Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday: The Prison Reveal...AT LAST.

Well, today's the ready?? 

The opening was harsh...Abby about to be raped, Michael's flashback to Carter. Then Michael beats the hey out of Brandon thinking it's really Carter. Jason saves the day in the end...grabbing Michael away. Poor guy that plays Brandon.  LOL. "hey mom, I'm on GH,  I get to pretend to rape a girl, then get beat up!!" 
I have to say I thought the prison flashbacks themselves were done well, with the right amount of violence and yet not too over the top.  I know some people on twitter didn't agree, but I think they did a decent job. They didn't skirt the issue, but they didn't get all graphic, imo. The reveal (words) was riveting. For me, it could have been much sooner  but they did it well. Kudos.
The bruise make-up people have to be going nuts with all the beatings and bus accident.  LOL 

Shawn is just one fine specimen of a MAN!! wooooo hooo!! I so hope he's a real good-guy. Why wouldn't Theo/Balkan talk to Shawn in his REAL accent?? I don't get it!!

Siobhan gets popped by Lucky. Thank god for closed captioning.  I did get the  "Shaging" part.  Lucky got all crazy-eyed there for a minute!! And OMG, but that statue was a greek goddess in the background, not a Catholic one!! hahaha 

Robin and Brenda and Carly: I only wish the scene was longer. 

Hate that Alexis and Jax HAVE TO TALK ABOUT THE FACE. Ugh..please.'s the question I asked on Twitter.   What is Brenda going to tell Dante about the Baby?
A) It didn't make it
B) It's with her sister
C) It's adopted  out to Brangela
D) It's in a tree
E) The dingo took it.

RATINGS!! finally they are out!

GO TO SON for all Ratings!
Ratings for the week January 17-21, 2011
(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 5,182,000 (+47,000/+31,000)
2. B&B 3,190,000 (+129,000/-122,000)
3. DAYS 2,719,000 (-253,000/-474,000)
4. GH 2,680,000 (-172,000/+85,000)
5. OLTL 2,643,000 (-38,000/+172,000)
6. AMC 2,584,000 (-119,000/-224,000)

1. Y&R 3.6/11 (-.1/-.1)
2. B&B 2.3/7 (+.1/-.1)
3. DAYS 2.0/6 (-.1/-.3)
3. GH 2.0/5 (-.1/+.1)
5. AMC 1.9/6 (-.1/-.2)
5. OLTL 1.9/6 (-.1/+.1)


  1. Please tell me why OLTL isn't flying higher in the ratings?? It is one of the best soaps around, certainly the best on ABC.

    It does what soaps should do and does it well. PLot driven in a way, but only as characters do what they would naturally do and that leads to more turns of plot, which translates into character driven. Good pace, good reveals, intrigue coming out of new turns...and it is fun, as well.

    I don't watch AMC but comments I see aren't raves. Meanwhile I see rave after rave for OLTL from viewers. So WHY doesn't that translate into rating points.

    I guess I don't understand ratiangs these days--with the DVR, how can they know who is watching, and how many of us?

  2. How does OLTL not kill in the ratings?!!!!

  3. I love Shawn too! I meant to say Shawn the other day and mistakenly said Terrell (who I find a bore, btw). There are no sparks with robin, there are no sparks with Lisa, so go away please. Back to Shawn, I find him very sexy. He just has "it".

    As for the reveal, I have nothing invested in that storyline. The acting was fine but had they originally dealt with this the right way (put Michael through counseling after shooting Claudia, not making it Dante's fault, etc). Barely have they had Jason & Carly shoulder the blame to to the extent that they needed to. clearly he has been troubled for what, 18 months? I think Chad does a great job, and I know Laura Wright is wonderful with her emotions, but I just can't find myself excited about a storyline such as a teen being raped. Guza & co will go to any lengths to keep the carly/sam/jason/sonny show front and center.

  4. All I can think of is that OLTL is in a loser time spot. Always has been... I wish it would move to 3.

  5. jason just HAPPENED to be 2 feet away when they yelled "help"? Are there only about 14 people in the entire city of Port Charles?

    I actually laughed at the end of the PSA. They said "There is no need to be afraid. Help is always nearby"

    And I said out loud "Yeah, his name is Jason. 2 feet away"

    Does anyone else feel that a NORMAL person would put their arm around Michael and comfort and give a hug, but that Robot Jason will just sit there motionless?

