Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pondering Primetime --Wubber Style

I haven't written about primetime lately and just thought I'd pop in mid year and just dish! PLEASE join in if you watch any other TV besides soaps--ahahahha.

Hoarders on A&E..got more and more gross as the season went on, didn't it? GOOD LAWD!! I couldn't watch those poor chickens last week that were stuck in bins (and I think chickens are pretty stupid) and I couldn't watch the Rat Man this week!! If I want to watch animal hoarders,  I'll watch it on The Animal Channel, thank you.  :shudder:

Intervention: This show is still powerful but after so many years it's just too predictable.  Especially the whole "little kid photo background". What continues to stun me is the fact people who are basically wasted 24-7 can afford to do ANYTHING...but there they are. Sometimes I wish there was a "rehab" place for people who work hard, do the right things..and just need a damn break for awhile. LOL

Teen Mom...Pregnant...After Teen Mom... Done with this. It was novel in the first few seasons, now it just pisses me off. Especially all the mag covers the last crew got for being "teen moms".  Whatever... I like the message of  showing how hard  it is, but wonder if it's getting through. I would LOVE to see them do a Young Mom with tweens -- that's way more sheeze to deal with than infants. I usually want to smack the crap out of the guys in almost every situation too. 

Millionaire Matchhmaker: I am starting to think this show is way scripted and a lot of it is totally fake. Especially those weird-o "millionaires" that pop up.  "Stacey" taking a lie detector test? Uh..okay. I would have rather have seen Patti deal with her broken engagement than most of the episodes this season.

Modern Family: LOVE...love LOVE. The whole "You're living in a children's house"  was hysterical... great writing and tons o' fun

The Middle:  Oh, yes.  Please. More. Sue Heck? My new fave. Brick? Hilarious. :hilarious:

Celebrity Rehab:  Too short...the season moves at lightning speed-- I'm always surprised the depth of celeb's sorrows and lives before 'making it' (Ok, not all are 'celebs' but close enough). Jeremy London was especially interesting to watch.

Tabatha's Salon Take Over:  Still love it but it's pretty much the same formula every time. Tabby keeps it fun with her nasty-self though.

I haven't gotten into 'The Good Wife" yet, which I hear is fantastic-- I just have trouble committing to new drama shows since so many are yanked whenever the networks get tired of them.

 The Housewives of Atlanta and  Beverly Hills-- I can't believe it but I got sick of the Atlanta ladies pretty quickly.  I only saw a couple of BH eppies-- I so hate Camille that I could barely stand it. I will be watching the newest one where Kelsey dumped her. Who's  jealous now Cammy??!  I want the NJ or NYers to come back. I do love me some Bravo Andy aftershows though. He's hilarious.

Biggest Loser-- Same ol' Same ol' even with new trainers. Plus why is it still 2 hours?? zzzzzz. 

Jersey Shore-- Since it's back on just a little  comment: Sorry, I really find this show hysterical. I don't think it's anything but what it is: kids getting loaded and acting like fools. I also think it's the new model for the sitcom.  Those shows are heavily produced -- welcome to the new "Three's Company".

GEESH-- I guess I watch a lot of reality type TV, eh?? The Office and 30 Rock aren't doing it for me anymore, really. I find myself watching ION TV --Ghost Whisperer reruns, some Criminal Minds, Missing People or whatever it's called.  I.D. TV with billions of crime stories. I'm excited that Clean House is getting Cosby kid Tempest to host.
I've stopped watching Top Chef--it just got to be too  the same for me. I don't think I'll watch Project Runway either.

I do love The Soup, The Dish and Tosh.O--tosh is especially hilarious. Old Seinfeld's?? Awesome!! Still timely and funny even 20 years later.  (TWENTY YEARS!!?)

All the good stuff I hear about is on HBO, Showtime...channels I'm too cheap to get. Dang cable robbers. LOL. I really want to start seeing "Episodes" with my ol' friend Joey!! 

That's about it. Any suggestions? Don't tell me about SUVs (I do watch some...especially on reruns) or medical stuff. If I see one more ad for "Off The Map" I'm going to puke. Beautiful people roughing it in the jungle. Okay.


  1. Ghost Whisperer, absolutely love it, can watch it 3 times a day, its on the same time as GH and when Dante comes on or Lisa, I switch....Love JLH, love the people on that show, and the way she dresses is so fun....and I always cry a little when they go into the light.....

  2. You like reality? Try Discovery, History, Travel, and Learning Channels. Good brain food, but no brain power required, lol...sit back and enjoy. Oh, and if you like to see beautiful decor, try HGTV, and if you like food, try the Food Network...good stuff there too. And not a craze ball to be seen anywhere! hahahaha..love ya, kiddo!

