Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday: Pasties and Prostitutes

                                                      Reeves Tweeted this....MAKEUP!

Well, Abby told Michael the truth about not being a hooker. Jason's all in Michael's corner on that!! LOL 

Alexis' tah-tahs were on nice display today!! Love she when she's with her kiddies!! 

JMB did so well as Lulu today-- I love how she cries!! If that terrible wallpaper didn't distract me so much, I would have liked the scenes better. 

So,  Shawn is working with the Balkan. He's going to "hire" him legit as his security guy, but he's a baddie.  Dang it. Maybe he'll turn out to be a goodie.  He looks like he could be a Fed or something.

Jason and Michael bring up Africa books. Thank you writers for not forgetting the ol' Giraffe stories!! LOL.. I used to make such fun of that in the Wubs :) The whole story should come out tomorrow...I think.

Where is OLIVIA!!??! I have a media net of her still in the hospital dancing with Steve. I so wish Jolivia was still around. Maybe they can buy Kelly's or Jake's! Livvy can cook and Johnny could play the piano!! 


  1. JMB broke my heart again today and Dante actually showed that he was sad they broke up. Lately he's been looking like he lost his car keys not his girlfriend.

  2. And you say nothing of Carly vs. Balkin and how he said that she was sharp.....Shame. She did good today telling him nothing.

  3. I liked the episode...
    it was good more characters. romance and family drama...

    Michael&Jason broke my heart. I think we really are getting to the point of the reveal level by level.. love that they brought the days where Michael was little and jason read him the books that was nice touch...

    Chad and Steve were amazing in these scenes..

  4. Geesh..sorry, I actually was out walking the dog for some of the time today. I saw Carly/Balkan for a few minutes. that was it.
    Thank YOU for letting people know about it!!

  5. LOVED the JMB/DZ scenes. They are beyond phenomenal together. Today started to make up for the crapfest the writers have been feeding us the last few months. I think today was Dante's wake-up call...he can't just use cheesy pick-up lines and be charming and think everything will be ok. He's got his work cut out for him. Excited to see it play out. Dante & Lulu are what brought me back GH full-time during the Dominic Pirelli days!

    On another note: loved the Spencer sibs together! With a little side of Maxie!

  6. Sorry but i HATED Jolivia because she is too old 7 boring for Johnny.
    Plus i am hoping for a Jolu reunion because the only woman who is good enough for Johnny is Lulu.

  7. 2 things:

    1) SOD says Michael tells Jason on the 31st.

    2) Anyone else notice the Balkan going in and out of his Theo/Balkan accent when talking to Shawn? They always made a point that no one sees his face when he is Balkan...sloppy writing!

  8. It was a pretty good episode today. (And a good day on OLTL, with Ted King there!)

    The dialog was good and we had some necessary scenes. Jason finally realizes Abby is more than just Michael's friend, she has romantic feelings for him, as he has for her. That can complicate things.

    I'm trying to remember where I have seen the Shawn character before--he is so familiar. Was he on another soap? In the movies? I hope you are right and he is undercover cop. I want to like him, if only Guza will allow it. It is strange the Balkan connects with him in person--when he has protected his identity so neatly from day one.

    I hate when the Spencer kids talk about failed love and their parents--just trashes the best love story ever on TV. Only a mental coma (and bad writing) ended their parents, not failed love. Lucky saw the devotion of their parents; Lulu and Ethan (because they are Guza era) did not, but Lulu knew of it.

    But a fairly well-done episode. I like when I can like Jason and he isn't being the big macho thug!

  9. Yeah where the hell is OLIVIA?? just wish they will make a Jolivia reunion, they are each other's perfect match! ;)

  10. I too, They're complex and yes there's an age difference but there's about the same age difference b/w him & Lulu IMO. He & Lulua didn't spark for me, she was annoying with him. I do like her with Dante and Maxie helps bring out the best in her too.

    As for the "love" talk for us fans the Spencers had 2 of the most beloved couples. Luke & Laura and Elizabeth & Lucky. Thirty years of good stuff IMO.

  11. Quick question. I know Lulu told Dante about her abortion, but has she (or anyone else) told him about Logan and the coverup Johnny and Claudia tried? Since she has been in a similiar situation, I am a bit perplexed that she doesn't understand not being told about Brenda's. I don't think she would have wanted anyone else to know then. Did her family even know the truth at first? Of course, in Brenda's case it's hardly a secret anymore since half the town knows! I honestly don't remember if Dante knows, but I might have missed that.

    I would not be surprised if Brenda's baby is Jax's. If they don't go there, it would be a lost chance to capitalize on things that have been setup. For one thing, it would finally have Carly's insistence on bringing a secret out rebound to her. Not only will it stop the wedding, infuriating Sonny, but it will destroy her marriage, publicly, the same as she intends to do to Brenda. And she wouldn't be able to hide it from Jax, the way she did with Sonny and Kristina. It would explain why Jerry is so intent on Brenda, if he knows the truth, and feels she is keeping his brother in the dark. It could also be why Brenda does not want Sonny to know she was pregnant. And wasn't it around that timeframe (not that it would stop TPTB if they wanted to go there, prime example Ethan) Jax and Carly were having problems and he went to Europe? Of course since it ties up past history, given the recent trend, GH will drop it and go the opposite way. But since Carly has stirred this up so much, I just believe it will come back to bite her somehow. Being Carly, it won't stop her though, LOL! Would stir up tons of story though, esp. if the baby survived.

    I also believe Diane is going to have repercussions for her part in this, which given her smarts, is yet another example of plot winning out over character. There is no way Diane would jeapordize her biggest client to help Carly, who doesn't pay her. She would have told her to get someone else. Diane is too smart to cut her moneyline, yet she did.

  12. Kudos to JMB but Lulu gets on my last nerve. She is such a self-involved little drama queen, much like her mother who at least grew out of it. I FF through much of the Lulu scenes. She really doesn't do anything to move any of the stories forward. She just seems to bitch and grumble all the time. I feel sorry for Dante for falling in love with such a drama queen. No wonder Grandmother Leslie found her too much to handle. She needs to live with Tracy.

  13. The Balkan character is getting old. How can a well-known lawyer from a big NY firm also be a well-known, big and dangerous European gangster kingpin? I am hoping he is a Fed. working undercover. Maybe Shawn is a Fed. working undercover to bring down this well-known European kingpin. I just don't get the poor story development on this plot. Nothing makes any sense and it seems just thrown together without any thought to plausibility or connectedness.
    I am all for Brenda having been pregnant with Jax's baby. That would really burn Carly's butt.

  14. It won't really have effect, I think this way.

  15. So, I do not really imagine this is likely to have success.


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