    Abby is lucky. No, seriously. Women on GH who get raped wind up married, with children, and with a decent contract. (Laura/Liz). If the show lasts 10 yrs, she'll still be on, with some children and married to Michael.

  6. Anonymous #2, people react differently to that type of information. Some people will cry and try to comfort others are so in shock that all they can do is stare, so Jason's reaction is realistic in some cases.

  7. I thought Jason didn't touch him yet because he was afraid if he touched him, it would skeeve him out. Know what I mean!?

  8. If they were smart, Shawn the new dude would have saved the day.

  9. I love me some Shawn! Good, natural actor. He is SO going to end up being a good guy undercover or something. Can he stay?

  10. If Shawn turns out to be a good guy you know he won't be able to stay in PC. Look what happens to the good guys in that town: Jason got wrapped around a tree by his drunken brother and turned into a whole new character and a hitman; Lucky is so unlucky it's a wonder he isn't in Shady Brook; Dante is turning into yet another Sonny apologist; Patrick is arrogant and lost his wife because he got ticked off at Robin for saving lives in Africa so he had to sleep with Sleezy Lisa; Matt is a bore with a broken arm; Jax is married to Carly, a fate worse than death. . . Need I go on? It would be nice to have a good guy on the show who can right some wrongs and not fall in lust with Carly.

  11. I was expecting more emotion from Chad at the reveal..but after I thought about it, it was more out of exhaustion than anger that he talked to Jason. The acting with Chad and Steve was excellent. Hopefully they will handle the healing process correctly and not rush it. I find Terrell to be creepy, Shawn did click with Carly, so we'll see how Guza works him in. He's probably working for Franco.

  12. Does anyone think that Benda's baby is really Jax's? Didn't he visit her a while back? I don't think its really Dante's or the guy they killed.

  13. LOL... the baby in the tree ... how I forgot about that I don't know!

    I think Chad and Steve are acting the hell out of this reveal. I agree that it's taken way too long, but at least they are handling it well. Jason may not have run to hug him, but that wasn't the time for that. The sheer emotion on Steve's face said it all, imo.

  14. First, Chad rocked it today!
    Second, Steve Burton is the best damn male crier on daytime TV!
    Gotta give props to Andrea as well. All around I enjoyed the show today. I pick up my kids when it is on, so I have to watch it later. I have to say, I always find that I enjoy the show a bit better if I stay away from twitter until after I've watched it! LOL!

  15. I thought the show was excellent today. Chad Duell blew me away. And Steve Burton played Jason's reaction to Michael's confession perfectly.

  16. Just some FYI on a great show to watch Karen is Kathy Bates new show Harry's Law and her costar reminds me soooo much of Clay Aiken so there is 2 shows that are good for me to watch OLTL and Harry's Law lol

  17. I think it was a wow moment in GH!!!

    I think it was realistic that it took time for Michael to say the words but we did see the road for the reveal level by level Michael opened up more to Jason...

    I think Chad Duell gave outstanding performance he couldn't have done it better than DG
    He should get Emmy for it!!

    I think Jason's reaction was real.. Michael just told him something he knew in his heart ,but hearing it its the hardest thing.. there wasn't time to Hug Michael ...

    Steve Burton was fantastic as well I hope next year Laura Chad and Steve will get nominated because they really brining their A-Game to this S/L...

  18. love love love oltl.Didn`t think I would care about the reveal but it was done very well,had me in tears.

  19. the problem with OLTL is the quality of acting. they cannot compare to GH actors. chad was great but steve burton seemed lost.

  20. I don't trust Guza and the other head honchos to handle the rape storyline well. It will become all about the unholy trinity's guilt. They'll feel guilty for awhile, then go on with life as usual. Guza already said in an interview that the reason Michael was in prison in the first place was because of Dante, so clearly they have plans to lay this on Dante's shoulders. I hate how this show glorifies the mob and vilifies law enforcement. It's disgusting.

  21. You mentioned you had the captions on... I was watching intermittently as I do these days, but did you notice that Lucky called Siobhan "darling" at one point? Totally made me think of Luke but without his drawl. That made me smile. Wondered if it was written or ad-libbed.

  22. Karen, I think the original idea was that Brenda lost the baby, but they kept it open because they wanted options. Now it seems like the baby lived, G-d knows where it is, most likely they don't know yet, or they'll change their minds several times before the truth come out.

    Poor VM most likely is playing her scenes not knowing whether or not she has a living child.

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