Sunday, June 7, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Patient Data

This is strictly a News and Notes blog so if you're not interested, have a good day!!!  You may have seen that California has been given the go ahead to resume filming/TV production as early as June 12th. 
See LA TIMES for the full article. 
Everyone was all happy, thinking GH might be back but... hold your IV poles because it's by county. And no one is sure LA County is ready for that yet. 

Ergo... who knows. I have heard that even when production ramps up again, it may be a little chaotic at first because of the many MANY guidelines that would have to be followed. Only so many in a space for example...not sure they can touch.. you know they won't kiss!  The unions can also have a say, especially the crew; and they could have a choice to opt out. Will there have to be on-going testing like they have in some industries? 

Either way, looks like the Nurses Ball, scheduled to be filmed when the lock-down hit has to wait. Unless they put one singer on the stage and just let us listen to the acts with nothing else, I don't see how it could work. 

Some actors don't live in LA; will they want to return if it means an air flight? MESS people, it's a mess.  Just like schools and other work spaces that have people crammed in there, it's going to be a long haul until the vaccine comes out. 

Remember to check out Nancy Lee Grahn's You Tube Channel as she has some really hilarious zoom videos and an interview with Tony Geary. She probably could just take over GH's spot now and have a talk show.  You can find her on Nancy Lee Grahn Events 

Next week we will have the 2019 season of the Nurses Ball and then the next week will be a CarSon -centric theme. I was wrong to say there was a Metro Court "week" as the Metro Court "theme" is actually ONE day in the Sonny and Carly fest.  :EYEROLL: --why not show the whole thing? It was a great continuous story that could air really well. If this keeps up, maybe they will think about that a bit?  I'm also afraid if it drags out much longer, the network will just put game shows in that spot and..well. What will that lead to??! ! 

There's a cute show on Amazon now called Upload  that you may like.  I wasn't sure because it started a bit slow but it got really good. Jessica Tuck is in there!! (Cassandra GH and Megan on OLTL) It's a "Second Life" type idea and a great escape. Just what I need now. 

It's a beauty day here so I hope I don't spend it just weeding!!  Have a good one. Be kind to each other and have some cake. We all need some damn cake right now. 


  1. Ya, Thank Karen. Had cake for the first time in a LONG time. Went to the store and picked out a lemon bar cake for my poor son who just finished his senior year in high school with NO party. Just his immediate family and a lemon bar cake.

    1. Congrats to your son Lindie! My nephew just graduated HS. Poor kids got a raw deal this yr. 😓 2020 sucks. I hope the lemon bar cake was delish. ❤

    2. Thanks Michelle L. Congrats to your nephew too. The cake was good at least.

  2. I want FRIZ....screw Carson. LOL! JK 🤣 I'll have to check out Upload. I've been binging Greys and Good Girls. Speaking of, I am hoping now they can resume filming S4 real soon. ❤ Loving the NB episodes but need to catch up now that I'm on vacation.

  3. "I was wrong to say there was a Metro Court "week" as the Metro Court "theme" is
    actually ONE day in the Sonny and Carly fest. :EYEROLL: --why not show the whole thing? It was a great continuous story that could air really well."

    Yeah I wish it was a whole week! It's okay it's all online on youtube. They are in parts. I saw a part and a half.

    "If this keeps up, maybe they will think about that a bit? I'm also afraid if it drags out much longer, the network will just put game shows in that spot and..well. What will that lead to??!"

    Yeah that is what I'm afraid of. That they will start showing game shows instead of 80's or 90's episodes. Which is so stupid.

  4. I read somewhere that they plan to start again in August. Don't recall where I saw that.
    Of all the years GH has been on I don't know why they chose last year. IMO...airing older shows would peak our interest and just be fun. There are ways to get around claimed obstacles. Y&R is airing shows from the 1990's.
    Thanks for the SS today. It certainly is a glorious day. YES to cake!

  5. YES to cake. Still can't find bread flour though. Or, cleaning products. Everyone be safe.

  6. I think when soaps do come back they should embrace the pandemic. I's a PANDEMIC. That alone screams soapy goodness!!! Make it part of their stories that way social distancing, mask wearing, sanitizing can still happen. Put two characters to a set, make ppl talk on phones more. Rotate actors in and out...they are certainly used to shelving characters anyways so not a stretch! It can be done for sure. Lighter production crew, but still it can be done.

