Wednesday, January 19, 2011

General Hospital 1996

 Saving money by showing reruns!! 

 GH has announced two newbies: Shawn (up there) , who befriends MOLLY (?) can he be her counselor?  There's also Grace, 35,  some bratty girl. I have no comment. NONE. And oh, Erin was put on contract as Siobhan. 

TODAY'S SHOW: Back when GH was shot thru gauze. LOL. Loved the old opening. ALL THOSE people  who are gone now. Wow. Everyone was so young. Luke and Mac...I forgot he called Mac "Bubba". Heh. JUSTUS!! That's another stupid murder. Ugh. No words.

As you can see, 15 years of basically doing the same dang thing with the MOB is why I'm so damn bored. LOL ...Sonny's dialog was  the same then as now. 

Robin and Brenda...girlfriends!! looking at the clothes/hair!! squee!! Brenda's shiny pants. LOL

Sarah Brown as Carly a Go-Go!! "Hot,  Hot like a parka"!! And hell, they had extras in Jake's!! You could smoke in the bar!! Jason's a horndog.."Let's go upstairs..." hahhaha. How hysterical was the music and the condom ripping open? :thud:

TWEETS about RH's firing:

@lisalocicerogh Really shocked...will miss her gorgeous smile! Becky will be snapped up by another show in no doubt about it.

Stunned and saddened. That's all--writer Michelle Val Jean

@JimRomanovich: Becky-Herbst-: She was the show's warmth and heart. Her absence extinguishes a bright light on an already dark street.

@Ingo Rademacher: @: So very sad to hear the news of Rebecca Herbst. I love you Becky and will miss you dearly. What a loss to GH and her many fans.”/ I couldn't agree more. Bad decision.

Hello everyone, most of you have heard the horrible and awful news about Becky. My heart breaks as I even have to tweet this. One of the best and most beautiful actresses that has been on this show. Beside that, she's a friend and that hurts. Some show will be lucky to have her. May god bless them through this transition.
Much luv to Michael and Becky.--Steve Burton


  1. I knew Steve would feel that way. I remember reading he was so blown away by the Liason fan base since it had been so long between their first love relationship & when the conceived Jake. 14 years on one show, never taking a vacation to pursue other things. I feel heartbroken. I too will hand write a note. We all should if in fact you're a fan!

  2. How many newbies will they add to get rid of Liz? No offense to any fans but lose: Maya, Lisa, or Abby to have a beloved character with so much potential with 2 of the most popular actors on the show. Having Jason's baby was too much for sam fans to handle? WTF?

  3. I hand wrote today, saying good bye and thanks and wishing her well....
    I hope they get buried in mail for her...........

  4. Hey Karen Jason was all revved up after being with Robin! :) So of course Jason tells Carly he doesn't want to play any games and wanted to go in his room! ROFL! Carly and Jason are HOTT!!! :) I love Sarah Brown!!! :)

  5. i LOVED today's show because it reminded me of why i love G.H. They use to be able to do triangles and angst(Lily/Sonny/Brenda/Jax) really well.But now they just do BS.I wish they would do Johnny/Lulu/Dante the way they did Sonny/Brenda/Jax. I am not saying Johnny/Lulu/Dante are equal to Sonny/Brenda/Jax but they are the closest thing G.H has to them now.

  6. I'll take GH 1996 over GH 2011 any day.

    Wow, Vanny and Mo have aged a lot!

    Still fuming over Becky's firing. Then they hire MORE newbies? This may be it for me. Take note Guza, two of your lead actors are as upset as the fans!

  7. I am so hearbroken about Rebecca being fired. Terrible decision and I am trying to find a reason to continue watching GH. It just makes NO sense. Liz? If they kill her off and have Jason and Sam raise Jake...

    Why don't they just stop making new shows? They could just show the reruns starting about 25 years ago. The ratings would probably be higher!

  8. i was watching today because i found out at the last minute that the repeat was from 1996, which is the year after I started watching. i looked at the credits and realized that Guza wrote that episode. What happened between 1996 and 2011? Did he suffer a horrible head injury and forget how to write?

  9. I love Susan's comment and I totally agree. Stop making new episodes and show reruns. The ratings would surely go up. I think I'm done watching too. I can't take any more mob stuff and how many more newbies can we stand.

  10. I hope it is ok to post this link - great article on Liz/Becky!

  11. That was a great article on Daytime Confidential and I really believe GH is trying to make folks stop watching so they can kill off GH.MONEY RULES....Dreamings86 I thought the exact same thing about Guza's head I think he bought his stupidity at 7/11 store

  12. I have no words for how heartbroken I am about losing our Liz. I am a fanatic S & B fan, so will keep watching for now, but if they end S & B, I AM SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING STOPPING WATCHING THE SHOW. And I have been watching since the 1960s, and planned to watch forever, I watch EVERY DAY, never miss a day!

    I was thinking, maybe we could do something, like threaten to boycott the show. Karen, you have lots of pull, maybe we somehow can reverse this. Remember how they cancelled Jericho (which I also watched), and the fans got together and had the show re-enstated? (OK, when it came back it was horrible, and should've died its natural death, but that's another story. . . )

    So, what say you, Karen--any chance of an uprising? (Of course, this would presupposed that Guza is NOT TRYING to kill the show, and that might be presupposing a lot. . . )

  13. I was wondering the same thing as AntJoan. Can anything be done...sort of like enough is enough? Look what they've done..AJ, Tony Jones, Georgie, Emily, Alan...not to mention Camereon and Zander Smith (do most people even know why Cam is named that?)I'm sure I'm missing someone here...not to mention back burnering good characters and now giving the Siobhan actress a contract and axing Becky Herbst.

    I, too, have been watching for more than 1/2 my life, but I will reconsider that time investment.

  14. I think it would be fantabulous if GH would pull out some of the really classic episodes to show. Those episodes include characters like Dr. Steve Hardy and Jessie Brewer, Lee Baldwin and the introduction of the Quartermaine family. I am really not interested in seeing current characters in their younger versions. So disappointing to see that Sonny is still greasy, that Jason's ears are still small shells, that Carly is still trailer trash despite Laura Wright's fantastic portrayal.

  15. I agree with Aubrey - I'll take GH 1996 over GH 2011 any day.

    In fact, I was about to delete it from my TiVo when I realized it wasn't a "recent" repeat and from a time when GH was actually GOOD.

    I also agree with Susan - they SHOULD stop making new shows and just show repeats. When SoapNET started, I originally thought they didn't bother showing "classic" GH eps because they didn't want to be upstaged by better writing, acting, etc. Since it's OBVIOUS they don't care about the "current" GH, why should anything stop them now?

  16. Yes, Carly always was, and will be, trailer trash, no matter how many millionaires she marries, I've always said that, I'm glad someones else thinks so, too. (And, believe me, in real life, rich men would NEVER be attracted to the likes of her, I don't care how good in bed she's supposed to be.)

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