Sunday, June 17, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Rattle and Hum

Yes, this is Western NY -- supposed home to some Roving Rattlesnakes.

Welcome to week ??? of Summer in Port Charles. This is what we have going on: 

One guy tied to a bed 

Two people in a tent
Three people asking about trunk size 
Four people worried about Carly 
Five people..AHAHAA Who am I kidding? FIVE PEOPLE? Together? Oh ppp-shaw!

I went to party yesterday and ate SO much.  People brought mac and cheese to die for and someone else made fried dough rolled in cinnamon sugar. I'm going to have to starve for a week! 

**Are there Rattlesnakes in NY? Why yes--there are: Timber Rattlesnakes Here's NYS Department of Conservation link for you. 

It's Father's Day weekend so let's examine some DAD BODS in this surgery ok? 

THE DREW DAD: Oh, poor Drew... it's been MONTHS (seemingly years) since the Jason Truth came out and yet his memories are still locked in some zip drive floating around town. He hasn't even had a glimmer of any oncoming memories. Wouldn't it be nice to have him see Kevin and Kevin explain that now his conscience knows he's not really Jason, his real memories may take hold? Too much to ask?  I mean, Kim is out getting bug bites with Julian instead of helping Drew with this? *sigh* I really REALLY thought his memories were going to be the main focus of this story now and NOPE. Drew took Oscar to The Floating Jake's for ICED TEA and "fried foods" (giggle...because mama hates them...giggle).  They really aren't even focusing on Drew running his giant Media empire now that Peter is gone. 

THE DAD- ON- CROTON: So we finally get Mike admitting HE moved the body in hopes to save Sonny. If this is going to become the summer of "Finding The Body" as Mike struggles with his memory I will LOSE MY SHEEZE.  That's not how you spend a loved ones time in the end of days, not even on a soap. 

THE DAD IN AFRICA: Franco's all hot to get Jeff Webber to the wedding. Will it happen? Who knows.  We got a Chase-Finn Dad... is there hope? 

THE DAD IN BERKLEY:  So, I'm taking it Finn's Dad will pop up again in PC? Get Finn and Chase Ford together to hash out their past that we don't care about? yeah. probs. 

THE DAD THAT TRIED TO FREEZE THE WORLD:  Alexis is channeling her mother..and exploring the man her father was; mad scientist that could have been the inspiration of Dr. Evil in Austin Powers.  This could be intriguing but I'm not holding my breath. 

Image result for invisible man

THE INVISIBLE DADS: Let's face it, there have been ZERO kid sightings this summer-which is beyond odd. Ergo, there's really no need for Dad right now. 


**POSITIVE  NOTE: The scenes on GH have been longer, I have to give them that.  (I know, I keep track) They've moved from seconds to minutes. Progress people!!! 

Ok, weird week.  I did enjoy the  Nasty Nurse with Carly (and Rupert as well) but they had to stick St. Jaysus in DAY ONE!! I mean, come on, give us some build up. Carly needed to really get loopy and start seeing things. I really wish she was seeing Kevin Friday--or he morphed into some OTHER doctor at the end of the show. The face changes and Carly realizes she's been talking to someone who is now going to think she's reallllly losing it.  Jason didn't have to get that damn job in 20 minutes, btw. Background checks and drug testing could have expanded it a least a week. But NOPE. 

BATTER UP!!  Dr. O just wailed on Heiney's hand!! LOL... It was glorious!  She ended up going to get him antibiotics which I didn't like but this was pretty fun. 

Kiki tells Ava she uses Sex As A Weapon. (Is that a band name?)  While this story is getting better (and I Loved the Bensch confrontation) I really don't want it to become about the Sex-Guilt that Kiki and PriestlyGriff have.  

Oh my god, Michael-- what are you doing? 
Well, I'm NOT tampering with your computer if that's what you think.
Are you really that stupid? 
I don't know. Maybe. 

We're still here on this ledge, aren't we? 
Yep.. just like last week and the week before and...
But it's so.. delightfully inexpensive! 
My butt hurts tho. 
Yeah, I hear ya on that. 

THE RATTLESNAKE IN THE ROOM: (replacing the Elephant in the Room from last Sunday):  Who's rooting for that rattler? :HANDSUP:!!! I hope Obrect walks in there and it's really her pet snake and she yells STRIKE ZE PRIZZZZONER! and he's bit right before Kimmy and Jules come in. Because let's face it, WHY ELSE would they be camping if not to find Heiney tied to that bed? 

