Monday, January 24, 2011

General Hospital: The Actors Shine!!

Who IS this new Shawn guy? I really loved him...good actor, nice to look at. Loved Molly's little speech about her crazy families. Cassadines: "They're a little dark" and the Corinthos bipolar problems. "Maybe I'll die abroad"....heh, drama just like a tweenie would have!! Rumor is this Shawn guy is with The Balkan. Booo. He did give Carly his card --and says he's an ex-military guy. Now, he's staying at the Metro.

Chad tweeted this today!

Michael and Jason almost got there..almost. This week is the prison rape reveal--FINALLY but man, it's taking forever. 

Jake's had some people in it today. I'd rather have everyone together, may as well be Jake's!! Does anyone miss Siobhan, who "just stepped out"? Loved that they had Matt actually talk to Robin, be cute and drink a beer. :THUD: Not sure how I like this Terrell guy or not.  Lulu confronted Lucky about not telling her.

That was phase one of the Brandon attack..when Jason rescues her. There will be another. Who else thinks he looks like Logan? And..stupid Brandon comes back with a gun to attack Jason. DUH... idiot. 

Did you read the blog below? About the PR stunt I think GH might be stupid enough to pull? Interesting, eh? We sure are talking about it a lot!! 


  1. You're always so mean to Siobhan...

  2. LOL.. I don't mean to be MEAN, but that Freaking accent is driving me INSANE!! I'm sorry!!

  3. Do you really think ths may only be a PR thing? Then we should have been so "active" and supportive also for Georgie, Emily, etc. I don't think it's fair that they were let go and Liz will come back. Since when do they listen to fans? If they do it with her, then they should have done it for other actors too and should do it in the future. Wht about when they decide to break up a couple for no reason, like JaSam? Fans were outraged, IO evemn stopped watching, but they did it anyway. So why listening to fans now? It's not fair.

  4. Huh...break up a couple for no reason?

    *head spins off*

    I can't even go there. It could get ugly.

  5. I am speculating about the PR thing. just thinking out loud how the media machine might be working, that's all

  6. That was just an example, it wasn't the point. Since you're a liason fan, take their break up as another example, I don't care. The point was: if they listen to the fans this time and change their decision, they should do it every time or should have done it in the past too.

  7. Loved the lucky/lulu scenes.
    If that Brandon guy comes at Abby with a birthday cake I'm out!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I also started to think about becky firing maybe as PR stint.. they have to know Liz character has big fan base!! for me even when I am not her biggest fan,losing her sounds stupid!!

    About the episode not bad I have to say liked all..

    About Michael,it is taking time but maybe its real no??
    how can a man admit that he was raped???? I thought it was real how we saw him dealing w/it...

    We are getting to the point.. today scenes were a sign for that..
    Loved the Michael and Jason scenes as always!! Jason is always there more than anyone!!

    loved the Molly SHawn scenes I heard he works for the bulkan But damn I enjoyed him today..
    haley pullos was amazing today w/the Molly stuff.. she is amazing young actress

  10. Molly and Shawn: Oh good scene!!! :) Molly sweetie you don't have bi polar disorder! You have post tramatic stress disorder!! :) Oh no! Sean with the Balkin? I hope not Karen! :(

    Molly and Alexis: AWWW! Love the scene!!! :)

    Abby's ex and Jason: BAHAHHAAHA! Pointing a gun at Jason? Really?! ROFL! Do you not know who he is?!!?! Jason can eat you up and spit you out!!! ROFL!

  11. I'm sory I made you think that. I wasn't criticising her opinion, I was just saying what I thought about the possibility of the whole RH-firing was just a PR move. Anyway, please refrain from telling me what I think or what I should do. This is a free country where everybody is entitled to an opinion.

  12. Again, I am neither a Liason or a JaSam fan. I think Steve Burton is fabu with both ladies. I like L&L2 for nostalgia reasons, and was thrilled when JJ came back so they'd be back together

  13. Criticism noted...commented deleted!

  14. Karen, any more on those Genie Francis rumors?

  15. Sympathize with those against Liz's firing...just a terrible shock either way they play it.

    Loved Molly and Shawn! Serious acting on both parts, and neither Carley nor Alexis made a fool out of themselve...yay writers!

    OLTL note: Did anyone else see the instant chemistry between Blair and Tomas? Dang if my screen didn't fog up a bit! Saw him at Super Soap Weekend one year, and I was shocked he was as short as he is...but lemme tell you, that man has oomph in spades!

  16. I really like Sean/Shawn so far. He seems like a "comfortable" actor, it comes naturally to him. Some actors have that, some don't. I liked his scenes with Molly and Carly. I hope he doesn't turn out to be a bad guy, but this is GH, after all...

  17. I am worried they are going to either have Elizabeth go insane like Laura or kill off the character. Honestly I would prefer she just leave town with the kids. I was thinking about the money situation...she has been on a long time and also has 3 children (although we rarely see all 3 together) but letting her go and taking the kids with her would same them money. Am I right? Or do child actors really not make anything? I mean if they are pinching pennies then that has to be a chunk of change between the 4 of them?

    I am still so upset over this I have been watching GH for probably 25 years. I can't even bear to watch now. The show is not the same. Its all doom and gloom. No more of the original families. I am sorry to see Becky go. To be quite honest, I will not watch her exit as I feel it will be more of the character assassination that has been going on for years. However, I will follow her to wherever she lands....I hope it's primetime tv!

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