Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Surgery: General Hospital Call Button

HEY!  All soapy fans to go to OPRAH's site and fill out a form for the "biggest soap fan". Hell, I know I could send a whole LOT OF YOU over that way! LOL Hit the link and get the info. Thing is..will it be a nice show about soaps or one of those "look at these insane fans" shows?? Hopefully a mixture of both. 

How was your week? This week of GH was pretty forgettable for me. Same ol' Same ol'. I know Brenda wasn't on until Friday... she and Carly did have another nice snark attack on each other. Michael saw Abby being attacked.  *sigh* I realize it's the "catalyst" to his break through but silly me, I really thought it could have happened while the poor kid was in therapy, not while his new gal pal was almost getting raped. Either way, Mon/Tues promise to be big for the acting chops of Chad Duell to be displayed. 

On the other hand,  I do have to plug OLTL again because it's just doing  all those things a soap should do. Using history, vets and giant cast moments to  tell exciting stories. Note how they have two similar stories going on a day and they cut to the scenes while each of the other are talking. Rex/Dorian cutting to Aubrey and Clint.  Shane is being bullied online.  (about his asthma no less). Babies are still switched and we really don't know which one is which one's baby daddy!! A cute scene over scene about the baby names, with both girlies saying the same one.  Priceless. 

If only GH could quit the block taping and endless insertions of characters  while at the same time pulling them back. Case in point: Claire. We don't see her for weeks, she's on with Sonny for 2 days, now she's off again. You'd think they'd have her in the office talking to Theo or Alexis or Diane about things. Nah...why bother? I know "Suzanne" is at the wedding because of AB's tweets, but again, she's been off canvas so long we lose interest. Mayan is on, off, off on. Same with Olivia and Steve. One scene with her eating a grilled cheese sandwich isn't doing it. (they cut a bunch of scenes of her recovering in the hospital, btw).  You know I can go on and on. I still don't know how the hell they are going to "sell" Matt and Maxie when they are on so infrequently  *Sigh* But hey! Tony Geary's back from his giant vacation soon--whoo hoo. :sarcasm: 

The hooplah over Rebecca Herbt's firing isn't dying-- it's still chugging away.  After SOD announced her exit was "open-ended" there's been hope. False hope? Who knows. At least it's not a huge "dying of a tumor' story. There are persistent rumors that Jake is going to die however, and she'll feel responsible, ending up at sister Sarah's to distance herself from Port Charles.  This is only in the "pupa" rumor stage however, a little egg put on Soap Zone, ready to hatch. (like that?! heh). 
Here's a nice You Tube video a fan made about her exit. It's got a nice message...

Looks like Sonny and  Brenda do exchange vows...there have been a lot of  tweets revolving around the reception. (see photos below in blog)  That's great news for the SnB fans..although you know the entire wedding can't be drama free!! NINE days of taping. Good Lord, it's going to last FOREVER on our screens. 
BTW, if you want to buy Brenda's multiple engagement rings, go to Soap Jewelry, they've got them all!

FRANCO NEWS: In a Leonard Maltin interview he said he'll  direct GH eppies and there's a second MOCA shoot.  "Post-Modern Art"...okay...I hope they let the fans come to the MOCA again!!  Franco won Best Actor at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. 

Thank you to everyone for hitting sponsors when you go to the Wubs Net site and on here. We were able to donate to Port Charles Wishing Well again yesterday. They are almost at their goal of $6000! Isnt' that awesome?  Last day to donate, hit the link. You can also go in and sign EACH "baby book" for JJ, Becky,  Derk and Dom.


  1. I think my favorite scene friday was 'John changing the diaper' it really was so (let me say it)cute!!!!

  2. Loved Friday with Brenda finally getting the upper hand on Carly. That's the Brenda I love!

    And the reason Claire isn't on is because she's no one. SHe has no other story than to stand around looking at Sonny and dreaming about another woman's man. A man she dated a few times. She has no ties, no life, no friends, no nothing. What's surprising is she is still on the show.

  3. I get WHY claire isn't on, but why keep her around to throw in now and then?? That's what infuriates me..just like Dr.Matt!!

  4. It was cute when both girls chose ASA as the baby name on OLTL, but It was a little too cute. We already got both of them giving birth at the same time, saying the same thing about their baby boys at the same time, the fathers holding their babies at the same time, and neither came up with a baby name until the day of the baptism. That was just a little too much for me. Still adorable and I am so glad that OLTL is going strong, because I will need a pick me up when I am done watching GH (Becky's exit). I don't even care if they kill off Jake now, because I have already decided to leave once Becky does.

  5. I won't be watching the Franco episodes. I find this character so repugnant and repulsive that I hate those in charge of the show for creating him. Franco is NOT the sort of entertainment I search for on my soap.

  6. Really hope the info is correct and they don't kill off Liz. Almost makes you think they learned their lesson with Georgie and Emily. Almost.

    I always enjoy your Sunday Surgeries, Karen.

  7. Is it just me or does Annie's head look way too big for her body in this pic? I like her hair curly so much better!

  8. YES! Annie's heazd looks big, must be just a bad angle.

    Can't wait for Carly to fall on her face after all of this crap she has pulled.

  9. So they will kill Jake off so jaspam can have a baby . If they do that even if Beckybcomes back I won't return

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