SCENE (S) OF THE WEEK: I explained this earlier in the blog but for those of you that haven't read those comments I will recap. Seems Chase knows Nelle from her time in Florida --the time when she was on trial for attempted murder. Also seems that he fell for her--hard. So hard in fact, he lost his job over inappropriate behavior. Their scenes were electric and made me sit right up and say: OH MORE, please!!  Sexual tension ALL OVER the place..and Chloe played so that you didn't know if Nelle really loved him or just used him to get out of the charges. She cried just beautifully during all of this. Chase was creepy, forceful and hurting. Then we see him looking a a photo of her later in his room. Did he go to Port Charles just to find her? We must wait and see! SQUEE!! 

FACE OF THE WEEK:  Burton got me big time with his look to Sam. So much raw--everything. I still say they missed huge opportunities with this story in the months he got back but this look was just perfection. 

SECOND FACE OF THE WEEK: Burton giving a great face to Elizabeth too! Geeze!! There was no "you're an idiot for being with Franco"-- it was just a lovely recognition of a past love. 

GIGGLE OF THE WEEK:  Todd and Max. Remember them? LOL 

PILL PINCHER:  Oh, Carly got a nose full! AHAHAAA. 

So, Dom is out as Dante and I didn't put it up because I thought we all knew it was coming. He did a post on Twitter thanking everyone yada yada.  The show has wasted him for years, it's not just this past writing team. He's a great actor and the cast seemed to genuinely love him as well. Dom has  already taped his last scenes. There's been no big reveal in any of the mags that a giant Dante Dies story is coming so he might be recast? If so--tough shoes to fill.  Wonder if he'll get a big cake like Ryan did? Hmmm....

RUMOR AND SCOOPS PATROL:   Not a lot out there at the moment that aren't really obvious.  There's a contract player on her way out. There is a non-contract player who's making up his mind about staying at GH.  Looks like Alexis will start to have dark fantasies about being just like dear old mommy and her behavior will become more reckless. Who  will discover Ava took that scarf? Sonny desperately needs Mike to remember where he put that body but it won't be easy.  Oh, and another GH actor has a primetime gig coming...will her role be recast again or will she do double duty? 

Happy Father's Day to all you cool Dads out there.  Have a good one! 

A ZILLION thx to @TheWSB and @Twynk  on twitter for all my great pics this week! 


  1. I have said it before and will say it again. I am very sad Dom is leaving. Talent wasted. I really loved him with Julie Marie Berman before she left. I hope that he goes far and does great things. Just NOT another soap.

  2. I agree with the scene of the week 100%. I was shocked that they knew each other and was well acted by both Chase and Nelle. Looking forward to this and I can't say that alot these days. Second place goes to Kiki vs Bensch in the locker room. Could feel her anger and fear as he berated her for standing up for herself and tried to make her feel guilty and foolish.
    Also if a patient in a mental institution won't take meds by mouth they will give them via needle, no need for the hold the nose trick. But then again nothing about this storyline is realistic. Jason getting hired and working the floor in 20 minutes is just plain stupid. Kevin moonlighting at Ferncliff all the sudden? Carly being put in the supermax ward because of spacing issues? All ridiculous.
    Yes we do have rattlesnakes in WNY state. My soon to be sister in law is an official rattlesnake counter for the NYSDEC (along with bear and turtle counter). However finding one at all, let alone in your bed is unlikely. I have never even seen one, but the next town over had to call off a soccer game because one wandered onto the field and no one was willing to try moving it and they had to wait to for the DEC to show up for safety reasons and relocate it.

  3. 2 comments. I think people are just not watching the show anymore. The ratings show that. :( wah.

    Alicia..I agree with you but I am also VERY weird. I hate the fact Jason got a job in 3.4 seconds, but I love the willy-nilly way Carly's 'incarceration" is being done. The wackier the better LOL. Not sure why. Guess I'm just a campy type person IN CERTAIN situations but not all. Like Peter on the bed. TOTALLY STUPID, Totally overdone but when Dr. O wacked his hand with the bat? I was like YEP!! And the snake?? A touch of genius. I mean..a SNAKE. A Rattler. ON THE BED. IN the middle of nowhere. AHAHAHAHAA.

    1. Totally off topic but does anyone think Heiney look like a chipmunk? It's his mouth, the position when he talks LOL!! It's hard to concentrate on the scene cause I'm looking at his mouth. Maybe not chipmunk...but something, it looks funny. Haha!

  4. I agree Michelle - too funny! And really bad acting to boot. The ratings are almost as low as Days, which isn't good. I attribute that to too much Carly and Sonny, too much Heinie and Nelle. Any storyline with Carly and Sonny always drags down the ratings it seems. And all of the storylines are so dark, and the only time they are humorous it is unintentional. I think FV needs to go. I am sorry to see Dom go, but I never thought he was that good an actor - just average, like his "dad" MB.


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