Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Happy Birthday to Tristan!

  • Our Fave Aussie about town!! Happy Day. 
  • Robert and Anna? 
    Robert and Holly? 
  • Which is your fave!!? 


  1. I really liked Robert and Holly at first, but then LOVED Robert and Anna. ALWAYS want Robert and Anna to get back together; even now. LOVE them both!!!!!!!!

  2. Sorry so many posts. Hope Tristan stays on GH full time. He lights up every scene.

  3. Robert and Anna! Love them! Hope he is around for a long time!

  4. Okay so today's episode is from May 24, 2017 nurses ball. I will copy and paste what I said back then, and make new comments for today.

    The nurses ball:

    Dante and Sonny:

    Sonny: Whine whine whine whine whine whine whine whine whine whine whine.

    Paint and Wall: Chimera zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    I want to see you be brave singers: THEY WERE AWESOME! :)

    V.C. on the piano: I melted all over the place!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sigh*

    Nina and Curtis:

    Curtis: Don't do this to yourself. It's just a song.

    GAH! Shut up Curtis!!!!! Let her go!

    Joss: GO JOSS!!!!! :) Love that Michael was listening, and then Nelle woke up and listened. :) I wonder if Jax was watching her. I'll pretend he was. :)

    Krissy and Valerie: That was a very strange scene with them and the burt bees. It felt like the burt bees has poison in them and Valerie was going to pass out! Hmmm they hugged. Were they going to kiss? No okay. :)

    Paint and Wall's table: Ohhhhhh. Jake wants to go home and not do the act! So that means everyone in that table is going to go home and be safe from CHIMERA!!!!! Oh wait well Jason is staying.

    Amy's other job: Hmmm Amy has another job? Wonder what that is. She seems very secretive about it.. Hmmmmmmm.

    Charlie and Emma: "Karen says, Charlotte and Emma get his magic kit and arm/turn on the Chimera Beer Can."


    Chimera: OH! I AM TURNED ON! LET'S GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The hospital/Nelle's room:


    Today's comment: Karen when you called the charmira a beer can, it's still funny. :) I don't miss Amy, but I miss her brother Chet!!! Where is he?!!? Speaking of Amy when I was wondering what her 2nd job is, Michelle Latta said maybe she's a stripper! ROFL!

    My flashback: Ned and Lois. Ned singing will you stay with me?

    I really want to know if this song is a real song! I have been looking and I can't find it! Tomorrow's episode is from May 25, 2017 nurses ball.

  5. Happy birthday Tristan!!!!

    "Karen says, Robert and Anna?
    Robert and Holly?
    Which is your fave!!?"

    Oh come on!!!! That is not a fair question! How dare you!!! ROFL! It's just so complicated!! *Sigh* I used to love Robert and Holly together. Then Anna got in the middle of their relationship and I resented that! I did not want Anna and Robert together. Duke appeared and I loved Duke and Anna together. Then Anna started flirting with Robert during Valentines day and she tied him up, and I hated it! Robert and Anna got engaged and got married and I still hated them together.. I fell in love with them as a couple, when they were on their honeymoon and he was being funny. :) Made me laugh. So I don't have a favorite, but I want Robert and Anna back together dammit!!!

    1. That's what I said, "Oh come on!!!" Lol! Robert and Anna were good together, but I just loved him with Holly!

      Whoever said Robert with Laura had a pretty good idea. As much as I like Doc, Robert with anybody would be good and why not the Mayor! :)

    2. "Julie H says, That's what I said, "Oh come on!!!" Lol!"


      "Robert and Anna were good together, but I just loved him with Holly!"

      Yeah like I said it's complicated. :)

      "Whoever said Robert with Laura had a pretty good idea. As much as I like Doc, Robert with anybody would be good and why not the Mayor! :)"

      They were great on Y&R, but I don't want them together on GH. Finchy and Anna need to break up and Robert and Anna need to be together!!

