Tuesday, June 16, 2020

General Hospital: 2013

Just after Kiki and Morgan's wedding. 

Sonny is off his meds. Great acting/script. 

Kiki and Michael profess their love and kiss. 

Ava and Morgan.... oh, is she TOUCHING HIM??  YEP...they end up making out! LOL and then have good old fashioned hot zex! wow! 

Silas and Sam eating on the floor. 

Lante with Gerogie, as Maxie tells Spinelli she's his daugther. 


  1. I have a question: how many characters has micheal Easton on GH

    let me count them

    1.) kalab the vampire and his twin
    2.) detective john McBain fron one life to live
    3.) dr. silas clay
    4.) dr Hamilton finn

    I cant remember kalab or his twins last name or his twins first name

    I hope someone can answer this it's bugging me now...lol

    1. Wasn't Caleb's last name Morely? And per Wikipedia, vampire Caleb was killed then brought back to life and started a rock band under the name Stephen Clay.

      Lordy! :)

  2. Today's GH is from September 24, 2013. I will copy and paste what I said back then, and then make new comments.

    "Lante home: Awww is baby Georgie colic? Dante wins the line of the day!

    Dante: Why don't you try to be a little less violent about it.

    ROFL! Love you Dante. :) Lante try to make love but can't! Baby Georgie starts crying again hahaha! Lante in bed with baby. Awww so cute! BAH! Damn you writers!!! Stop making it cute!!

    Metrocourt: No Michael we can't ever be together! How could we do this to Morgan?!! I love you more!! Kiki I love you too! Did I just hear you say that?!!! I Michael Corinthos love YOU Kiki!!! Okay that was one strange scene. Oh come on kids! This isn't love!! It's lust!!! Kiki when did you fall in love with Michael?! When he spilled his guts to you about being raped in prison?!!?! Michael when did you fall in love with Kiki?! When you spilled your guts about being raped in prison?!

    Sonny's home: Great scene!!!! Love it!! Carly got through to Sonny! Awesome! :)

    The hospital: McSilas and Sam on their date awww! Oh look psychedelic lighting! ROFL! Time to light a doobie!!! :) They are talking about her brother Danny awwww! :( I liked their scene. :)

    Ellie and Maxie's home: Oh for crying out loud stop arguing Spinny and Maxie and tell the truth to Lante!!! UGH!

    Ava's room: The actor who plays Morgan sounds like he has a cold. Oh! Morgan says his father is dead to him!!!! :) Like father like son!!! :) Now Morgan just has to say that his dad is a faithless whore ROFL! Morgan and Ava KISSING!!!! Ava stops it! :) Oh kitten! Stop being coy! You want him stop playing games. :) OH SEX TIME YESSSSSSSSSSS! :) Oh my! For someone who is 19 he sure has great moves!!! Morgan did you sleep with a cougar before?!!?!!? :) Did some other cougar teach you things?!!?! :) DAMN THIS IS HOT! :)

    Reenactment of Michael and Kiki scene.

    Kiki: No Michael! We can't ever ever be together! This will hurt Morgan! We can't!!!! No no no we can't!

    Michael: I can't believe Morgan lied!!!!! HOW DARE HE!

    Kiki: I lied too! I told him I loved him! But, I love you more!!!!

    Michael: I love you too!!!!!

    Kiki gasps.

    Kiki: Did I just hear you right? Or do I have wax in my ears?!

    Michael gets up and touches her face.

    Michael: I Morgan Corinthos loves YOU Kiki!!!!!

    Kiki gasps again.

    Kiki: Oh this is music to my ears!!!!

    They kiss passionately! And when the kiss is over, they lock eyes.

    Kiki: Let's run in the meadow in slow motion holding hands!

    Michael: Okay!

    Kiki and Michael hold hands while running in the meadow. Not a care in the world!

    Awwww! It makes me cry! *a tear falls from my face* :'("

    Today's comments: The meadow!! Hahahahahahaha. The meadow is so beautiful isn't it guys? :) The Carson scene was just so raw!!! Amazing scene!! When Sam and McSilas were on the floor, Karen didn't like it. To quote her back then, she said "Silas and Sam eating on the hospital floor. Ewww.Sorry. but eww" ROFL! Back then I didn't have a problem with it! But now, after what is happening in this world with the virus, yeah now I have a problem with it! Gross! Couldn't they eat on the bench? The picture of Chad Duell and Kristin Alderson!! They were a cute couple! Broke my heart when they broke up in real life. :( Maxie hit Spinny (I thought at first it was Nathan, ROFL!) with the baseball bat! Cracked me up hard!!! Hahahahaha!

    My flashback: Zazu you wanted to see Sonny from his beginning on GH, well here it is! Sonny's first scene from August 13, 1993. His first scene is with Karen and then Stone.


    Tomorrow's episode is from September 14, 2015: Sonny is in critical condition after being shot. Sitting vigil in the hospital chapel, Carly reads the vows he wrote for her, and remembers their ups and downs.

  3. Today is James Patrick Stuart's birthday and mine!!! :) We share the same birthday! That is awesome! :) Oh and Skye yesterday, Great to see her, but that whole who's the father storyline was so dumb! Rae Cummings doesn't know who the father is! Let's have her search through all the soaps and find him. Oh look it's Alan Quartermaine who is the father! Oh no wait Rae lied! She don't know who the father is! Oh it's okay Alan will adopt her!! UGH! As far as I am concerned Adam Chandler from AMC is her father!!!! That's who he has always been!!!

    1. Happy belated birthday Sonya! Hope you had a good day. :)

    2. Thank you Julie!!!! :) I did! :)

    3. Happy belated birthday to you!

    4. "zazu says, Happy belated birthday to you!"

      Thank you!!!! :)

  4. Wasn't thrilled to see Morgan but I just hooted when he said Sonny was "dead to him". OMG, so perfect! It's official, Michael Easton has played too many characters on GH. I couldn't figure out he was Silas (seriously, I was supposed to remember THAT character?) until half way thru the episode.

    Personally, I would have preferred to see more Metro Court hostage episodes.

  5. Happy belated birthday Sonya! You are very much appreciated around here! Didn’t bother yesterday - no an episode I wanted to revisit. Would have liked more of the hostage era.

    1. "LSV422 says, Happy belated birthday Sonya!"

      Thank you!!! :)

      "You are very much appreciated around here!"

      Awwwww! Thank you. :) *BEARHUGS*

      "Would have liked more of the hostage era."

      Yeah me too!!



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