Sunday, February 6, 2011

General Hospital Super Bowl Tweets!!

Ingo Rademacher says: Football is kinda like soaps. U can walk away,come back and u haven't missed anything:-) haha
Ingo and Wife Ehiku

They were out to party!! Here's our one and only "Max" and "Dr.Drake" having a blast: 

WOO HOO!! they declined to tweet which teams they were rooting for. 

 Michael Sausedo gets his party on...he said  Becky was feeding Emerson
"Becky's Super Bowl 2 cents "it's annoying that both teams have the same color pants."

Sarah Brown was for the Steelers...  Amber Tamblyn was on a commercial for HOUSE..with giant bangs going.

Kris Alderson (OLTL)I love watching the superbowl! Wish my team was in it...but loving the commercials&the game. Go packers!--she's a Philly Fan
More From Kris: Loved the effects&I freaked out when Usher came on. Fergie's voice =\ not super bowl material lol

Ingo  Rademacher: Watched half the game. Out to an early dinner. Then. I'll catch the end if the game is still on which I'm sure it will b Great game so far.

Tyler Christopher joined in!! 

For me? Loved the finger-sucking Doritos commercial..Richard Lewis/Roseanne, Go Daddy with Joan. My fave though was Eminem putting the love out to Detroit.  Just nicely done.
The half time show was like Woody Allen's "Sleeper" meets "Tron" or something!  LOL  The good part? SLASH!!  Poor Xtina, botching the lyrics to our national anthem.  

One last photo, it's not of a GH person but I love her. It's Niecy Nash, she said she's at a "Super Bowl  Party on Top of the World"!! 


  1. If a star was going to sing the National Anthem, you would think they would MAKE SURE they knew the words. Just saying.....

  2. Well Karen it was only 1 line of the song Christina messed up. It wasn't the whole song thank goodness. :)

  3. this was the first year most of my family actually watched the game (family crises bring the togetherness lmao), and at half time, my aunt asked about the Tron-like performance (i didn't think she even knew what Tron was!). Also, I didn't really care for Fergie's voice tonight. I guess it needs to be tinkered with to sound good...unless, she had a cold. I did like that they went all the way back to their first hit, Where Is the Love, but I was surprised/disturbed when they started singing Sweet Child of Mine (which my aunt was shocked to learn that i knew and had on my Ipod).

    imho, the best part of the night was the episode of Glee that aired after the Superbowl. It was sooo good.

  4. Missed the National Anthem. Halftime show was awful-oy! The NFL really needs to get a bit more in tuned with their audience...thought the commercials were pretty bad for the most part, but the "Darth Vader" kid was cute (I have two 7 year olds that love Star Wars!) and I agree with Karen about the Emimem/Detroit commercial.

  5. I didn't even notice the mess up of Christina, actually but it was ALL OVER twitter, and she's upset about it. Personally, that song is ripe to be messed up. A ton of people have done that.

  6. It is our National Anthem!!! She should know the words! Granted she must have been nervous in front of millions of people, but it is our National Anthem - there is no excuse.


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