Friday, January 21, 2011

General Hospital Friday: Floating Rib

Floating Rib..sigh...

Ah,'s so hard to write about the soaps now a days!! OLTL was great with it's Nora/Vicky moment. Looking at the baby photos. Such a real moment. They are good at that.

GH: Ah..taking the FERRY over the frozen lake to Wyndemere!! That's the ticket. UGH. Thank God Liz didn't make that little baby go too! Hate Brooke Lyn. Just so..not needed.  Liz was obviously overacting to Aiden's pain..and Nik didn't look too happy about it.

Sonny and Molly had a nice, short scene about BiPolar issues. Molly outside with the Stress issue. Poor thing.

Doesn't it seem like this Brenda/Balkan/Brande/Baby Blah Blah Blah has been on forever!!? 
LOVED Lulu tearing into Brenda!! That's our  SPENCER DIVA!! woot!! 

Claire/Carly, interesting. And..yet more SoClair scenes!! :whistling:

Did Coleman give the bar to Siobhan? Cause he's certainly not around much anymore. 

Line of the day: "Lulu can't see you right now,  she has a photoshoot with Giselle,  you know, a real super model"...Heh. Maxie to Brenda.

Brenda and Sonny have their scene at the end of the show.

CLiffhanger Friday: Dante eyeballs Carly's envelope...Patrick eyeballs Robin/Terrell..Lookie eyeballs guy taking Siobhan's phone. ...Some due eyeballs Molly while Molly eyeballs car crash


  1. This from Tyler Christopher's Twitter:

    "Please keep the faith in GH despite everything that is going on."

    Oh TC...

  2. GH is floating, before the ship sinks.

  3. Hahaha so many eyeballs huh Karen? ROFL! And I wonder if Maxie's thought process would change if someone she is dating lies to her and cheats on her. Hmmm.

  4. Lulu was awesome today. I know a lot of people like Brenda and normally I don't have a problem with her but she had no business showing up at Lulu's work to try to fix Lante. It's none of her business and Lulu didn't ask for her input.

  5. I think Lulu and Maxie looked immature and insecure. They should really be past that age. That being said Brenda shouldn't have said anything to baby lulu.

  6. Lulu was NOT immature she told Brenda that Lante was none of her business and it wasn't. Sure Brenda's intentions were good but no one wants to hear anything from the woman your bf has feelings for and is therefore indirectly the reason your relationship just ended.

  7. The fact is Brenda needed to be shoved off her pedestal and it was fun to see Maxi & Lulu do that.

  8. Julie Berman is such a good little actress. Sometimes I look at her and see Laura all over again. She did an excellent job of this breakup, first with Dante, then with Brenda.

  9. JMB is a phenomenal actress. I'll take her over VMG any day of the week. I so enjoyed watching Maxie and Lulu knock Brenda down a few notches, even if it was only temporary (as she was back to being her self-absorbed self in the next scene with Sonny). I disagree with the poster who said that Maxie and Lulu are being immature- I think their scenes this week have shown how much they've grown and matured not just in their views of relationships but in their friendship as well. Loved every minute of it!

  10. Brenda should have slapped Lulu.

    The idea that they have VMG standing there taking crap from these people is idiotic. Where's Brenda's spunk?

    And they are going to kill S&B with this Claire crap. Sonny is very wrong to have Claire anywhere near him or Brenda and it makes him look like a faithless fool.

  11. I believe Brenda is taking "crap" from Lulu because she feels very guilty about a lot of things, and really wants Lante to survive, and not break up because of her, she feels bad, I can understand that.

    What I CAN'T understand is single parent of 3 young children Liz with a job as a nurse (meaning less than zero amount of free time)taking a ferry out to freezing Windemere to tell Nik that Aiden has an earache. Don't these people have cell phones?

  12. To the person who said "the idea of VMG taking crap off these people is idiotic".That is the dumbest thing i ever read.VMG is not even good enough of a actress to be in scenes with JMB and can not hold her own. If i did not already think she was a bad actress before,her scenes with JMB wiping the floor with her (acting wise) would have done the trick. Maybe if we are lucky, JMB taught her how to be a good actress.

  13. T.C. says "keep the faith"..I've lost faith in this show a long time ago. Why they brought back Brenda was a waste of time and storyline, if they were looking to boost sagging ratings it seems to have had the opposite effect. Now to pay for this stupid move and the cash outlay they turn around and fire a 13 year employee who has a great fanbase. If TPTB can do that on a dime Iam sure the rest of the cast who are making good money must be walking on eggshells. Hire lots of newbies on the cheap and get rid of the better actors that cost more...what a dumb move. I hope that RH gets picked up by Y&R because I switched to that show when ATWT went off the air. I can see why they keep winning awards..lots of storylines and no mobsters and their sidekicks and lots of interaction with families. I fear that GH will be gone in the not too distant future but maybe that is what TPTB wants to happen...have it die a slow death with crappy stories and angry comes down to the money everytime.

  14. I agree with the last anonymous post...I love Y and's a great show, great writing and the characters are all connected with story line. I would love to see RH go there.

    I did write to Frons and Guza as suggested on RH online. I did not say a thing about other actors or badmouth anything..just spoke of history, connection, storyline and great acting. Also mentioned that when longstanding characters are permenantly removed it leaves gaping holes.

    Maybe if everyone took a quick minute to write a short note, it would show support. I intentionally made it short and to the point.

  15. I too wrote to them awhile back and then they fire Elizabeth I think GH wants to go down the tubes.I can't wait till Emily shows up on Days.And TG sold out a long long time ago

  16. The actors are the best thing about GH. They always rise to and surpass the material they're given. I don't think they have any power, however. I don't think LW can say, "Less airtime for Carly please, and more for legacy characters," and they'll listen.

    Whoever is in charge, either doesn't understand, or doesn't care about, what the true fans want. I started watching when I was a child, so I grew up with these people, who aged in real time, as I have. Our investment of decades of our life is unique to soaps. I see GH as sort of a parallel universe that I go to every day, to escape my own universe. As such, I want to see long-time families, love, friendship, strong bonds between women, and some drama. I feel like Guza has killed off people that I love. Every time he does this, it feels like he's pulling the rug out from under me. This, I think, is why we're all freaking out about losing Elizabeth.

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