Monday, January 31, 2011

Knoxville's Terry Morrow Interviews Vanessa Marcil

And it's a goodie! In part one today, he asks her about the rumors of her leaving as soon as March, about who she'd love to see Brenda with (surprise!!) and other tasty GH tidbits! Go on over to Telebuddy's Tinsel Town Tales for the whole scoop! 
It almost answers the question about whether or not "Brenda"  is kidnapped at the end of the wedding!!


  1. Brenda and Luke?! No way. I always wanted an Alexis and Luke pairing!

  2. Brenda and Luke ROFL! We can call them Bluke. :) Trixie Alexis and Luke paring? Yeah I can see that. :)

  3. VM does not look healthy. she is very thin, her hair covers her face and she has a nervous laugh. I would like to see her back with jax. luke would be a joke.

  4. A great deal of worthwhile data for me!


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