Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wedding Wednesday Whootin'

  I think Jax looks like he's texting back there! LOL

I won't be here tomorrow, so let's make this a good one!! I should be here Friday--for the BOOM! 

Tyler Christopher (@Tyler2929)  tweeted this today:
Come on guys. Neither Kelly or I said anything about what is coming up on gh. Please stop saying we did because we didn't.
The only rumors that came up were from a few of u and not confirmed from us in any way.OMG--wow.... I guess he was sick  of people saying stuff about the event! I tell you one thing, fans need to keep a lid on stuff or stars won't DO EVENTS ANYMORE! lol  ESPECIALLY if they read things into what they say and start rumors! 

A Nancy Lee Grahn event to check out!  

GENERAL HOSPITAL:  Loved Brenda and Sonny walking back down the aisle.

Olivia said Brenda took advantage of Dante!! LOL... It was weird how people just talked about stuff in spits and spurts. 
Brenda told Brooke to text Lois photos. Uh, last I looked, Rena Sofer wasn't doing anything, she could have come on just for this!!  
Spinelli was fun doing his quotes...
They are so getting into Kristina and Ethan or what!!? AH, I remember the '70's when a girl was over 16, nothing was off limits.  LOL
Liked seeing Scrubs. They talked about their own wedding. 

Carly and Sonny, interesting. Carly was just a personality change today. Her sarcasm was over-wrought. 

The reception was very empty, btw... there were so many people missing and I didn't see any extras?! Hmmmm. Very boring for a reception, I do hope they have music or food soon. Geesh. Finally they got their dance.  Everyone dancing was nice Still, over all,   zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Where did Diane go yesterday? She was in the office, then..poof!! Weird. 

Lulu smack down of Dante! I guess she's mad he lied to  her?   

SIDE NOTE: Sam's shoes were FEROCIOUS! 

My Twitter feed messed up doesn't like me. I even tried not to tweet so much! LOL 

Steve Burton said this on the GH Chat today: Dante's mom looks about two years older than him. How does that work?


  1. Not to sound naive, but when Brenda and Dante admitted to an affair all those years ago, they were admitting that they slept together, right? And that was why Lulu was so pissy?? For some reason, I was under the assumption that there were feelings but neither one acted on it.

  2. Yes Karen it DOES look like Jax is texting! ROFL! Maybe the actor was texting ROFL! Well Dante did tell Lulu to hit him! That was one hell of a hit! OUCH! When I read she was going to hit him, I thought it was just going to be a slap. Anonymous Brenda and Dante never slept together.

  3. Karen: I was reading the rumor board and it said the Jax's sister storyline has been dropped... any chance you can tell us now who they were thinking about making his sister? :)

  4. No, Dante said they DIDN'T have an affair. Brenda said that to protect the "Balkan son" thing. It was really confusion. But they never slept together. I think Dante was "in love" with Brenda back then. Had a crush, whatever

    His sister was supposed to be: ABBY!!

  5. It seemed like Kristina assuming Ethan isnt in love with Maya and then when they didnt show his reaction means she will run with this and be proven wrong.

    I dont see them setting up for them at all, rather using Kristina to show how Ethan and Maya really feel.

  6. ABBY? Really? Hmmm.

    That would mean that a NEW character would have some sort of family connection with someone already on the canvas.

    The writers would NEVER do that!

    (ha ha)

  7. I don't really care. I love Ethan and Kristina together, no matter what happens, as long as they're on my screen together. Clearly, Kristina and Ethan are happening eventually and I'm excited about the future. I want to see what happens with them. My heart about beat out of my chest when he took her hand to dance today. LOVE. More, please.

    Karen, that was totally confusing about the Dante/Brenda thing. I thought at first they said they did have an affair, then they didn't? And how was Dante pretending to the father protecting Brenda's son? Wouldn't they have known the Balkan would have found out about his grandchild somehow (as he did?). The mind reels.

    Jax is totally texting there - ha! He was probably telling people to watch him, as this might be one of the few times anyone will see him! Gah! I love me some Jax, I want to see more of him...

  8. Abby? Really Karen? Cool. :) Abby Jax! :) To bad it's dropped. :( Why has it been dropped?

  9. I KNEW it! I KNEW they were going to have Abby be his sister! Bwa ha ha!

  10. Don't know why it was dropped. Probably a combination of stuff. Lady Jane was on for like 30 seconds then gone. LOL

  11. Sonny shoots his son,who is a cop and didn't get arrested. Now lulu hits Dante and of course doesn't get arrested. If that were a man hitting a woman, he would be in jail real fast.

  12. olivia said carly (stepmom) was taking advantage of dante

  13. Yeah Karen Lady Jane was there and then gone real quick! :) And with different type of hair! ROFL!

  14. Lulu went POW RIGHT IN THE KISSER!
    Hey Dante asked for it, litrally he told her to. Watch what you say Big D!

  15. Are they logging the fan/star chats anywhere? I keep forgetting about them, since they happen hours before the show airs where I am. Luckily that's changing tomorrow, but I'm still not sure I will remember. I would be curious to know what else they had to say, the comment about Olivia amused me~ She looks better than she ever has and she seems to actually look younger than ever lately. I love her, so I'll suspend my disbelief there forever, but I did get a good laugh out of that comment! ^^;

    I wondered if the sister thing was supposed to be Abby. Her hair, and overall coloring (as well as her height) made it easy to imagine them being related (unlike Shibahn and Meghan... <.<;) but I was second guessing myself on that since the previous mentioned siblings prove they aren't terribly hung up on family resemblances.

    They probably dropped the idea when they realized they would be loosening the grip on Jax/Ingo. If they tied her to him it would have drawn unwanted attention to his absence. *grumble*

  16. I don t get LULU being mad how about f Dante and her broke up is it ok for him to tell any secrets about her to his new girl!What part of his wasn t his secret to tell.Nan

  17. Anonymous, Olivia was referring to Brenda as Dante's stepmother, not Carly.



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