Thursday, February 17, 2011

General Hospital Pre-Wedding Jitters!

Today's the day of preparations!! Loved Carole going "Rut-Ro" about Brenda's jitters. Heh. Loved Edward giving Brenda Lila's hankie!!

                                                              Fave scene yesterday!

I think Carly and TG look like they could be related!! Don't they?? 

Max/Milo...I love them, they are not on enough. Sonny tells them "She might even try to knock you out" referring to Carly. 

More Spin B&W shennanigans. Random. Carly went all over town today

Kristina was all flirty with Ethan--it's starting!! The chem test is starting. I LOVED MOLLY'S PURSE!! I want it.

Today's show was so mixed up-- people dressed for the wedding and others standing around like it's the day before. Alexis runs in to get files for "a meeting"--- it just made no sense. LOL I guess they just stuck stuff in there. I swear Molly already told  Shawn that Sonny was marrying "Brenda Barrett" LIKE JUST YESTERDAY--  it was so weird. Today was like they took a bunch of stuff, threw it in a bag and then taped.  

Guess what...bad news. I will not be here live blogging or tweeting tomorrow!! Can you believe it? Can't be helped! I will watch/tweet/blog when I get back though, later in the evening. I'll leave a comment post so you guys can dish and let me know how the wedding went!!


  1. The Ethan/Kristina stuff. I can't. So ridiculous and disrespectful. Not even a MENTION of Maya. Why???

  2. I'm with you on the respect issue but I've been wanting an Ethan/Krissy hookup since I learned Lexi was legal.

  3. I take it Brenda's almost-baby is going to be Dante's? I hate that idea! I really wish the writers would've stuck to the original rumor of it being the Balkan's son. Oh well. On a different note, I still enjoy hearing things from your point of view, kdmask!

  4. No, I don't think the baby is Dante's at all!! I think it was Alexanders...

  5. Years ago there was an illustrated map of Port Charles that spelled out where each business or residence was so that we can have an idea of where everything was in relation to each other. Does anyone remember this? I believe the "Outback" was on there, thats how old it was. Has there ever been an update?


    Luke seems really concerned about Kelly's Diner. Since it is a family owned business, shouldn't Bobbie be helping out?

  6. Poor John on One Life really had a bad day, his wedding, the baby news, he got beat up and then had to be rescued by a girl!!!

  7. I love Ethan and Kristina. That is all. <3

  8. Here are the links to Port Charles Maps:

  9. What was that tutu thing Brenda was wearing at the beginning of today's episode? It made me laugh :)

    Looove Luke and "Caroline". I'm annoyed to bits about Carly's obsession with S&B&D, but could watch her spar and scheme with Uncle Luke all day long.

    Robin looked gorgeous today.

  10. Those maps are kewl!

    I was tee heeing about the tutu skirt, myself. How old is she again? lol I'm just glad she's been emoting and showing some spirit lately instead of Zombie Brenda we were getting for a while. She lives!!! It's like somebody gave her a can of Red Bull or something. I'm liking Spunky Brenda more.

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  12. Watched the scenes, Ethan seemed to have just wanted out of working at Kelly's. And Luke was quick to pick up on K's reaction.

    I don't think this is Ethina, as Lexi tweeted it's not what everyone is imagining, and she filmed scenes with Annie and Nathan.

  13. Thanks for sharing your interpretation, but a lot of us are just happy to see Ethan and Kristina on the screen together again, we don't care what anyone thinks or says. They'll happen eventually, they're clearly building the foundation. I will not be discouraged, I can't wait, I fluv them.


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