Tuesday, February 15, 2011

General Hospital Today: Short/Sweet

Just going to write a few observations:

Come on, you had to have seen that HUGE badger behind Sam in Sonny's office. Maybe Franco put it there for a Badger-Cam!! See Badger BOB up there?

Brenda annoyed the hell out of me today. I wanted to flood the pavilion. 

Lulu's coat had better be fake fur. PETA will be on her butt.

Siobhan/Lucky blocked at the "Irish alley/flat" for days and obviously Tony Geary was in The Metro for days.LOL

Sonny should have suspected Claire before Suzanne!! Just sayin' She confessed...LOL what a let down. I wish Suzanne would have pulled his ring out of her cleavage! And yes, Suzanne at the end was good,  although they sent out a MEDIA NET photo of her in his chair last week. LOL


  1. What about that GH change we are supposed to get, or did they drop that too?

  2. Oh, honey. TURN THAT CHAIR AGAIN!

    I havent been paying attention, but I did NOT see this coming and I was licking my chops the entire scene.

    Finally! 3 whole minutes worth tuning in for.

    (the above gush fest is my opinion only)


  3. I actually liked the Lante scenes they were pretty cute. Suzanne and Balkie- well I've actually seen weirder couples, now I know Brenda's baby probably isn't dead. Loved Jason tricking Balkie, he ain't no fool. This episode felt so choppy to me. I don't know maybe I'm being too picky.

  4. The Balkin and Suzanne scene was awesome!! What a great delicious twist!!! :) I had no idea! :)

  5. Well, who didnt see THAT coming!? Of course Suzanne and Balkie are married. RME.

    So, that was a really ROMANTIC V-day! Glad I got to see Mayan, M&M, Mexis, etc. GRRRRRR.

  6. does no one read the spoilers? lol

  7. Karen ROFL! Yes I do read spoilers but not about Balkin and Suzanne being married. :) Hmmm. Either I missed it or I forgot. :)

  8. Whoa. Didn't see that Suzanne/Balkan twist coming.

    Oh wait. I did.

    Oh Guza. Please make SOME attempt at storytelling..

  9. I agree with the Anon 1, where is the big change? Or is the big change going back to the "anti-heroes" being the heroes again? I love how they made the advocate against child slavery the "real" bad person. See, never trust anyone who appears to be doing good.

    This story has so many holes, it's hard to know where to start. But the glaring one for me is, why would Suzanne call Jason in to protect Brenda, if she is part of the revenge? Didn't the Balkan get the memo that Jason always figures everything out and saves the day? Franco could have told them. Why involve PC people at all, when they had access to Brenda all the time. And since Suzanne was there, they know what happened to the baby.

    Perfect opportunity to use history ignored by Guza again. We all knew Abby would have a change of career, but why couldn't it have been after a nice talk with Grandma Bobbie? Oh yeah, people over 50 don't exist in PC anymore, unless they are Luke.

    It's getting to feel like watching the repeats ABC is so fond of these days, even when they are new shows. Rehashing the past is not going to help ratings when the story was told so much better the first time.

    Just curious, does Morgan get to the wedding? He'll probably be dancing away, no mention of his broken leg, just like Matt's arm healed so fast.

    I did like the Lante scenes, and even Carly talking to Luke. At least they acknowledge being family now. The frustrating thing is the potential is there, but too many chances to tie stories and characters together are passed by.

  10. Yes, I guess we figured that Suzanne and Balkie were married, and have/want their grandchild. But, thinking about it, Suzanne had access to Brenda all the way along, in Africa, etc., why didn't she just kill her? Why do they want to kidnap Brenda and not just kill her if Brenda thinks her baby is dead, so has no information to offer? SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME!!

  11. Damn! I miss one day and all this reveal happens: so, let me get this straight: Theo and Suzanne are married and working against Brenda but it was Claire who flooded the place and tore the dress?

    Absolutely no sense as to why Suzanne would not just do in Brenda easily or why Claire would turn into a spurned teenaged girl over Sonny. She was a US Attorney!

  12. I didn't spoil they were married now, but in the past-- there was to be a scene where he looked at her photo WITH Alesander-- I did have I thought she was his mother. I think they cut that and went with the married now stuff.
    The problem with all this is twofold I think. If the baby IS alive they are going to have a heck of an explanation as to what the hell's been going on (and how she never woke up when it was born) and why the Balkan couldn't kidnap her when SUZANNE WAS LIVING WITH HER in Paris. Makes no sense.
    Obviously writing by the seat of the pants!

  13. Sounds like a rewrite--and a sloppy one at that. A Balkan grandbaby definately figured in the plans somewhere, and I'm let down that according to VMG in the MSN interview, GH aint gonna pump one out. I pictured a four year-old "minnie me" Theo (bald head, little suit, and all) being brought in terrorize Cam, Jake, and Aiden!


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