    1. By the time this is over, and it won't be soon, I think most people will want to move on and try to forget. This isn't a social issue. It is a pandemic that has affected the whole world. Personally I watch my soap to escape. Besides, GH has been mostly doom and gloom for the past couple of years. Enough.

  7. While I love the Nurses Ball. I was hoping for Nurses Ball in the 90s or even classic episodes around characters like Laura, Bobbie, Monica, etc.

  8. Oh man!!! B&B is doing fan favorites!!! And they are showing the pilot today!! :( So cool!!! It's not fair. :( I'm going to watch it! I'm curious.

  9. I'll have to catch that B&B tomw. Better than a two year old episode with Nelle.

    1. "LSV422 says I'll have to catch that B&B tomw. Better than a two year old episode with Nelle."

      The pilot was great!!! :) After all these years I wonder why they are still a half hour soap.

  10. Today's episode is from May 18, 2018 nurses ball. I'll just copy and paste what I said back then.

    Michael and Jason: COME ON MICHAEL!!! Listen to Jason for crying out loud!!! Why are you believing what Nelle is saying?!!?!

    Michael and Nelle: Don't listen to a word she is saying!!!! And don't you dare believe that machine going off either! ROFL!

    Metrocourt hotel:


    The nurses ball:

    Nedlia performance: YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH! Love it!!! GO EDDIE MAINE!!! GO OLIVIA! GO NEDLIA!!

    JossCar performance: Awww so sweet. :)

    Grava's table: Oh wow!!!! Really Griffy? You rather watch the performances than make the wuv to your honey? OUCH! ROFL!

    Stella and Mike: Man he keeps flirting with her!!!!! I want Mella!!!! :)

    Anna and Finchy: UGH! Stupid!!! Glad she told him she isn't dying. Poor Alexis. :(

    Molly and Finchy: YEAH! Great scene!!!! You tell him Molly! :)

    Molly and Kiwi: Yeah Molly! Why does Kiwi have to sit with Dr. Scum the whole night? Kiwi wants to sit with people her own age. Molly really bugged me in this scene.

    V.C.'s performance: WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT! Love it and love that Nina was sitting across from him at a table. :)

    V.C. and Robert: YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :) Hey how did Robert get out? Did he fake the heart attack? Did he see a camera and faked a heart attack so that the people who were watching him came to see what is wrong? Then Robert punched the person and escaped? If so, why was it all off screen? GAH! Well anyway glad to see Robert!!!! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Finchy and Alexis: :( Come on writers!!!! Why ruin Fexis?! You already ruined Fanna for me! I want Fexis!!!

    Hiney's car:

    Maxie and Hiney: OH OH WATER BROKE!!! That is so stupid that Maxie doesn't want to go to the hospital! WHAT THE HELL?!!?!

    My Flashback: December 27th 2004. I was trying to find when Cam was born, but couldn't find it. So here is baby Cam meeting Jason. Tee hee!

    Tomorrow's episode is from May 21, 2018 nurses ball.

  11. The week of June 22nd is Jasam week. What is after that? Sonny's children week? Anyway here is the schedule.

    General Hospital spoilers for Monday June 22:

    Original air date December 3, 2003: Jason Morgan and Sam McCall meet when they are both arrested for aiding and abetting suspected crime boss Sonny Corinthos.

    General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday June 23:

    Original air date November 10, 2004: A mourning Jason agonizes about telling Sam that her baby died.

    General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday June 24:

    Original air date October 12, 2005: Sam and Jason have a water gun fight in Hawaii

    General Hospital spoilers for Thursday June 25:

    Original air date July 21, 2011: Jason proposes to Sam on a rooftop, using a chrome nut as a temporary substitute for an engagement ring.

    General Hospital spoilers for Friday June 26:

    Original air date September 22, 2011: Jason and Sam get married at the Noodle Buddha Chinese restaurant.

    1. I must admit...I was not watching GH in the early 2000's. When OLTL was cancelled in 2011 I started watching again so these will be new to me.
      Sam exceeded her mumbles in today's episode.
      Thanks for this sonya.

    2. "Zazu says, Sam exceeded her mumbles in today's episode."

