Thursday, January 13, 2011

An Old GH Face Goes to AMC

Real Andrews is returning to Daytime TV!! He'll be playing Agent Trumble on AMC...I'm so happy for him. I've missed him on GH (it's been a long time since he left).

Heard Tony Geary's back taping at GH this week. He had a nice vacation, didn't he? LOL! He's sending Maxie some diamonds for a "photo shoot" ahead of his arrival. Smuggling is more like it.

Not even Spinelli really trusts Siobhan!! Siobhan gets a photo from The Balkan with her sister duct-taped up. The Balkan tells  her to be at the wedding so she can help him have "revenge on Brenda".  I can see it now, Siobhan can redeem herself by helping to thwart the plan!!

Dante tells Michael that his Mama still does his laundry and it's "piled up"  since she's been in the hospital!! Then in walks Abby in handcuffs-- and Ronnie asks Michael if he used protection. Heh. Dante thinks Ronnie did

Diane prepared a pre-nup for Sonny to give to Brenda. Oh, he was really happy about that!! It actually gave him time to once again angst over all the people that are hurt because of him.  Good Lord....zzzzzzzzzzz.  

You can see Carly hauling off and Smacking the sheeze out of Brenda someday. You can just smell it. Heh... 

Abby is being WAY too much the "oh, I really really think Michael is so cool".... and how obvious was it that Carly set her up? LOL 

Mayan was on today for their fans!! 


  1. Yeah, all 4 of you mayan fans should be happy ; )

  2. Samantha, why be so rude? Seriously.

    As a Mayan fan, I loooved today. I'm sure this won't be the end of Ethan's cockamamie plans to "not hurt Maya" (AKA himself), but it was really sweet and lovely.

  3. Why would Luke smuggle diamonds and send them to Maxie? HUH?! And I am a Mayan fan but why bother going downstairs if you are not going to tell Maya the truth Ethan?!

  4. Oh L, I think Samantha was teasing i.e. the "wink" lighten up girlfriend!
    I don't find them interesting either but Ethan and kristina light up the screen for me. Not sure if they will still go down that road or not.

  5. Terrell is annoying...

    Robin: "How's your patient?"
    Terrell: "It's a sad case. 7 year old with Grave's Disease..."

    As somebody that has Grave's Disease they're making it sound like it's a horrible thing to have. Like there'd be no hope for the kid. Well it's VERY treatable. :P

    The kid would have 3 choices to do:

    1: Take medication the rest of his life

    2: Take chemo pills for a short time (those things are HUGE!)

    3: Have his thryroid removed.

    I mean come on. Didn't even mention the symptoms the kid has so people would know about the disorder. No it was just "Oh nose!! A kid has Grave's!"...and then later on Robin (or was it Patrick?) mentioned briefly that it had something to do with the Thyroid.

    Why on earth would Robin even be INVOLVED??? Her experimental drugs have NOTHING to do with Grave's! Just have the kid take Thyroid meds and move on! Yeesh!

    Robin probably feels like she should be involved since Grave's is an autoimmune disorder and oh gee...she also has an entirely different autoimmune disorder... :P

  6. @Dierna, I'm thinking the writers saw the word Grave in the disease's name and decided it was the perfect thing to give a kid to make Terrell look sympathetic.

  7. There seem to be a ton of Ethan and Kristina fans around. I can't see TPTB not doing them at some point, maybe by the end of this year or maybe next year, if GH is still on the air! lol

  8. Sibs can redeem herself by explain why even though she's been workign for The BAlKAN for a while now she can't recognize his voice when he's not disgusing it in any way shape or form. I can buy she's never seen his face but at this point she's had SEVERAL conversations with him and SHE STILL CAN'T TELL IT'S THEO? It's not like Theo speaks in an actor generic way. If they could at least DIRECT her to act like she recognizes the voice and is pretending to not know who he is I could deal with this. But she's coming off as a moron when she's CALLING HIM ON HER CELL (what? is he listed as Balkan, The?) and can't connect it's the lawyer she's takling to! GAH!

  9. I think the reason Siobhan doesn't recognize the Balkan when he talks is the fact that when he's the "lawyer", he speakes with a refined,almost British, accent. And when she talks to him in the confessional, he has a Brooklyn type "Godfather" accent. When she speaks to him on the phone, I'm not sure which accent he uses (Guza said the actor was a master of accents so maybe he uses one of them?) I find myself ffwding a lot. A lot of men have similar sounding voices, but the accent is what we recognize. Sometimes we only see or hear what we expect to see or hear. Did we know he had her sister hostage? maybe I missed that part.

