Sunday, January 9, 2011

General Hospital Sunday Surgery: New Staff

SO, we have a new staffer!! What do you think? Although he seems to be cute--and a decent enough actor, s face it--do we NEED a new  character? Who's only related to a psychotic character that's not related to anyone? Why not have him be Maya's BROTHER?? There's an idea. He still could have been working in East Buffalo or whatever-- moved to Port Chuck, he even could have known Lisa--but he'd be related to someone on canvas. Someone that also works at GH, and a sister he'd have to get all snarky with about marrying Ethan.  Edward could not like him for that, but lets him move in because of "Mary Mae"..more Q's at the homestead!! 
Please..MUST I THINK OF EVERYTHING, GUZA??!! See how easy that was?? Not to say that bringing in a related character (Steven Lars) does much for the history of anything, but at least the potential is there.
Just sayin'. 

On to the KeMo news that Mr. Tinseltown (Terry Morrow) posted yesterday on his blog. Did you read it? If not,  please take a moment to do so! She basically admits that TIIC know that GH is suffering in the ratings and that the whole Brenda/Balkan crap isn't working. I do like the Balkan-- having him integrate himself into the cast is nice, especially doing it through Alexis/Diane's law firm. I still say Ms. Barrett should have come back to Port Chuck right away as something to do with Crimson, then the Balkan mess could have started. 
Bringing me to my second point: Wasted characters..or the "forgotten only to pop up later characters"  in point: Suzanne. Here's another "Mayor Floyd wife", "Keifer's Daddy" yada yada-- who will be dragged into the story whenever and we're supposed to care. Hell, she hasn't been on in about 2-3  weeks. Sorry, I hate that crap...either use your characters or have them leave.  If she's going to be in The Balkan's past, have her on more. 
Kind of like Nikolas/Liz/Aiden/Lucky...we just aren't going to care when the baby reveal DOES come.  Why should we?

So, what's the "major shift"coming? I can only hope it's  more family time and  integration. HOPE I said, I'm not optimistic. Especially with Franco popping his head back in there in February to mess with everything again. Another "insert here"!! I hear he's directing too. We can only hope it's not done in some Fellini-type sheeze. As my friend and wubber Lori calls it: 

Franco's Weenie Fellini Fronkisodes 

If you're not sure who Fellini is... take a gander at this You Tube:

Just doing my job at educating our YOUTH about the Franco/Fellini connection. Well, the connection I SEE. LMAO 

I'm so hoping that all this ELQ talk manifests itself  into real action. (Don't laugh). I can dig Ethan getting into some corporate wrangling, and maybe Jax will have more to do than argue with Carly or build stuff for Brenda. 

Well, hope you had a great week--and will have a great upcoming week. Molly's going to start to break down, there's the Abby/Carly showdowns and Michael's venturing into the world of STRIPPAHS!  That's going to be good for a dang LAUGH!! 


  1. If anyone is still unsure about the Fellini stuff, the movie Nine was about his life and shot in his style of film :)

    Didn't someone on Twitter suggest Tyrell should have been Tommy Hardy? That would have been a great idea bringing back another long lost character as an adult.

  2. First of all, is that pic old? If not is the old Morgan coming back? Lord I hope so! Kid is a natural.

  3. Also meant to say did anyone else notice Sam failed to mention she hired Abby to have sex with Michael, not be friends? I did enjoy Sam giving it back to Carly but this time I have to be in Carly's corner.

  4. Rita, it's an older pic I found to evoke the "Family" feeling.

  5. I think it would be cool if Theo (aka The Balkan) really turned out to be Rudy Zaccarra (Johnny's uncle).
    That way Johnny would have a relative on canvas and he would make a GREAT enemy/opponent for Sonny & Jason. Also i think it would be interesting to see him as the new head of The Zaccarra family.

  6. Karen a long while back wasn't one of the scoops that Claudia was pregnant and on a beach somewhere??????? Or is my memory shot to h**

  7. Franco is as crazy as Fellini I tried to watch 9 yesterday I couldn't make it thru the whole movie weird stuff.

  8. Something that has bothered me the past few weeks is seeing Molly, who is supposed to be 12 in full make up. Just watched Friday's eppy when she was @ Kelly's and she had on full eye make up and lipstick. I thought I was seeing things prior to today, but for sure she had on a full face. She's a doll and doesn't need to grow up that fast. Maybe just some lip glass, hu?

    Ad for Carly/Abby, you have to see both sides on a soap. As a mother, I would want her out of Michael's life as well. But we all know what happens when mothers meddal, now don't we?

  9. While I enjoyed the scenes with Sonny/Krissy I longed for an Alexis scene. You know the mother that has taught her right from wrong for 17 years versus the criminal that had no time for her due to his time being eaten by her flavor of the month? Yes Alexis is neurotic, but she could have empathized with her ala her sisters death (the other Kristina, her namesake) Oh and wouldn't Brenda go to Robin for help planning her wedding? Not a bunch of guys, especially the ones she's consulting?

  10. I am just so confused about the state of GH. I was so happy when they announced VMG was finally back for real. Watching it play out on TV has been like watching paint dry. It has been horrible! I thought Frons wanted her really badly all these years?

    Will anyone be accoutable for this crap? Will there ever be any changes with the writers? It reminds me of how ATWT was totally dismantled and destroyed (we had Julie Pinson as our "Sonny" I loved JP, but NOT how she was on ATWT)

    Are they trying to get cancelled? Seriously! How can any focus group give them the "thumbs up" that the Balkan/VMG story is going well? If these are the re-writes, I'd hate to see the original!

  11. Just read a Franco article thought I would share with it out,,20456330,00.html?xid=rss-yahooheadlines

  12. I like Terrell would love him as Maya]s brother Ethan needs more on screntime sick of Brenda and Carly!

  13. I like Terrell would love him as Maya]s brother Ethan needs more on screntime sick of Brenda and Carly!

  14. I think Terrell should have been Tommy Hardy Jr. It doesn't make any sense tying him to Lisa. Lisa doesn't have any real ties to anyone except maybe Patrick. And Terrell and Lisa unfortunately manage to be both sleazy and chem-less together.

  15. that pic of Ethan and Kristina...sigh...I want them badly sometime in the future. I miss their scenes together. <3

  16. Yes, Terrell could be Hardy Jr. Jamey Giddens said that on Twitter, he had a whole thing about it.

    Yes, Make up has been heavy on everyone lately I think..

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