  6. Either couple is good, but I prefer Robert and Anna.

  7. Robert and Laura need to be a thing. And send Kevin back to Lucy.

    1. they were on young and the restless and it worked very well

  8. Yay! They are continuing from yesterday!Oh boy it's big boobs Sam! LOL!! Awww lil Emma ��

    1. "Michelle L says, Yay! They are continuing from yesterday!"

      YUP!!!! :)

      "Oh boy it's big boobs Sam! LOL!!"

      ROFL! They are always around skulking. Hahahaha!

      "Awww lil Emma ��"

      Yeah awwwwww! :)

    2. LOL they are always around skulking! They are aren't they! 🤣😂

  9. Forever Robert and Holly! And Duke and Anna were "IT" for me. Just loved them to pieces.

    Valentin on the piano was still fantastic even the 2nd time around. That was a Billy Joel song which I have always loved.

  10. Honestly whoever Robert is with is okay with me. Anna, way back when, was a totally different character.
    This is the year that the 'mumbles' began. I don't even remember why there was a 'chimera' story. Best thing is seeing MS as Nina. I don't mind CW but like RoHo always being Todd, MS will be Nina. To me.
    Probably no show today. I believe ABC will be covering the memorial(s) for George Floyd. At least that's what David Muir said last night.

  11. I have never forgotten the brief but passionate relationship between Robert and Tiffany!

  12. Robert and Anna hands down. Loved her with Duke but I started watching because of Robert and Anna.

  13. happy birthday Tristan rogers love him with anna

  14. Who remembers Robert and Katherine Delafield. I did like them together, but liked Robert and Anna better.

    I couldn't stand Anna for a long time when she was trying to break up Robert and Holly, then I loved Anna better.

    Same as Lucy. When she came on as the evil mousy librarian I hated her. Think I didn't like Lucy until she was with "Doc".

  15. I forget, didn't Lucy come on around the time of Teri Brock?

    1. I think she did. That was one of my favorite storylines ever.

  16. Okay there was no GH because they had George Floyd's memorial service. That's okay. This was more important and I watched it. I will copy and paste what I said about the show from back then and make comments today. Today's episode is from May 26th 2017.

    Nedlia performance: LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And love that Lucy called Ned, Ned Quartermaine!!!!!

    Killon performance: Modern love? I'm not sure what they were singing. So the song is about a beautiful woman who is inlove with a nerd? Dillon looked HOT as a nerd. :)

    Scotty and Ava: Oh Scotty I can't believe how sloppy you are!!! You should have payed very close attention to how much the dosage was!!!!

    Ava and Killon: Awww great scene between Ava and Kiwi!!! Yes Kiwi your mother is saying goodbye.. :(

    Carson and Scotty: Leave him alone Sonny!!!!!!! Don't tell him anything Scotty!!!!

    Jortis: Curtis tells Jordan he got a room for them!?!!?!?! Are they at the prom?! ROFL!

    Carson and Lucy: Well glad Sonny didn't blame Lucy for anything!!!

    Lucy: She complained the other day or was it yesterday that there was dead air.. Well uh hello!!!! You can bring Dr O in!!!!! GAH! Oh and her dress at the end there, looked like a wedding dress. :)

    Scotty: He wins the line of the day. I think he was with Lulu and Laura.. When he said something about it's personal. ROFL!

    Chimera: Oh come on!!!!! Let's get this show on the road for crying out loud!!! Charlie turned it on! Jake stopped her.. Now what?!

    Jake and Helena: HELENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Is this just a memory or is she really alive!? :)

    Ava: "Karen says Ava runs to--?? Not sure...oh the gallery."

    Oh is that where she is?! I was wondering! Carson shows up! Oh Scotty you throw her under the bus!!! :( Why did you tell Carson where she is?!!?!

    Video of Robin: LOVE IT! :)

    Metrocourt hotel:

    Ewwww Jortis going to make love while Hallelujah was playing? Gross!

    Today's comments: That Chamira just stood there on stage! It had stage fright!!! Poor thing!!!

    My flashback: Lander (Liz and Zander) have sex!! Tee hee! :) Cam was conceived!! :)

    Tomorrow's episode is from May 17, 2018


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