  10. Dierna thank you for educating us! I never heard of graves disease before and had no idea what it is. And about the three choices, which choice do you do?

  11. Theo's voice is very distinctive--VERY. It's the timber, the depth of it and he is an actor who spaces words in a distinctive way. So I've been wondering just what the above Anon has been wondering. Wouldn't she have caught on by now???

    And didn't Lucky speak to her sister only a week or so ago and that was how he found out he'd been lied to.
    She seemed fine then. is all most contradictive and silly....

  12. Dierna my daughter has Graves disese she had hers burnt out as she says with radioactive meds she couldn't even be around her chilren or the elderly for 4 days.She takes meds now and will the rest of her life.Sorry to hear you had it.

  13. Oh of course the people who don't find Mayan "interesting" want an Ethina pairing. RME.

    Mayan has a large fanbase as well, I dont know why people refuse to see that.

  14. I am so bored watching GH this week.....Balkan and Siobhan are boring! Now she's on contract so I guess she's not going away. Could they pair her with someone else?

  15. Actually, Brenda should be the one to smack the crap out of Carly.

  16. Oh, der, I actually did not realize that Carly was the one who set Abby up, am I dense, or what?

    As for the Balkan, his 2 accents make him sound very different, at least I think so (but, as noted above, sometimes I'm very dense . . .)

    Re Graves disease, I had it in 1996, and didn't like or believe what the doctors said about it (most push RAI, which destroys the thyroid for life). So, I saw an endo and did get put on meds (otherwise Graves can be fatal due to heart and other issues), which worked beautifully and had NO side effects, then I researched alternative methods of cure.

    After several months of accupuncture, as well as changes in supplements and diet, I was able to wean off of the drugs, and have been fine ever since.

    I don't trust Western medicine at all (odd, I know, since my favorite all-time show is GH), and only use it as needed. I never listen to the doctors, however, as a more holistic, alternative approach, which treats the CAUSE of the disorder, instead of just the symptoms, almost always makes more sense.

  17. Further evidence of me seeming to be dense (at least this week): I thought that the tied up person the Balkan showed to Siobhan was Sam. Did anyone else think that?

  18. Thanks for the headups! I adore Maya and Ethan they heave a natural chemistry and they are sexy as hell! Ethan has fast become my favorite male on the show he's hot, cool, crazy and sexy and Maya fits him well! She's a sexy beautiful woman and they complete each other well and they do have a strong and growing fanbase check out youtube! Their scenes were the highlite of the week love Johnny as well! Its unbelievable that a young sex driven guy would be interersted in whiny, woe is me, Kristina who with makeup and all looks ten!

  19. May be officially done with GH - just read that Liz USES AIDEN to get the best of Brook Lynn - NO WAY the LIZ I know and love would use her child!!

  20. I must need glasses or worse yet be blind cause I see no chemistry with Ethan and Maya. But to each his own. See no reason to bash the actress portraying Kristina however, geesh. Chill out

    I would rather see Liz use the kids to get to Lucky or Jason versus Nik. Seriously Guza, no one cared anout Nik & Liz before and we just wanted it over. Why go there again?

  21. Wow. Speaking of whiny ten-year-olds...some people can't deal with observations or differing opinions and go totally OTT. I'm a Matt and Maxie fan, but I'm not going to come to a blog and have a hissy fit and go on the attack if other people don't like them. And sorry, but as an objective observer, I see lots of people rooting for an Ethan and Kristina pairing, too. Nothing wrong with it, okay? Xanax? lol

  22. I was given the choice of the radioactive pills or take meds the rest of my life. I chose to take meds rest of my life. I have an aunt with it too. While my grandmother and mom just have regular thyroid disorder. So's a genetic disorder in my family. Wee...

    I just wish they had gone into detail about how the kid was diagnosed. Was his hair falling out? Were his eyes bulging out of the sockets? Was he just tired all the time for no reason?

    At least in House they've kinda explained it. Mostly cuz they constantly check for it. "Well he didn't have Grave's disease..." *lol*

  23. Who wants to be with a beady-eyed ten year old crybaby! Especially someone hot like Ethan!

  24. Well, I don't really think it will work.

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