Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Soap Opera Ratings For Dec 20th-24th No One's Watching ON BREAK!!

Good GOD...I know it was only 3 days-- but you'd THINK some people home from break would tune into their fave soaps like the olden times.
Sigh..not to be.

Read 'em and weep: Soap Opera Network reports low numbers across the board.

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,712,000 (-414,000/-211,000)
2. B&B 3,049,000 (-121,000/-197,000)
3. DAYS 2,586,000 (-42,000/-224,000)
4. GH 2,379,000 (-178,000/+9,000)
5. AMC 2,358,000 (-75,000/-300,000)
6. OLTL 2,355,000 (-134,000/+101,000)

Monday: 1.7/2,450,000
Tuesday: 1.7/2,390,000
Wednesday: 1.7/2,297,000
Thursday: 1.1/1,445,000 (repeat - did not count)
Friday: 0.9/1,316,000 (repeat - did not count)

1. Y&R 3.2/9 (-.4/-.3) <- new low
2. B&B 2.1/6 (-.2/-.2) <- ties low
3. DAYS 1.9/6 (same/-.1)
4. AMC 1.7/5 (-.1/-.3) <- ties low
4. GH 1.7/5 (-.1/-.1) <- ties low
4. OLTL 1.7/5 (-.1/same)
It's going to be a telling tale in the next few weeks. The whole glimmer of S&B is settling down, the Bus Crash hooey will be done...holidays are finished. It's the run up to Feb Sweeps. 


  1. It's such a shame because I do know many offline people who do watch and want to watch during the holidays, but can't stand the repeats (I know ratings don't count on those days)and as for the beginning of Christmas week... While we enjoyed Luke and Tracy's wedding, the show is so disjointed and fragmented for those who are off or have some time to watch, it is hard to get back into a show that DOES NOT TELL A STORY.

    GH needs to get back to old fashioned story telling. Bring back the Christmas Story at the hospital, show us the family and friends celebrating the holiday... Don't just TELL us, SHOW us and let us feel the show once again.

    TPTB need to do something and something fast. It isn't about the players, it is about the writers, editors, continutity people, the producers and about the head of ABCD. They have such amazing talent who give their all each day but the writing behind them is so weak and lacking. There's no creativity left in Guza what-so-ever.

    It's a shame.

    @sonnyandbrenda :)

  2. Anon...well written and well said...hope someone with authority reads your thoughts.

  3. At least all the shows went down. Heck OLTL is everyone's fav on this blog and it's in last place. No way to explain that one.

  4. I agree about not telling a story. Brenda's return is such a great example. Now the Bus Crash is thrown in, rushed and really cheaply done. ;/ I'm dying to see the ratings this week

  5. NOBODY likes the Dante/Brenda hour.
    Lante & S & B fans have decided to STOP watching the show because of it.
    I WAS a Lante fan but am not anymore mainly because JMB/Lulu is NOT in this s/l and she is my favorite actress/character on the show.
    I am sure the S & B fans don't watch because Sonny/M.B has been pushed aside in favor of Dante/D.Z.
    It sucks!

  6. Anon,

    SnBers have stopped watching the show all together except for scenes with SnB in them on Youtube. We are all frustrated with the LACK of SnB scenes, their rushed getting back together, Dante being involved with EVERYTHING.

    It's not so much that we see Brenda all the time, but we hear about her and she is not shown with the characters she is tied to. Having scenes with Dante is a huge turn off as an SnBer.

    If TPTB actually wrote a Sonny and Brenda coming back together and finding each other again story, maybe showed them in scenes together 2-3x a week, each week alternating, we would be happy and all the other characters would have a chance and a few stories, eventually tied together could be told at the same time.

    The joke of Brenda either sleeping in or doing yoga on Wednesdays is pathetic.

    FACT: Dante has been on 93% of the shows last year. I believe it's 243 of the episodes. He has eaten the show and has caused the ratings to go down. It's too much of a "good" thing and to have him shoved into every story constantly is a huge disgrace.
    DZ has been on more in the last year than anyone else in the history of soaps.

  7. I think Jason, carly & Sonny sre a tie with Dante for being on so much!

  8. This S & B fan-atic has NOT stopped watching the show, although ITA w/everyone's criticisms. I waited for SO LONG for S & B, I will not give up the show now.

  9. The Sonny fans are starting to feel what the rest of us have felt for years. It gets tiring to see the same character every day. As much as Jason and Carly are on, noone has been on as much as Sonny.

    Even now too much of the show resolves around the same people and stories. It would have been much more interesting to use Brenda's return as a springboard away from mob stories instead of having a crime figure involved yet again. After all those years away and building a career, she should have been stronger than she left, not someone weaker and desperate to pick up the past. It could still have lead to a reunion with the past, but the interesting part would be how everyone reacted to the "new" Brenda. How would Sonny react to a mature woman, not the young girl he remembers? How would Carly deal with a sophistacated Brenda who fits into Jax's world better than she does? Then she would have a reason to be worried. Instead we get Brenda desperate for protection and unable to take care of herself, a strange thing considering she has apparently stood up for kids in some very dangerous situations.

  10. Make that sophisticated, just caught the typo, sorry.

  11. Since Brenda is back this show has sucked and everything is about her! I can't stand her whiny ass self absorbed self! I wish the Balkan will just kill her off already! I liked her before but now she's lame and a bore! She and Dante are killing this show

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