Tuesday, January 18, 2011

General Hospital: IF I Only Had a Brain...

A Heart...A Home...The Smarts...DA Nerve.  I'm trying, I really am!!

Where is Morgan? Didn't he break his leg? You think Carly can take a second out of her day of butting into  everyone else's biz to,  I don't know, look in on him? What? Is he babysitting  Josslyn while wearing a giant cast? (I'd ask where Matt with the  broken arm is, but why? That's pointless).
I also wonder why Brenda is living at Jason's and not Sonny's..when Sonny's house is so heavily guarded..and MAX and MILO are there?? I'd love to see them help with wedding hilarity!  

Chad Duell tweeted this today...he's on the set. I snagged it so my blog might be more interesting. Not sure I'm diggin' the hair, but heck. 

Another set photo! 

Thanks, Chad because I really REALLY needed something fun for today!! If soaps were smart, they'd make their actors tweet  from backstage everyday!! 

TODAY'S GH: WTF. Sonny gets one wife blown up, a bride shot...a kid shot and he doesn't take advice from Jason or Dante about the wedding?? Cause "Brenda wants it"?? I'm sorry but that writing doesn't make sense in my book. 

Theo and  Loo-Loo. heh...She should have smelled something when he was spilling secrets --lawyers don't do that! LOVED JMB today..she's so perfect in her scenes confronting Dante.

Carly, OMG..where's Josslyn? LOL... Poor Laura Wright. I hope Carly gets a spa day soon. 
CHAD DUELL was spectacular today!!! He hit that out of the park.  His  upcoming "prison" spilling to Jason will be awesome. 

Molly threw a vase. You'd think she was Sonny's kid, not Ric's!!

They mention Mike today in regards to his GAMBLING streak.  Great way to probably keep him out of  the wedding. And..yep, he's going to REHAB! AHAHHAAHAHHA. There ya go,  ship 'em off. We knew Ron Hale was going but why not do it after the wedding? Why not have a nice exit planned where Mike go to Florida after they get hitched? 

CONAN was on!! DB and MB were great in that scene...that's GH, moments of tiny greatness that don't weave together.

OLTL today was so good, the way they played the Bo/Nora/Inez scenes off the Clint/Echo ones. Kelly/Cutter with Joey/Aubrey. And, TED KING IS COMING to the show soon! what the hell more can we want!!! eeeeee!!! This show also makes me feel  ok age-wise.  People older than me have lives, people younger than me do. Multi-generational. aaaaaaaaa.  Loved Clint's barn coat. HIS TEARY eyed talk  with Echo. Nice. Inez outed Clint in record time...and now Bo is going to shoot him? Naw, I don't think so.

And, who watches  AMC? Does David have some weird psychic thing going with Kendal? What's that about?!


  1. Thanks for the OLTL recap on the blog too :)

  2. I liked today GH..
    Yes not perfect But it had a real sense of soap..
    I think every actor gave great performances.. Steve Chad Laura Kelly Julie Dom Mo..

    About S&B wedding its stupid,there is danger why can they just elope?? why Sonny will put all his family&Love ones in danger???

    I loved the Michael scenes!!! again Laura is fantastic I felt Carly's pain and how she saw it.. I loved Sam standing Up to her..
    I had a tear when Jason said he will not lose Michael by getting Abby out..
    I actually was very impressed by Jason w/Michael&Abby he learned from his mistakes not making decisions with other people's life..
    and now he just trying to let Michael grow up...
    Love what Sam said to him about him&Michael
    Steve was great w/Michael scenes...

    Chad is turning out to be a great actor!!! he killed in every scene/ loved him w/Laura when both were emotional
    Could it be Carly will not butt in anymore??

    Looking forward to the reveal I think Michael is getting to that point.. Jason is just waiting him... Steve&Chad will be fantastic when the reveal scene will be!!

    Lante not their fan But JMB was good also DZ

  3. AMC-David remembers that Kendall shot him but Kendall doesn't.

  4. To inbal....I ditto everything you said about the Michael scenes. I am so looking forward to the reveal to Jason. Also loved Sam standing up to Carly, but just saying what she needed to say and not letting Carly drag her into something more. And the Michael/Carly scenes...perfect, but we all know she won't stay out of the Abby/Michael situation.
    OLTL - as always - perfect. Love love love this soap. Every day is something good. I like the way they tied Ford into the Aubrey storyline. Bo won't shoot Clint - but he won't let this go either, for sure. Liked that Echo and Clint had an actual conversation - actually made me feel sorry for Echo.

  5. carrie, I try to get OLTL in there if I can!!

  6. Wow, Chad was amazing today. And call me crazy, but I'm liking him and Abby!

    Ok, so Brenda breaks up with Alexander because "she found out he was a criminal". Really, GH, really? She broke up with someone because he was a criminal but she's going to MARRY Sonny? Ugh, so disgusted with Guza.

  7. How many times in one day does the red head meet the Balkan in that confessional? geesh!

    I'm not normally on Carly's side but totally am this time. He's on probation, from a mom's pint of view, Abby is bad news. And she's too old for him. I do like the actors chemistry but I just see Carly's point for once. And of course Sam left out that she hired Abby to have sex with Michael!

  8. Kudo's to laura Wright, the best Crier out there! Blech to Sam. Hiring someone to sleep with a confused teenager?

  9. As much as I like Abby, I think this storyline is not all there too. Sam got off way to easy on this one. Maybe Abby is good for Michael right now, but she couldn't think of any of her other "friends" to talk to? Not a girl that works in a strip club, which is illegal for him to go into? I completely agree with Carly on this one.
    I loved sam's outfit and hair today.

    Lulu and Dante were GREAT today. I'm glad Lulu doesn't put up with this crap. Keeping secrets will cause pain and Dante needs to learn this! Loved to see Maxie.

    Kristina, Molly and Alexis were great too! Alexis asking if Molly wanted her to MAKE the soup...heehee.

  10. Chad Duell is really impressing me, but I have to say I'm not really feeling Michael/Abby that much, not because I have an issue with the age difference or because she's a stripper, but because i just don't find Abby all that interesting on her own. She just seems really one-dimensional, like a bizarre male fantasy - the stripper with a heart of gold that can cure a traumatized young man - and the way she always talks in that soothing therapist voice is so unnatural.

  11. I LOVED Lulu today & JMB rocked her scenes but since she is going to be stuck in LANTE HELL i doubt she will be getting any EMMY worthy material that often any more.So we had better enjoy this break up while it lasts because once Lante get back together JMB/Lulu will probably be put on the back burner to the Dante s/l's until Lante split 4-ever or JMB leaves G.H.

  12. If this guy:


    REALLY Chad's brother? Or someone with the same name PRETENDING?

    He DOES kinda look like him...

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