Thursday, February 24, 2011


He's back tomorrow!! And OSCARS on Sunday!! It's out very own FRANCO!! I think we can take credit for his huge success this last year, no?? 

Loved Wendy Malick on AMC today--I was a HUGE "Just Shoot Me Fan"!! She's a comic genius. I love her even more knowing she lives on a farm and loves animals. heh..she and Susan Lucci? Priceless. Having her be the 'cleaning lady'? ahahahaa. NICE. Susan Lucci was on Hot In Cleveland last evening. Nice Crossovers!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: SO, Carly said "The food is Great"..what FOOD? I saw AIR, not even a damn fork!! LOL....Edward and Molly were cute dancing.

Stupid shoot out scene with the "rocks" and "Snow" ahahhahha. 

Robin's speech was nice. She compared SnB to "Lady and the Tramp"!! The kid's toasts were so cute and they acted just like kids!! loved that!! 

OH MY GOD, Carly finds Shawn stuck in the snow after just being at the wedding 8 seconds earlier!!!!!!  I don't know who edits at that damn place but it's been HORRIBLE this entire wedding. That was just plain BAD. Did you like "Sharley"?? Carly/Shawn??
Jason didn't know Shawn was shot? 

Luke to Alexis: Take your Tah-Tahs in the Toss Line!!! ahahah best part of the whole wedding!! That fun between Alexis/Olivia was probably all improvised.  NLG said some stuff was in her tweets. 
Luke and likey!! He gave her his number in case it "didn't work out"!! 


and BOOM!! They had way enough time to switch bodies -- 

I need a mint. C U!


  1. Did you catch the part where Tracy said she had to take Edward home and FEED him! NO FOOD! LOL!

  2. Boy dd that episode drag on forever or what/

  3. one thing i noticed and wondered.

    carly had shawn in her house. he needed medical attention. she could have called someone she new personally who had medical experience to come over and help her.

    HER MOTHER!?!?!

    Is Bobbie even still alive on this show?

  4. I didn't hear Tracy say that!!
    And Bobbie..seriously? boo

  5. Not only no food, but NO STAFF. Robin ran the whole show! They couldn't spring for an extra to play a waiter for 20 seconds? It was so bad. And yes anonymous- that episode dragged badly. I looked at the clock expecting it to be about 3:45 and it wasn't even 3:20!

  6. I thought the wedding planner was supposed to be at the wedding? isn't that what they get paid to do? must be robin booted her so she could control the entire thing!

  7. Shawn was shot in the Pine Barrens (Southern NJ). Carly found him and brought him back to her house. That means Carly left the reception in Port Charles (Upstate NY) and went home via the Pine Barrens. Should we chip in and buy her a GPS?

  8. Karen, I promise you'll love this. Franco + kitties!

  9. I went to college in the Pine Barrens of NJ! (Stockton State College). It's 10 miles outside of Atlantic City.

    Remember Atlantic City? Where Frisco and Felicia were on the run back when they used to do LOCATION shoots?

    Anyone remember location shoots?


  10. I saw ONE waiter holding drinks on a tray.

  11. I saw ONE waiter too...the worst part of the whole thing was when they told Abby and Michael to sit down and eat some food because it was DELICIOUS.
    Really. we couldn't see there was no food!
    And Carole should have been there when Brenda was dressing..running around, freaking out. It made no sense.
    Diane showing up at the office, fully dressed, then disappearing? WTF? And how was Milo gone that long?
    This isn't picky stuff, btw,,this is pretty big stuff!!

    Carly finding Shawn was STUPID.


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