Monday, June 29, 2020

Baby Josslyn


Josslyn's christening... Michael #2 (not Chad), young Morgan. LADY JANE! And baby Joss..aww.. Lady Jane got Josslyn a Maple tree for a present. Mercedes mention! 

Ronnie is on with Dante...they both met Alberta in Toronto.  They call Dante Dominick-- because he's undercover. LOL

OG Lulu with JJ's Lucky. 

Luke and Liz talking about her being with Nikolas.  She is sad she cheated on Lucky.

Oh, Ethan's on!! Robin and Patrick!  

Johnny Z!! 

This is the one Sonny SHOT his own SON! 
Great ending with the church vs Sonny 


  1. I watched this one and I have to say: JJ is an exceptional actor, old Lulu was so perfect in that role, loved Jolivia, Robin looked beautiful, Luke!. Ten years ago and a great story line and cast.

  2. Never cared for JJ's lucky.such a cry baby. I preferred Greg Vaughn's lucky. And dante's hair what a mess.

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  4. *Hops in to my time machine to go to January 29, 2010* Oops not working. Oh oh. I shouldn't have cancelled that part I needed. *Calls the place for a new part*


    OG Lucky and OG Lulu: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Love them both!!! OG Lucky wins the line of the day.

    Nichalous and Elizabeth would probably be too busy getting naked to make it.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHA! That made me laugh hard. I'm dying!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    The haunted star:

    Liz and Luke: Luke's hair! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That has got to be a wig. :) Oh Liz you cheating cheater that cheats! Of course there are a lot of people on GH that are! :)

    Liz, Luke, and Lulu:

    Lulu: What do you doing talking to this lying piece of trash?

    I get it! She is protecting her brother!!! I don't have a problem with it. I don't want my Lucky to be hurt, EVER!!! :(

    Luke and Lulu: Okay whoa whoa Lulu! I was on your side, until you said it's Liz's fault! This is BOTH Nik's AND Liz's fault!!! They are BOTH to blame. Luke is right about judgement and boomerang! Yup! It will turn around and smack you in the face!

    Dominic and Ronnie: HI RONNIE LONG TIME NO SEE!!! :) Hi Dominic! Hey they used the actor's real name on the show haha. I missed a lot of Dominic's undercover work back then for some reason.

    Dominic and Olivia: When did we find out that they are mother and son? Was it when Olivia told Sonny? Or did we find out before that? Oh oh Sonny beckins for him. It's pretty funny that they used the actor's real life name for the character undercover name. :) I wonder who's idea that was. :)

    CarJax home: Young Morgan and young Michael. LADY JANE!!!! :) Oh a tree! I wonder if they still have that tree and if so, how tall is it? BABY JOSS!!!! :)

    Jax and Lady Jane: Oh oh Jax did something really really naughty to Sonny!! Of course Sonny deported him, sooooooooooooo they are even. :)

    CarJax: They love each other!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :)

    Sonny's home:

    Olivia, Jason, and Sonny: Olivia gave them a piece of her mind hahahhahahaha. They better behave or Olivia will ground them!!!

    Carly and Sonny: Sonny is going to the Christening! It just won't be the same without him!!!! Because Sonny is the DON JUAN! :)

    The church christening: JOHNNY!!!! Olivia and Johnny talk! I always loved Jolivia and never wanted them to break up. :( ETHAN!!! Awww that's nice that ROBERT'S son showed up!!! Ethan Scorpio, That's it and that's all!! Wow this christening was 10 years ago! Joss should be 10 years old! Lulu looks great in blue. I never had a problem with Lucky always crying! I mean he is a sensitive soul!! That is one of the reasons why I love him!!! His parents always cried. Of course he was crying in this episode! Liz cheated on him with Nik! What did anybody expect him to do? Have a party and laugh? I don't think so! I miss JJ's Lucky!!! :(

    Dominic and Sonny: Great scene!!!! Dominic said a great speech!!! Powerful!!! Sonny don't give a crap! He shoots him anyway. Sonny needs to go on meds!!!!!! He is mentally ill!!! HI OLIVIA!!!! What?!?!! Dominic is Sonny's son?!!?!?! :0 Sonny went from YOU BETRAYED ME!!!!! To the next episode where he is at the hospital telling Olivia, tell him I love him!!! DAMN! Where the hell did the love come from? ROFL! I mean,

    Sonny: You betrayed me!!!!

    Next episode.

    Sonny: Tell him I love him!


    My flashback: 1994. Mac and Felicia's wedding. Ryan interrupted.

    Tomorrow's episode is from June 4, 2010 - Kristina and Sonny attend therapy.

    1. YES!!!! Ethan Scorpio! I'm still holding a big fat grudge about that story line. I still miss him. He was great with Krissie, and would have been a marvelous brother for Robin. He would have taken care of this Parking Lot Pete charlatan months and months ago. Dumped his sorry behind into the harbor, lol!

    2. "Julie H says, YES!!!! Ethan Scorpio!"


      "I'm still holding a big fat grudge about that story line."

      ME TOO!!!! UGH!

      "I still miss him. He was great with Krissie"

      Yes he was! I wouldn't have minded them as a couple! I wouldn't want to have him back, until the real truth comes out!

      "and would have been a marvelous brother for Robin."

      Yes I agree!!

      "He would have taken care of this Parking Lot Pete charlatan months and months ago. Dumped his sorry behind into the harbor, lol!"


  5. This was a great episode. It made it apparent just how "meh" the current story arcs are.

  6. Loved this episode! Lady Jane, be still my heart. I adored her. You mentioned everyone I was thrilled to see...Robin, Patrick, Johnny, original Lulu, Nathan, Lucky....such a great cast. And though I loath Sonny and his unbelievable ego, the scene between him and Dominic was great. They should have shown the next 2 episodes after this.

    Um...what the devil was up with Luke's hair? HAHAHAHAHAH!


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