  3. I totally agree with you about the 16/Teen Mom franchise. It was purposeful when it started but then became popular and MTV is not doing it for the hype. I still feel bad for the girls though.

    I LOVE Tosh.0 too funny.

  4. Leesy, I should have mentioned HGTV, which I watch a LOT "House Hunters" and all the "Sell House" stuff too. I watch Discovery and History. Should have mentioned all my obsession with BRIDAL/WEDDING shows. 4 Weddings is great on Friday TLC

  5. HOPE, JLH's clothes are amazing!! I cry a lot during that show. LOL. Just when she tears up. I didn't watch it when it was an 'primetime'---just since it moved to ION. It must have been on when I was watching something else.

  6. HAHAHAHA! HGTV IS ADDICTIVE! have bought and sold a hundred houses, and decorated a zillion rooms, lolol...Daughter, Lori, feels the same about Food Network too! hahaha...it's hopeless! but fun! HUGGERS!

  7. Love CHUCK, still one of the most fun shows on TV. Also, I'm a huge Vampire Diaries nerd LOL I didn't like it at first, but I watched all of season one on DVD and it got better and better as the season went on. And season 2 is even better. The girls on that show kick some serious ass (perhaps GH should take a clue instead of having all its women end up as damsels in distress for some big strong man to come and rescue). Love Fringe, the mythology is just brilliant, and the show is filmed like a movie. Glee is hokey at times, but I still enjoy it for the most part (although I think season 1 was better than season 2 thus far). Big Bang Theory is another fave. And of course all of the Wednesday night comedies on ABC. Other than that, most of what I watch is on HBO or Showtime (we pay for HBO but with Showtime, we mostly just watch Dexter on DVD when the seasons come out)

    I watch too much TV LOL

  8. Gee. My feeling about any reality show is that it is 90% phony. Plotted, scripted to a certain degree, coached, emotions programmed...just cannot abide them. From the beginning of their popularity, it seemed to be it was just the networks' cheap way of getting out of hiring professional writers and actors and building professional sets. They program in the drama and exploit the amateurs to perform it. Cheap cheap all the way and apparently for a big return. Like The Batchlor--that guy is so cheesy and shallow--trying now to follow 'guidelines', I mean how on earth can you legitmately fall in' love' on a TV show? And what kind of woman goes on a TV show to find a mate? The kind that are more interested in being on TV than in some shallow man? The whole premise is stupid. (I admit I have never watched a full episode and only catch bits of the promos and interviews.)

    I'd FAR rather watch Castle or The Mentalist, or House, or Bones, and best yet, Masterpiece Theatre. Now that was riveting this past Sunday! Love all that Upstairs/Downstairs British costume drama.
    And the channels Leesy mentioned seem far more legit than the 'reality' stuff.
    But, hey, to each his own. Lots of viewers love the shows I dislike. And I used to wonder and worry if my liking something automatically doomed it--Like Joan of Arcadia or Men in Trees. LOVED those shows and the networks killed them.

  9. Mad Men just needs to hurry up and come back on!!!!! For me, if I had to pick 5 fav shows:

    1. Mad Men!!!!

    2. Deadliest Catch-- ("Shut up and Fish!!") LOVE IT!!

    3. Hawaii 5-0---Alex M. is sooooo Y.U.MM.Y to watch and has great partner chemistry with Scott Caan, who is very reminiscent of his father!

    4. Blue Bloods---Tom Selleck and Danny Wahlburg, come on, so great!!

    5. Chuck--just makes me laugh without feeling stupid!

  10. What can you say about Jersey Shore??
    Nothing!! Just sit back and watch.

    There are 3 shows that I'm sad that will be drawing to an end this year.

    1) Friday Night Lights - such a well written show from the beginning to the very end. Sad, really, how this show never got a fair shake.

    2) GREEK - Just a good laugh riot centred around college.

    and lastly

    3) Rescue Me - Brilliantly written. Simply Amazing. Denis Leary is phenomenal. Perfect casting for each and every character.
    I have to say, the way Sopranos has been lauded as a great show, for me, Rescue Me is right up there.
    It can be childish, rude, insulting, but it's just so right on the money with comedic timing, drama, current events, etc. And, I do know some may find offense since it is centred around the aftermath of 9/11. But, give it a chance.

    Again, very sad to see these shows coming to an end.

    Take a gander, I think you'll be pleasantly be surprised.

  11. Mad Men, Friday Night Lights, and Vampire Diaries

  12. Very worthwhile piece of writing, thank you for the post.


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