Tuesday, February 15, 2011

GH Character Tweets!!

GH character Tweets

I can see your tweets & I'm takin' names! #loyaltyfirst

@MollyLoveSonnets  grrrrrrrls txxxt me for luv poems i will customize 4 ur BFs!

@candyabby 4 sale-- 2 gstrings and psyche textbook #craigslist

@IrishLass33 bin gone 2 der blarney state...seaside nows I am eatin' pertaters

@Conan at damn #cratebarrel again getting more barware!

@TheDrake anyone up for a beer? anyone besides a cray-cray blonde?

@MorGanXbox help mom/dad left me at chuckiechze last tuesday need ride home

@CarolineCarly heard @BBBarrett is bulimic she shld be on @DrDrew show #callmefordeets

@MiloCashMan Mom likes me best @StudMax

@StudMax  @MiloCashMan ur a douche! 

@ScorpioPD all wrong arrest lawsuits are going to city hall tomrrow don't call PCPD

@DrLisa garage sale at 6am at RobinScorpios.Early birds welcome. don't knock, just go in

@LegalKnowHow  Zappos.com is my muse!

@QueenLiz calling all baby daddies Cam's Playstation2 is on the fritz again! #singlemomburnout

@IamnotBalkan  you can't C this tweet 

@TracyDiva at PCPD SMH Daddy needs a Droid.  My husband sux

fundraiser with BBarrett, photos, tshirts, Africa masks...Metro Court 3/4/11 #bringwallet

@NatashaDavis  anyone seen my paperbag? #anxietyattack #watchingTeenMom2

@LimoDriver5566 honey,have a great job for big client coming up! buy that bracelet u want what can go wrong?

@SongbirdBrooke hey @kimkardashian sure I'll model for #dash can I bring Nik?

@Luke F88k this twitter sh*t

@MikeCorinthosJR hey @candyabby don't sell gstrings!

@XtinaDavis  xxooo #ethan looks so hotttt toddayyyyyy

@PrinceCass 4square.location #agwaymthope getting Sheba food. Alfred sick

@ThefaceBarrett am totally freeking out: no sleeves on wedding dress. #needtripod

@SAmmImcCall just barfed in Kellys...don't go in 2nd stall

@IloveJasonMorgan who has sum spraypnt and can meet me at docks? midnight #jasonishot

@JonnyZ  PC young ladies: piano lessons every monday 

@PirateEthan  @HotTopic lookin for a new wallet chain. Gettin Blink182 shirt. Sweet

@MaxamistaX sale at #forever21! See u there bitches!

@JasperAussie brender getting married. :sobbing: send kleenex/fosters

@LivFalconeri you can find my ziti recipe on my blog www.oliviacooks.wordpress.com

@TheJackalPI  splendiferous greetings got orange nehi?

@JMorgan  blink 

@MattMatt can't find working orders for today or tomorrow. or...ever

@LeslieLulu  at Crimson don't know how to work copier #needanothervacation

@CrimsonBoss don't try @LivFalconeri ziti recipe, it sux...

@DFItalianStallion new bling!! check it out Guido 

@EPifff Imma ready to wring some damn necks at #nursesstation today!

@DrQMonica been at the spa 6mnths do I have job at #GH? call me @WebberSteve

@WebberSteve: @DrQMonica don't call us, we'll call u


  1. OMG. I can't laugh hard enough at these tweets!

  2. That is HYSTERICAL!! My favorite was the "blink!"

  3. just made my night. thank you so much!

  4. I am sick of Lexi tweets I don't care what Guza plans are. No strong man in his right mind would want plain Krissy who has the body of a ten year old. Maya on the other hand stops traffic just visualizing Maya in a pic with Krissy is laughable, Ethan than have the brat please put Maya with a hot man like Shawn or Johnny . Maya a stunner and Ethan and Kristina yuck. Sexual chemistry hell no!

  5. Krissy is not beautiful, please her fans need to get a clue!


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