Friday, February 25, 2011

Daytime Emmy PRE NOMS are out!

Here are the people from  General  Hospital that are ELIGIBLE for EMMY NOMINATIONS. Yes, you have to get a pre-nom nomination to get to the big show!

Lead Actress: Kelly Monaco and Laura Wright

Lead Actor: Maurice Benard and Steve Burton

Supporting Actress: Nancy Lee Grahn and Julie Marie Berman

Supporting Actor: Jonathan Jackson and Jason Thompson

Younger Actress: Lexi Ainsworth and Haley Pullos

Younger Actor: Chad Duell and Nathan Parsons

The Awards show is in June. I will post the official nominations when they come out!!


  1. Any word about the woman Grace they are supposed to cast?

  2. Why would Kelly be lead actress? No offense to her, but she hasn't really had that much screen time and not much going on. Even her baby struggling storyline has been small so far. They can do so much with that, but have yet to...

  3. Nothing yet, I hear hiring freeze but who knows... why they need MORE people is beyond me.

    Maybe Kelly submitted stuff around the Keifer storyline.

  4. Yey JMB! that girl needs her own storyline again. preferebly not one where she is always supporting Dante.

  5. WTH Is DOM Z! He carried G.H last year and should be in the lead actor category.

  6. I was wondering if "Grace" could be code for usher TC out? Heck, they brought Katherine Belle back after she fell off the parapet...

  7. Sorry- but what about Kim M? The scene where Patrick admitted his one nighter with Lisa was amazing. There is absolutely no reason for Kelly Monaco to be on that list...

  8. True about Kelly, but I still don't see what they got from that. Her beating on Ethan for no reason? I know she had some great scenes with her ssiters, but it still wasn't "lead actress" material. Kimberly M. was on a lot more. As was Lisa...

  9. I'm surprised James Franco wasn't nominated as Lead Actor since he has been shoved up our nose all year.

  10. I'm really surprised that Kimberly McCullough wasn't named. She was amazing in the confession scenes and everything after that.
    Congats do go out JT for his Pre-Nom.

  11. Is Chad Duell's rape reveal from Jan 31 eligible?

  12. As sad as it is that the right people aren't given their due, not surprising in the least.

    How many times has Laura Wright been looked over the past few years?
    Same could be said for Steve Burton. When Alan and Emily died, he had a lot of good scenes. Emmy worthy scenes. When you're eyes alone can convey what pages of dialogue can, in my book, that deserves recognition and an Emmy.
    He's been past over, so TG could put his name in the hat on numerous occasions.

    Kimberly McCullough so deserved a nomination this year.

    Happy for Chad Duell, Lexi Ainsworth, JJ (if he doesn't win, I'll be shocked) and Jason Thompson.

  13. Other than fetching Jason's beer, Sam did NOTHING groundbreaking... like, at all. She didn't even have a story. This baffles me. However, I guess it's inspiring that Kelly has this much faith in herself, especially w/ submitting as LEAD instead of SUPPORTING if anything. In fact, I think NLG and RH had more LEAD actress material to be quite honest. For God's sake, Liz had a breakdown and tried to commit suicide, and Alexis had to deal w/ her daughter's teen abuse.

  14. This is a joke. No wonder why many give zero respect to daytime actors. For Kemo to have the nerve lol to submit anything, especially as lead, for that year, is laughable. I just feel like no one is taking the emmy's serious anymore.

    DZ should have been nominated. Of course MB and SB will be the only options for lead, they'll always have story. Honestly, for Best Supporting Actress, JMB and RH should be the choices. Pulling for Lexi! Lastly, FINALLY LW is getting some recognition. Long overdue. I hope she actually get's nominated and even takes it hope. She's one of the best female talents in daytime PERIOD in these times..


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