Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ground Hog Day: Perfect Reflection on GH

Things happen over and over on this show so much, we might as well sell it to Bill Murray. Just watching CarJax yesterday reminded me how far we've NOT come. *sigh*

Speaking of Re-do after Re-do Here's SID's new cover. IT WILL CHANGE PORT CHARLES FOREVER! You have no clue how much I hate that damn line!! LOL. It's either that or "Tear it apart" "Nothing will  ever be the same"!! OY!

CSI:NY invaded by GHers! 
I am pointing out the mag for an article the have on Megan Ward appearing on CSI: NY  Feb. 18th as an attorney. Adrienne Barbeau will be on CSI:NY  show Feb. 11th in an episode called "Smooth Criminal".

One Life To Live is marvy!! Today's show had all cast members on (for the most part)--fun Hen Night, Bach night, Vicky, Dorian and Echo. (which could be Bobbie,  Monica and Leslie on GH if it had half a brain!!) It was delicious!!  AND FUN!! All the men strippin'! woot!! Todd's face was priceless. love this show.

GENERAL HOSPITAL today:  Siobhan needs some audio discrimination if she can't tell who the Balkan is by now. Geesh!! 

Didn't Michael see that whole Attack On Abby? I could he think she was raped?? I'm confused. I guess he was going back to the prison in his mind and didn't realize what was going on.

Suzanne talked about the Africa visit and she went to the town "where the you lost the baby"... geesh, that sure came up quick. Brenda just seemed tired in those scenes. Like, whatever. Vanny did her nails!!

Carly was sure the eavesdropper on Mabby, eh? And she apologized! WOW...Then she goes to Jason's and she and Brenda had to argue again. zzzzzzzzzz. Carly pulls out the truth card.

Shawn and Molly on a bench in the snow-- why not in Kelly's!! I don't get it.. LOL  it's FREEZIN OUT!!

Brooke and Nikolas have the most boring story EVER. They are either eating (so TC can 'chomp') or standing in the den of Wyndemere. zzzzzzzzzz

Michael told everyone today! Geesh..Abby, Dante...Dante looked stunned. I wish he'd told  Sonny first or something. It's losing steam now. Dante had this weird GLOWING flash-back! wow. LOL. That was really strange filtering there. Dante hate was blowing up all over twitter this afternoon!!  geesh!! "It's like you were there watching"says Carly, holding a gun on Dante. woooo

Heard Dr. Monica being paged.  I sure hope she shows up sometime in 2011. Maybe soon?


  1. Last week I heard Bobbie's name over the intercom at the hospital, and I haven't seen her yet. Next will be Gram!!

  2. they sure know how to blow a good storyline...Micheal telling everyone now is just ridiculous...but then again so are SO MANY things on GH these days!

  3. I hear Dr Kyle the gay dr. from Port Charles, being paged all the time. But never see him.

  4. Michael. I get it. You've told Jason and feel good getting it out in the open. Stop telling the entire city...

  5. I didn't felt anything today about Michael's rape!!
    Chad was amazing as always but hearing it for three time its not giving much impact...

    he was raped fine now lest get him healing.and not hear it all the time..

  6. Can they please page Nurse Amy Vining? I realize Shell is deceased, but they never said anything about her character. And Nurse Anne Logan? Anyone think she is still a virgin? I think she went away for a summer vacation and never came back? Maybe once - just once - they can page Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard and Dr. Fine...

  7. I hate that line to! it will chance Port Charles forever! I love OLTL right now with the vets! I wish they make that soap longer! the write rocks!

  8. I wondered why Michael wouldn't know what happened too. Even Abby seemed to be wondering why he asked. Michael did tell Dante it was all a blur, so maybe all he remembers is his flashback and rage. I also thought maybe he was asking if Brandon had in the past.

    The judge sentenced Michael to jail mostly out of disgust for the perjury in his courtroom. In her arrogance, Carly lied twice on the stand, when he expressly gave her the chance to retract. She would have gone to jail, IRL. So Michael being in jail is as much her fault as anyone. It drives me nuts when characters don't comeback with truth we have seen on screen, like this. Let both sides speak up. I know Dante is feeling guilty, but it's always one sided. It gets so tiring that Carly never grows. If anything she is going backward. I like Carly and understand her defense is blaming everyone else (except Jason), but it's time she is called on her behavior, even if she does not change yet. Everyone pacifies her, except Brenda. Jax can't help a friend, but she can do anything for Jason or even cheat on him twice with Sonny and it is just something he's supposed to accept as "just her way"? I really HOPE Carly's line to Brenda yesterday "sometimes the truth comes back to bite you" is a foreshadowing of Carly's schemes finally boomeranging on her. It will make her more human, plus I think Laura could do a great job with it. She must be tired of the same story over and over too. Groundhog Day is over, let's see something new!

  9. Is that a mole or a pimple abopve the irish lad's eyebrow?



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