Friday, June 29, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Emergency Exit: Shuffling Off

Hi guys! I'm taking 3 days off.  I'll be in the beautiful city of Buffalo-- putting my money and time where my mouth is! (and hopefully getting wings). 

I'm sticking with GH -- I will be leaving the country for a big chunk in August so that will also disrupt things. I'll let you know where I'm going later-- I hope I can post some pics from down there!! (HINT HINT)  

I really hope the summer stories of Nelle's baby, the adoption -- Liz' surprise visitor and the reunification of JaSam go well. I don't know what's happening over there with letting vets go an hiring a parade of newbies other than the bottom line: money.  With The Chew cancelled, I'm sure ABC is taking a very close look at keeping it's last soap afloat. I know people may be losing hope but once a soap is gone--it's GONE.  I don't want this to happen. I still miss the soap channel for god sakes! LOL. 

Stephen Nichols left DAYS? Oooooo....hmmmmm... I'm hearing Bat Wings?? 

This will serve as Sunday Surgery, with Friday an obvious miss--but I thought I'd leave you all with some fun. 

Yeah, I'm leaving, bitches. You'll miss me when all you have is Michael, Oscar and that pretend Priest to entertain you. I'll leave the pillows in my dressing room. Night! 

Why am I leaving? I'll tell you why I'm leaving...
Uh, okay....calm down there, will ya? 
NO! I won't!! I've gotten exactly 33 scenes in 3 years and the best ones were when someone ELSE died! I don't even get Ma's lasagna anymore! Nothin'! 
Well, I don't know what to tell ya...I'm on all the time. I mean, I even got to give Julian a back rub last Tuesday so..
EXACTLY, Don't you SEE IT?

Oh hell, never mind. Say hi to my kids for me. I'm sure you'll adopt them soon. Probably get together with Lulu too..
Wait, is she available? 

I wondered why there was all this fruit in here. 

Well, growing boys need their nourishment! 
Boys? Wait... more than one? 
Oh, sure...Cameron especially has just sprouted overnight! You'll see him at the 4th of July picnic. He has muscles now! 
Wow...Oscar doesn't even have those! 
SO, why do you think we have a scene together?? 
I have no idea... but I hear the gym is busy today.

At night I dream of.... 
What...what do you dream of, Jason? 
Carly... in that cold, lonely room. Hair ...perfect.
Really? I left Drew and a giant company for this? 
Don't worry, we'll get a love scene soon and it will be worth it.
You're keeping your shirt on though, right? 
You betcha! this the best ever!!? 
I've missed you. I've missed being...well...normal. For us I mean. 
I hear you. I have to pretend to like some sappy guy that I could take down with my pinky finger.
I have to walk around, make out with Liz 24-7 and...hey wait...I don't have it so bad.
Yes but, Franco...don't you miss it? The fun, the excitement...the...
Great stories? 

I should have actually asked what I'd be doing before taking this job...

Please. Just kill me now. End it. 

THE BEST THING EVER:  They are SORA'd CAMERON!! I can only hope he's the bad boy I've been dreaming of!! 


  1. Thanks so much. That was so funny...and true. Have a great long weekend.

  2. Have fun in the Buff! One of my favorite cities.

  3. Give my love to Buffalo, you know I grew up there, it's fab there in the summer!!

  4. I really wish Lulu and kids went with Dante. Dante wouldn’t leave Rocco right now. Not believable. Maybe writers now looking at forming a Maxie,Lulu, Chase triangle?

    1. Shush your mouth LOL! I'd rather Griffin be in that triangle.

    2. To go undercover no taking he's wife and kids would just be dumb

    3. To go undercover no taking he's wife and kids would just be dumb

  5. I can't believe Dante and Liv wouldn't have one last scene together

  6. Really bugged by Carly's perfect hair. Give me her natural curls, a messy bun, but the not of hair out of place at the loony bin look doesn't work for me.

  7. Yes, is Dante gone for good now? Yes, it makes no sense that he would leave his family. And, yes, where is his scene with Olivia?

  8. Hahahaha Karen! :) Great Sunday Surgery as always. :) Are you still going to watch GH while you are away, or are you going to tape it and watch it when you get back home? Recast older Cameron!!! :) He still looks like his father Zander! :)

    Crazy town:

    Doc and Carly: Carly wins the line of the day.

    Carly: Don't get all shrinky with me. Okay?

    ROFL! Doc what are you doing? Why are you telling Carly to stay away from her neighbor? What is going on?!!?!?! Or are you Ryan?!?!?!!

    Sonny's fake Italian restaurant:

    Sam and Spinny: Awww Spinny is hurt that Sam has another partner. :(

    Spinny and Jason: AH HA! You are so busted Nelle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Friz home:

    Drew and Friz: Awwww! Drew considers BobTodd a friend!!!! :) Love my Frew. :) Oh my! Liz talking about her BFF that we never heard of before!!! BobTodd all jelly hahahaha.

    Liz and rewrite best friend: Okay. :) Hmmmm.. Was the BFF voice being dubbed in? Sounded strange.

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Frew: Awwwwwwwwwwwwww. :)

    Flea and Maxie: Wow!!! I love Flea's dress!!!!!!

    Baby shower: HI BOBBIE!!! HI LUCY! Where the hell have you two been?!!?! Love that Sam is watching Nina and Dr. O like a hawk!!! :)

    1. Lizs friend is being played by transgender actress Cassandra James so that may be her voice.

    2. Her best friend from Jr High, who just happened to be a boy, Terry. It was cute though that he was jealous, he's in for a shock when he found out he has no reason to be jealous. LOL!!

  9. "Anne Long said...Lizs friend is being played by transgender actress Cassandra James so that may be her voice."

    Oh okay! :)

  10. Have a great weekend Karen! And Carly sure has been getting a wonderful tan locked up in that room! Love seeing Sam/Jason/Spinelli!

  11. OMG LOVE LOVE DR.O, she is the best character ever, I could watch her read the phone book, I am SOOO HAPPY she continues to be on. I also was glad to see Bobbie and Lucy and Felicia, love them!

  12. Franco and Drew Bromance is so cute!! Love him being the best man. Love the jealousy of a jr high friendship between Liz and Terry. Haha!! Franco will be in for a shock!! Hahahaha!!

  13. ok

    the actor playing the recast cameron looks a lot like the actor who plays J on animal kingdom. which, by the way, is by far the BEST show on television.

    someone please tell me that colonel sanders (george hamilton) is not coming to visit gh. if i didnt think the show jumped the shark with casey the alien this is it!


    if george hamilton peeled away his makeup and disguise and asked out monica or bobbie.... i am so down on that.

    this show is nuts.

  14. Dante's departure was pathetic. Period.

  15. Scene of the week for me was Ava/Franco trying to figure out how much the other one knows about Bensch/Kiki situation. And then the follow up of the planning ways to kill him and get away with it. They are so good at being naughty and the way they referred to her as " our Kiki" wish Franco was her father after all. Sigh.
    The write out for Dante seemed super rushed, like they couldn't figure out anything else. The flashback if their first meeting was painful because you could tell that it was a reshoot and I couldn't help picturing JB in her place. I predict a recast in the near future.
    Why didn't they have the baby shower at the floating rib? Considering that Mac and Felicia own it, at least I thought they did.
    Don't understand Michaels strategy of proposing. Marry her so you won't have to sue for custody later? Make her let her guard down? Gain access to her personal info? Have her declared insane and send her to Fern cliff too? Hmmm.


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