Wednesday, June 10, 2020


LA County has been cleared to begin filming for the  movie/tv industry Deadline reports.  They must implement protocols which are contained in documents distributed by the state and counties. 

It's going to be an interesting process folks, and who knows what the unions will do as far as people wanting or not wanting to return.  People with underlying conditions/ health risks will probably have to decide what is in their best interests. 


  1. Yeah I just read that on twitter. YIKES! Not good not good. They should just do the soap on radio like how it was in the old days for now, or make them cartoons! Cus I don't know how all this is going to work.

  2. I really hope they figure it out. I'm like the person on FB that said I need a new episode by Monday! :)

  3. Today's episode is from May 21st, 2019. I will copy and paste what I said last year, and then make new comments today.

    "Carson's home:

    Joss: Joss watching the Oscar video. :( She is just going to leave the laptop open with the video on pause, to go to the nurses ball? Huh?! Close the laptop Joss! Joss's dress, I like the top half but not the bottom half.

    Nurses ball:

    Dr. O and BobTodd's performance: That was AMAZING!!!! :) When she was singing, I heard BobTodd's voice.. Then they showed him!!! It was very James Bondish! :)

    Cam's performance: WOW!!!!!! Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!! That was fantastic!!!! :) The pictures made me cry. :(

    Ava's performance: This was hysterical!! I don't know if this was supposed to be comical, but it was. When she did that song last year, she did a great job! She was very angry last year. This time, she didn't seem very angry. Oh oh Ava!!!! Don't drink that alcohol! Oh crap! :(

    Anna and Finchy:

    Finchy: Anna would you marry me?

    Anna: I don't know.

    Oh that is just so romantic! Any man would LOVE to hear that answer! Then when he was going to walk away, Anna quickly stopped him and said yes. No Anna! Your first answer was the REAL answer!

    Doc and Lucy: Lucy jelly over flowers that Doc got for Ava. He has to sign for them. Lucy wins the line of the day.

    Lucy: The only tribute that Ava deserves is poison ivy.


    Krissy, King Mufasa and Sam: Boy Sam's girls are all out in display except the nipples. :) Krissy is ticked off!!!!! Where is Molly? She should be there too!! She should be accusing King Mufasa of having a colt!!!! Oh oh Sonny is there and threatens him! King Mufasa is all smiles! Hmmm are we going to have a who done it? Hmmmmm let's see. Who would be the suspects.













    Dr. Neil

    Anybody at the colt house.

    Anybody I am missing? :)

    Joss and CarJax: Awwwww! :) Her parents were so happy to see her. :)

    Willow and Nina: Yeah Willow can't take Nina anymore. :) But oh oh Nina knows Willow had a baybay! OH OH KING MUFASA IS THERE! DID HE HEAR THEM?!

    Doc: OH NO! HE IS DOWN!!!! OH NO RYAN'S HAND!!!!!


    Laura and Curtis: I'm glad they are both okay, but one minute Laura is out, and the next minute she is okay and the EMT's are there.. It would have been nice to see her wake up."

    Today's comments: Ava sang you don't own me again like the year before. It still made me laugh. I liked her performance with you don't own me a year before, than with this one. Awww Cam! If your father was still alive, he would have been so proud of you! :) Ryan's hands!!! I miss them. :(

    My Flashback: First time Liz came to Port Chuckles. August 1, 1997. Liz was 15. In real life Rebecca Herbst was 20. :)

    Tomorrow's episode will be from May 22, 2019 nurses ball. The last one!!! Then on Monday it's the metrocourt hotsage crisis!! :)

  4. So today's episode is yes from May 22nd 2019. I will copy and paste what I said last year, and then make new comments.

    "The nurses ball: So there was no end song, and Lucy didn't change alot. She wasn't even in her underwear. :(

    Nedlia's performance: LOVE IT!!!!! :) I was waiting for them to go through that door! :) Too bad Lucy didn't introduce him as Eddie Maine. Always loved that song.

    V.C.'s performance: LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Joss's performance: Love it too!!!! Love the colors and the background!!! I am surprised she didn't cough a lot with all the fog! She saw ghosty Oscar! :) Was he wearing a wig? Cus he dyed his hair in real life. :)

    Brucas: Oh oh! Lucas is putting 2 and 2 together!!!!

    Willow and King Mufasa: YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The mask is off!!!! So glad Michael was there!!!! :)

    Sam and King Mufasa: Oh he is desperate to get her into the circle of life!!!! Sam's girls were quivering. Sam looks so skeered!!!

    Ryan and Scotty: OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scotty thought he was Doc, until he grabbed his hand and Ryan's fake hand fell out!!!Ryan hit Scotty over the head!! He went down!!!! He was going to hit him again, but he heard Lucy and Piffy talking.

    Piffy and Scotty: Piffy thinks Scotty is drunk! NO NO NO!!!!!


    The cabin: Did Ava lock or unlock her door? If she unlocked it, wouldn't Ryan be suspicious?"

    Today's comments: I MISS YOU RYAN!!!! :( Joss's performance was so hauntingly beautiful!!! Ghost Oscar made it even better! :) Ava in the cabin with Ryan! That is when she became Queen Ava!!! :)

    My flashback: When Frisco and Felicia first met.

    On Monday we are having the Metrocourt hostage crisis from February 7, 2007! I can't wait! :) This was 2 years before Karen took over the blog! I wonder if Gedstern is still around. I wonder if he is reading this blog. :)


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