Friday, June 26, 2020

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Date to Start Shooting Again-maybe

According to Deadline, GH is scheduled to start up production up in Mid-July. That's as long as LA County allows it and they follow strict protocol. Since BB is going ahead sooner they may even see how that all goes first. 
I'm just hoping they don't decide to do an All-Sonny Show or something. LOL 

At least there's a date out there! 


  1. "I'm just hoping they don't decide to do an All-Sonny Show or something. LOL"

    Amen to that! I actually stopped watching "GH" for a little while around 2003 when it seemed the entire show revolved around Sonny/Carly/Jason/Courtney and they began getting rid of other characters, particularly the Quartermaines. I hope ABC/Disney gives the fans the type of show they want, and not just the one that's cheapest to produce.

  2. Even though the results were disappointing, it was nice to see the Daytime Emmies on TV again. I wished Maura had won but she and Heather T. have won before. HT is a great actress but isn’t really on much. Wanted Jon L. to win but Jason T. never won for his outstanding work on GH so that is a good win. Ugh, Tamara-one of the worst actresses ever in my opinion and I only hope she never comes back. What was with some of the winners having non-masked groups of people around them, that didn’t look like family. EvaLarue for instance. No social distancing. GH did not have a great evening.

  3. Yeah I don't know about this. It's too soon to start up again. I just hope everyone is safe. :(


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