Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Soap Opera News around the Net!!

Some soapy-interest around the net!

First up is James Franco making the cover (first panel!!) of Vanity Fair's Hollywood Issue!!
Huge honor, that one.  Of course, he's looking dapper next to Anne Hathaway. He'll be on GH Feb. 24th and 28th, btw. This is before his longer stint later in the spring/summer. 

Bree Williamson, (Jessica/OLTL) tells People about her Postpartum Depression. 
After she had her son,  McGreggor Edward, she experienced severe crying jags and mood swings.
“I was so shocked [about the postpartum depression],” the One Life to Live Star, tells Parent Dish. Her son got his name from  Bree's mother's maiden name, btw.  Hopefully she didn't use that as an answer to any password questions for security!! 

Over on Daytime Confidential there's news that Charles Pratt's "The Lying Game"  wasn't picked up by ABC Family. This was a vehicle for Tyler Christopher, btw...and I bet he's not too happy. 

Carolyn Hennesy tweeted her character, Diane will be  getting some new threads from wardrobe. She's off for a fitting today. Other actors are still filming that wedding. LOL...they have to be tired by now!! 

Speaking of THE Wedding, there's a fun "Wedding Countdown" Page for you SnB fans out there. Go to the Sonny and Brenda Forum for photos, links and clips.  

Lastly, read Soaps.com interview with Karen  Harris, former writer at GH. Some of her stories are still airing but she left in December. Very interesting stuff. She address my big bug a boo...BLOCK TAPING:
It's the necessities of production, I guess. It started as a necessity of production and they liked having that schedule of knowing it's coming in every five days and that way they could pre-tape stuff and post-tape stuff and rearrange their schedules. Basically, it just serves production, in my opinion, with not a lot of thought about the consequences on the scripts themselves. So, you know, we all do the best we can and we did pretty good work regardless, but it's not conducive to creativity. 

There it is folks...block taping screws with creativity. OLTL doesn't block tape have the stuff GH does and neither does AMC. You can tell- watch the sets and even the hairlines of actors.  LOL. It also makes it so that characters are stuck 2-3 in a room over a period of days. 

That's about it for today...See you around 3ish! 


  1. Meh...don't care about any of those. Some of thos dresses are pretty trashy. So happy to see Robert Duvall in that pic! LOVE him!

  2. I am sooooooooooooo sick of Carly,I just can`t stand her logic makes me want to reach through the screen and beat the crap out of her.Lolo is getting on my last nerve 2

  3. meant to say loco lulu lol

  4. Lemme guess, the stupid thing Sonny does when brenda is assumed dead is he sleeps with carly or worse yet, Claire. If it's the ladder, enter baby story now.

  5. I'm confused. What does block taping mean?

  6. Sonya, block taping is when actors come in for say, 5 "days" of shoots. So they shoot a couple of weeks worth of stuff in a few days. That makes it so the characters don't move around much,the pacing is slower and you only have a few to a scene. Very few "cast" scenes.



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