Thursday, January 6, 2011

Suzanne Whang Bringing Her Mad-Cap Ways To GH!!

Suzanne Whang, best known for her hosting gig on HGTV's House Hunters is coming to GH as Brenda's wacky-wedding planner!! Will she drive Sonny Crazy? You bet!! How did she land the gig? Well, as a friend of Vanessa Marcil's and former coworker on Vegas, it was a natural. She played Polly, the outspoken Spa Owner who had a lot of "unPC" lines on the show. Here's hoping her funny ways charm us in Port Charles. We need some laughs! Sonny needs to drag Brenda away from her over-zealous planner who wants to make her wedding the "event of the decade".
I personally think it would have been fun to have had Suzanne on as a "House Hunter" for Sonny and Brenda but I'll take this. Love the fact that there's already a "Suzanne" on canvas surrounding  Brenda. Guza loves to play with names...


Have a Nice Day

  Karen can't make it today so she sent Ziggy in her place  to wish all of you a great day. Feel free to comment below on today's ep...