Monday, January 3, 2011

The Incredible Evaporating BUS!!

Wow...that BUS just disappeared. like THERE IS NO BUS!!  ahahahahhahaha...Now, come on-- if they all got thrown out DOWN A CLIFF, they'd all be dead! Or at least body parts hanging off. I can't even talk about the "Aftermath" without laughing. It's just!  I still think the fact they had no explosion is just a hoot. They just flew out of that bus and most of them ended up in the same place. ON A MOUNTAIN!! ahahahaha1!

Luke and Lucky, I so wish they would  have gone on an adventure-sigh Written by the guy that writes "Breaking Bad" --or as someone suggested on Twitter: "Son's of Anarchy!"

LOVED Sexis!!! Liked the Balkan talking creepy to Sonny--YOU TELL HIM! "What if it were your son killed in such a brutal fashion"??? PLUS Conan was there!!! WHEE!! 

Brooke Lyn just stood there with nothing to do--LOL. Yep, that's about it. Why the hell didn't Liz call Lucky!???! 
Brante was on today, huggin' 

Wow, underwhelmed today. Really, REALLY underwhelmed. 


  1. I was afraid of this. I was excited for today. Really I was. The bus crash. Who finds out when their kids/loved ones are hurt.
    Liz doesn't tell Lucky, who I haven't even seen with the kids in FOREVER!! He'd rather be the cop version of Jason or Luke. Like that doesn't put his kids in harms way...
    Oh well, hopefully OLTL and DOOL cliffhangers are better!!

  2. I can't even believe no one called anyone else! LOL In the age of cell phones no less. You think Alex called Sam!!?

    I missed OLTL today

  3. A few wonders about this GH episode:
    It seemed like Lucky didn't even know Cameron was on the bus??

    Why wouldn't Alexis or Jason even call Sam? Especially Jason? Goes to show that Carly and her kids are on his mind before anything else. I know that finding the kids is on his mind first, but while Carly was calling Sonny, he could be calling Sam....

    Nik comforting Liz instead of Lucky. Barf.

    Brook Lynn even being at the hospital.

    I wish Jason knew that Cameron was on the bus too.

    Shouldn't all the kids get together. It seems like they are all in different areas. The kids with Cameron can go to the fire where Kristina and co. were, as well as Matt and Maxie going to the fire too.

    I am really liking Steven and Olivia. I hope the writers don't drop the ball on this pairing!

  4. Shouldn't Alexis call Ric?

  5. I actually enjoyed the bus stuff today. Yes, the fact that only Olivia and Matt were injured was ridiculously unrealistic. Morgan being lost is less than suspenseful. However this was such a nice change from mob mob and more mob... the ever loving Balkan.

    Lisa LoCicero was spectacular. Finally a storyline where she can show off her talent. I'm just thrilled she is off the back burner!

  6. The bus didn't disapear. It just didn't go kablooey. I think they found the bus and were gonna go in it to see if there was anybody inside.

    I thought it was hilarious that there was only a couple people seriously hurt (oh and the bus driver died!) while everyone else just had "A couple bumps and bruises.."...Guess the snow broke their fall.

  7. Or they were Cameron and were young enough to where they still bounce. heehee.

  8. What if Jax's sister was LISA???? THAT would be fun. 2 psycho siblings!

  9. How did Lucky not know that Cam was on the bus? What is wrong with the writers? There really is no common sense. I can't stand Siobhan. I wish her character would go away with this whole Balkan storyline. UGH!! When will this whole thing be over?


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