAS" -- Soap Opera's SLOWEST Aging Syndrome.

  7. Raj was an arms dealer who threatened Morgan.

  8. Dave: Why do you think they are not doing the SL justice? I think they are doing a good job showing how difficult it is for women to come forward in cases like this.

  9. Michael probably proposed so that he can sue for custody

  10. Crazy town:

    Biff and Sonny:

    Sonny: I'm sorry what's your name?

    Biff: Uh.

    Aww Biff! Are you scared of big bad Sonny?!!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHA!

    Carson: Oh so NOW Sonny gives a crap? NOW Sonny believes Carly?! What happened that made him believe her?


    Janey and Chase: Don't make her insecure Chase!!! Something bad will happen!!!!! Oh hi Michael!! Glad you are playing her. :)

    Ava and BobTodd: Love the scene!!! So great!!!! :) Awww they miss their old selves.. :)

    The hospital: Oh!!! Love the signs!! YES!!!!

    Michael and Franchesca: Come on! Let them have another date!!!!

    Francesca and Kiwi: Great scene!!!!!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Alexis and Julian: What?!!? Giving back the house?!!?! Where are you going to live Alexis?!?!!?

    KimLian: Oh glad he told her that he went to therapy with Alexis and didn't keep it from her. :)

    Francesca, Kiwi, and Alexis: Great scene!!!! Glad Francesca spilled her guts! Glad she is going to help!!!

    Q home:

    Sonny and Michael: Great scene!!!

    Michael and Janey: I was wondering if he was going to ask her to marry him, or get back to dating.. MARRY!!!! Michael what are you up to? Keeping your enemies closer? You curious to see if she is going to try to kill you just like her other fiance?

  11. "Ruthie said... Michael probably proposed so that he can sue for custody"

    OH! Maybe!!!



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