Sunday, January 2, 2011

General Hospital: Sunday Surgery--Rescheduled

Ever had a surgery rescheduled? Pain in the ass, isn't it? Well, seems GH has enough of it's OWN rescheduling to drive anyone to need pints of plasma!! Connie Towers (Helena) was reported to be taping end of year, then it was pushed to Mid January and now?? Who knows...rumor has it she's taping a pilot in Canada for American TV. What does this mean for the story arc of Aiden? Well,  I guess we'll have to hang on a bit longer.

That is of course, unless Franco's coming back to have something to do with that in February. He did kidnap the kid. See, if I were writing this, I wouldn't have dropped the entire story like they did. Franco's on a plane, Lucky gets the kid back--they know he's not dead, and after the Brenda "Face" mention, we never heard about him. Wouldn't it bode well  to have him, I don't know, say--send some weird toys to Aiden anonymously? Or have Jason open up a Christmas  Card with a Santa in a Hawaiian Shirt signed : CO77x?? Why the hell can't we keep some history in a "memory pattern" ?? No doubt hints will be dropped in Feb-- we'll pick it back up and that will be that. Will Franco know the Balkan? Maybe he's his Daddy-- we can have a "Harry Osborne Revenge" thing when Jason finally slays the big bald meanie.  Spiderman Redux. You know it might be coming.  LOL. 

Are you looking forward to the bus crash aftermath? My only saving grace is it will be in the hospital... and we'll see more than the usual 2-3 people in a room. I think it's going to last awhile. 
I also think it's going to propel Lisa into more of a "likable" character..or at least make it seem that way. I keep forgetting she murdered that poor nurse girl.  Everyone else seems to as well. Abby is featuring in as a player now, don't be surprised if Andrea Bogart got a contract out of this soon. They like her. Foe for Carly. Lover for Michael...future Sonny conquest ?
Did I say that?!

Genie Francis rumors still abound. Obviously nothing has been said by ABC. Would they do a giant "comeback"thing like they did for Brenda/Vanessa? Hmmm. Who the hell knows. 
I'll be interested to see ratings in the next 3 months. Will  people come back for a hoped for S&B wedding?? Will they leave because they are tired of The Balkan ?? Hmmm. Not that they can go much lower. GH had a lot of 1.7s this year-- ouch.  When it hits 2.0 I'm surprised.

On another note, Sebasatian Bach is up for grabs. Happy 2011! 
So is John Melloncamp!!


  1. Karen, I also forgot that Lisa murdered that poor nurse, how can they redeem her character? Of course, I'm sure they'll find a way, Guza obviously identifies with the villains, and seems to love them.

  2. lmao I love Franco's Christmas card ;)

  3. Have you ever wondered why GH is written by chronic amnesiacs? That has to be the only logical reason why history means nothing on this show.

    Regarding The Balkan: He is much more enjoyable to watch than the murderous freak Franco who has yet to demonstrate any talent for anything despite his fame as an artist? Go figure.

    The Balkan is also more entertaining to watch than the psychotic Anthony Zacchara, may he expire in prison surrounded by his butt buddies.

    I am really getting bored with Jerry Jax. All he contributes to the show is more insanity. We know he is not dead and when he returns yet again it will be for more insanity. Who is he really a threat to? The only thing I can think of is the show's integrity. But what do I know? I've only been watch since the sixties.

  4. Anon: Total right on to everything you said--I couldn't have said it better myself.

  5. I would like Genie back permanently--only not while Guza the Destroyer is still around. I'd love to see her come back, take up her old cosmetic company (there's story possibilities there with both Crimson and Brenda) and bide her time on whether to restore Luke to his former glory (as pathetic as he is now she surely wouldn't want him) or simply forget about him and find...maybe a new man? The age thing on soaps is so weird--I remember when Luke and Laura baby-sat Steven Lars who is now head of the hospital!
    I'm with Anon above--I find the Balkan far more entertaining than most of GH's villains. Hate HATE Franco, who comes in long enough to interrupt the stories we're trying to follow, then drops out again ...annoying--and meaningless! Like Jerry Jax he has been so ruined that he can have no further reason to exist.

  6. GH used to be my fav soap, but now I can hardly watch a full episode. Karen you are so right about all the dropped stories. Sometimes I think TPTB just do these to annoy fans. Sorry but I'm just about to stop watching. SO sad.

  7. Karen,

    In the real world, someone doing such a PISS POOR job as Guza is, would be on such a SHORT leash. I'm thinking that ABC is purposefully letting the Guz run wild, letting him drag GH to the very depths of craptitude, before canceling it and using the low 1.9 (and lower) ratings as an excuse.

    Remember - Frons is no better than the Guz is.

  8. I am sick of people who rape, murder and kill being presented as worthy on daytime TV. YR's Adam and Sharon disgusting that's why I stopped watching and DOOL , please EJ is committing chidbuse with poor adorable, Johnny won't watch that either. I only watch GH because of Ethan, Maya, Edward, Luke, Tracey, Robin, Patrick and Steven. I like Olivia and Johnny also the latter is an amazing and underrated actor!

  9. Call me crazy, but I love Anthony Zachara AND Jerry Jax. Love their evilness!

    If they plan on making over Lisa, it can be done but only with the right actress. Hey, they redeemed Luke & had him marry the young girl he raped.

    I'm waiting to see Liz & Lucky's story unfold. Watching the metro court story made me really miss seeing her in solid, upfront stories.

  10. look at who the GH heroine is supposed to be SAM! she came on forced down our throats. trying to scam Jax for the dead man's hand. falling in love with jax, sonny and jason within 6 months of being on the show. and being in WTD storyline involving jax and sonny. sleeping with her stepdaddy, hiring thugs to scare liz and kids. plus my favorite watching jake be kidnapped. now we get to watch bonnie and clyde ride again.

  11. DJ: I am remiss and not mentioning Frons more--I admit that.I am so used to spitting out GUZA, I forget to include the head man.


  12. Wait. I'm sorry. Maybe I spend too much time fast forwarding on GH, but I do not remember Lisa murdering anyone. When/Who was that?

  13. Lisa murdered a nurse, but I now forgot why.

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