      ROFL! Well she was wearing a curtain dress. Maybe it bothered her! ROFL!

      "Thanks for this sonya."

      You're welcome! :)

    3. Thanks. I guess I can give that week a miss.

    4. "Di says, Thanks. I guess I can give that week a miss."

      You're welcome!! I don't blame you. :)

    5. Thanks for the schedule Sonya! I'll watch a few. Mumbles didn't mumble back in the day. It will be interesting to "hear" her. Lol!

    6. "Julie H says, Thanks for the schedule Sonya!"

      You're welcome!!! :)

      "I'll watch a few. Mumbles didn't mumble back in the day. It will be interesting to "hear" her. Lol!"

      ROFL! Well she was with Sonny at the time.. He must have been a wonderful luva!!! ROFL!

  12. I really miss michelle stafford

  13. Catching up on all the NB episodes now. WOW so many old faces I miss. Billy. ❤ Ok...I remember Shawn Butler killed someone, BUT DIDN'T really it turned out, I can't remember who was it? Drawing a blank. Watching Emma and Ned now. They were so good as Elton and Kiki Dee. ❤

    1. I think Shawn was accused of shooting Hayden. Ugh!

      Emma and Ned were fantastic! :)

  14. There was no GH today because of George Floyd's funeral. I will copy and paste what I said back then. Today's episode is from May 21, 2018 nurses ball.

    The nurses ball:

    Mike and Sonny performance: Awww love it!!! Love that Sonny was helping his father sing! I never heard of that song before..

    Dressing room:

    Kiwi and Scum sucking pig: UGH! That scum sucking pig!!! GO AWAY AND LEAVE HER ALONE!!!! Closing the door? What are you going to do to her?!!?!? SOMEONE HELP!! Oh hi Griffy whew. :) You thought it was the men's room?! BAH!!! SHUT UP SCUM SUCKING PIG AND STOP WITH YOUR SMUGNESS!!!!

    Kiwi and Griffy: Okay I changed my mind! Just tell him what has been going on Kiwi!!! Oh hi Ava! No don't leave. You don't know what is going on!!! She is crying can't you see that?!!?!?! Just go in!!!

    Ava's performance: FANTASTIC!!!! YOU don't own me!!!! LOVE IT! Always loved that song.

    Ava and Griffy:

    Griffy: That wasn't the song you rehearsed was it?

    You are judging her again Griffy!!! STOP IT!

    Scotty and Bobbie: Hahahahaha! Oh Bobbie.. Never change. :) She wins the line of the day.

    Bobbie: Go find another table!


    Scum sucking pig and Kiwi:

    Scum sucking pig: Jerome. See you bright and early.

    UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCUM SUCKING PIG!

    V.C. and Robert: YEAH ROBERT YEAH!!!!!!!!! :) V.C. should be stuttering. I guess it's only reserved for Anna.

    V.C. and Nina: Oh oh. Nina found out that V.C. and Hiney had a bromance affair! Will she forgive him?


    Maxie and Hiney: This is so stupid!!!!!! She tells him to stop the car when she is in labor?!!?! Then has the baby on the ground?!!?!?! It makes no sense writers!!! The car should have broken down! THAT would have made more sense. BABY BOY YAY!!!!! Uh the baby looks like a doll who is high.. :) Oh oh Hiney has a gun!!! No don't kill your mama!!!


    Anna and Hiney: Awww Hiney no!!! Don't kill your mama!!!! She wuvs you to death!!! I mean you are her rewrite baby!


    Jasam and Spinny: Sam's dress looks like an ugly curtain.

    Spinny: Nathan's brother delivered her baby.


    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Cook 2 and Olivia: Oh come on!! Cook 2 has got a new job? Great now Olivia has the kitchen all to herself! Not if Monica has any say in the matter!! I want another cook! Olivia and Ned can live in the other house that is on the property! You know, like where Ned and Lois used to live!

    Sidenote: Wait! The nurses ball is over?!?!!???!! It was only 3 days!!!! Can't it be a week?!!?! And where the hell is the Llama?!!?! What was the point of the Llama?!!?!? I thought the Llama was going to be in an act!!! GAH!

    My flashback: Steve and Audrey got married! 1965.

    Tomorrow's episode is from May 20, 2019 nurses ball. Yup it will be from 2019.


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