Wednesday, January 26, 2011

General Hospital Hump Day: Stalemate

Geesh, I feel like I'm waiting forever for this prison rape story to come out!! Just do it already... The NEW SPOILERS are up. Abby gets attacked, ends up in GH, snooze. Brenda thinks Carly destroyed her wedding dress, Sonny has more nightmares-- Siobhan gets popped by Lucky but then he takes pity and breaks her outta jail. I honestly can't think of more boring scoops.  We know we're just biding time until the WEDDING and the REVEAL -- and the FRANCO. 

I actually got to talk to someone on set yesterday over at Prospect Ave. I can tell you this: everyone is feeling the morale going down, down down. Jokes are up--nervous laughter seems to ease some tension. A certain actor went to wardrobe and switched out all the ladies shoes  for the wedding and it was a scramble to get them all  on the right feet before taping!!  No one feels safe right now excecpt the "ExtremeVets" (as I call them!!) Many actors are off doing auditions for primetime guest gigs. That's good for us, btw...more GH peeps out in the "real world'

SID has a nice little interview with Ron Hale on his retirement from GH. Why the HELL they couldn't have done a powerful exit-story with Sonny talking to his Dad about rehab is beyond me. Have Mike at the wedding, and then do something the next month. It wouldn't cost that much. What idiots. 

Here's a spoiler pic of Maxie and Sam in Jake's....Sam is going to start to feel 'woosy"!! Maxie thinks she might be PG. Sam buys a test and then Jason finds her with it. Word is it's negative but it gets them talking about the possibility of a little JaSam-runnin' around. 


Ingo Twipic'd this photo today--- it's from the WEDDING SET!!! See  Krissy's back there? Ergo Brenda's colors have to be cafe and pink??  The next twit pic Ingo sent was a coffee cup. "18 hours to go"!! I hope that's over 2 days.

 OLIVIA was on!! TRACY WAS ON!! Spinelli was on!!
Tracy better never go anywhere, dang it. If she leaves? Grrrrrrrrrrrr. Loved the scenes at the Q's!! They were good. Glad Mayan is living there, that means hope for interaction.

Steve and Dante were funny. heh. Olivia about knocked Dante over. I guess they cut the scenes where Steve and Olivia were dancing in the hospital room. I have that photo up on the site. I hate when they cut stuff. Makes any "romance" seem so choppy!!

Diane was so mad about Max guarding Brenda. "He went to the cake shop with her and wedding  venue"-- I wish we could have seen those scenes. Max trying all the cakes! LOL...

Johnny and Lulu fans must be happy??! She finds him all bloody--and geesh but hasn't he gotten shot/beat enough? LOL.  OY! Shawn beat him up, btw. A little message from The Balkan. 

Sam and Spinelli have a good friendship.

Franco was on The Daily Show last night...two of my fave men together!! WOOT! Sigh, it's going to be a Franco-PALOOZA until the Oscars!! eeeeeeeeee! Fronkey-Me!! Did you see his Oscar gig commercial with Anne Hathaway, too fun?!



  1. I think the Jolu scenes were interesting and we are suppose to get more tomorrow.I cannot wait until we get to see Lulu,Johnny & Lisa in scenes together.I'll bet Lulu figures out that Johnny is black mailing Lisa.i LOVED their banter.

  2. Prison rape story will be revealed on 1-31.

  3. Love seeing Maya and Ethan. Glad theyre living at the Q's, more Lunacy/Edward interaction is always a good thing.

  4. When the prison rape is finally revealed will Carly get enough information to go after Franco, who frankly deserves the worst and bloodiest revenge Carly can devise for him. Sonny's hanging of AJ in the meat cooler should pale in comparison. I don't EVER want to see Franco on the show EVER, EVER again.

  5. I don't want to put much stock in the Jolu scenes even though SO FAR I liked them but there's always tomorrow and I'm sure somehow their scenes will be used to prop Lante.

  6. Karen I understand the tiring w/the rape that has not be named LOL But I found it realistic..
    Michael was a 18 years old w/brain damage that was sent to prison.. he always lived in a man world where all the guys around him were strong beautiful that took care of their own biz.. and no one could touched them..
    Michael was always overprotected.. no one could ever touch him..
    And don't forget he didn't had sexual experience

    So him going to prison being venerable there w/out the protection.. being abused and raped by a guy is something that can't be easy to admit..

    I think we saw a long road of the reveal level by level he basically said it yesterday when Jason asked him,he called it Carter...

    I am just afraid it will be like Krisi abuse,The wedding is happening soon after the reveal so where we will see the impact?? when we see how Michael heals from it??

    we only see Jason has the one w/Michael dealing w/it and sometimes Carly..

  7. I wish I could enjoy Maya and Ethan, but I just don't. I'm not feeling it with them. Sorry.

  8. Apropos of nothing - two classic film noirs Constance Towers (Helena) made in the 1960's - The Naked Kiss and Shock Corridor - have been released on DVD & Blu-ray. She's apparently interviewed for both in the DVD extras. Naked Kiss is awesome, I saw it on tv a few years ago. Never seen Shock Corridor, but I'm ordering both tonight.

    Also just read your Sunday Surgery and totally agree about the frequency of rapes/attacks on GH. But even the superior OLTL (at least superior in the last few years) relies on that trope too much. How many times has Starr been kidnapped in the past few years?

  9. I had heard Sam is having twins okay thats enough said Karen you must not hav watched OLTL today it was kicking some serious butt.

  10. Sorry Karen, but i just cannot share your Franco love. They practically topple the show over to accommodate the actor and he brings very little to it, really. Interrupts the stories we are involved in, and his character is repulsive and really pointless. It wasn't interesting from the gitgo. If they had brought him on as someone we could like, someone who actually touched someone or brought something positive that added to a regular character's story...but it is just more violence, sadism and stupidity. It seldom makes any sense and he come across as a creep.

    I really dread his coming in for his brief 'soap experience'. If he actually raised ratings or story interest or if he was doing it to help someone besides himself...

    Well, It's JMHO.

  11. I cannot stand the Franco crap. I does nothing but interrupt the show. it adds no value and nothing to do with anything going on. It is as bad as GH Night Shift (1st season) where Jason was in prison during the day and he was sweeping floors at night. It is disappointing they are bringing him back, yet again, for 3 days and is really getting old.

  12. Guys, don't you know my Franco adoration is tongue-in-cheek?! I love him..but him being on GH is just beyond hilarious.

  13. I loved seeing Maya and Ethan they are barely on not everyone is a fan of Sonny Jason and Brenda!

  14. Wow, there is a great deal of effective material above!

  15. Gosh, there's a lot of helpful material above!


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