Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mid-Week Soap Opera Burn Out....JUICER!

How you doing??! It so seems to me that the SnB wedding should have been this week. Not sure why, but it just does. I guess because many of us here in the NE have our winter break next week--when many will be on vacation. Maybe that's good, more people home. I know most of my friends are going away.

There ARE NO WORDS for this SID cover. None.:Dead: HALO. aahahahaaa

The interview I put up below says NO baby for Brenda..does that mean it's true? Hell, they are writing by the seat of their pants, so who knows. Remember when Scrubs said at an event that Theo was NOT the Balkan? Could be a red herring!! 
I also like this part of the interview about the wedding:

Did you have mixed feelings about her return, since you were also enjoying Sonny's romance with Claire?
Maurice Benard: If I'm having a great time, it's hard to drop the ball, but you go onto the next and now, I'm having a blast. The last couple of months, it's been on fire. At the wedding, Vanessa got to a place where she was shaking -- almost to the point where I thought she was having what I have all the time, a panic attack. It was real and deep. When somebody gives you that, what else can you say? 

GH TODAY: I do love Suzanne and Theo...something different for me to focus on. Not having Sonny crush Suzanne when he found out what she did was just not "real".  He throws stuff at people for NO reason let along sabotaging his wedding.
Smoosh names for Suzanne/Balkan I saw on twitter: SuzBalls  Boobkan BallzAnne. Suztho  HEH!
Why did the Balkan need Siobhan to spy for him if Suzanne knew everything?? Write much? we have two OYRISH accents out there or should I say "Accents" not what Megan is found. And that "Irish hay shed" looked like the Q's boathouse.

Nice Sonny and Robin scenes...and I saw Bob the Badger again!!  

Spin got SnB a juicer!! 

Luke and Lulu in Kelly's...I thought there would be a ton of customers and we'd get hilarity!! NO One was there? One cupcake box? Coffee? ugh..stupid. 

Krissy, Molly and Krissy doing the wedding favors were so cute!! I loved it... Loved Carly walking in..heh. Nice touch!!

OLTL today was fun...Tess and her BOOBS....hahhaaa.  She had so many fab one-liners today. Todd seeing Nate/Dani. And how did Natalie think no one would know that wasn't John's kid when it's a shrimp with a tiny nose?! 

A big thank you to all that GET my humor, btw--tweet with me without judgment and just make my afternoons fun.


  1. Do you have the SID?! What does it say about Todd?

  2. I LOVE Tess! Bree Williamson must have such a great time with that role. She has the best one liners-LOL. When I saw that Tess was coming back I groaned a bit thinking how may times can Jess's alternate personalities be brought back? But I forgot how fun Tess is...

  3. No, Carrie, someone tweeted the cover-- we won't have it here yet until Tomorrow..sometimes people have it early. I bet it says something like "people are speculating that RH is coming back to play Todd' and then not say much about it at all! LOL

  4. She did such a good job today with Tess! LOL... ;) I almost wish she was a real twin...

  5. Wondering why Balkan needed Shioban to find out things for him, like the wedding location...if Suzanne was in place all along. He had no lack of info there!!!! SLOPPY WRITING!

  6. even my mother (who is a GH defender) was confused about Suzanne and Theo. She wants to know why Suzanne called Jason in if she was married to the Balkan and if he wanted Brenda all along why didn't he kill her before she got to PC.

    Here's hoping my mom starts to see the shit for what it is!

  7. The only thing I hated on OLTL was John and Kelly honestly I don't like Kelly.I remember when John and Sam were that other soap hhhhhmmmmm Port Charles....Loved Tess with Ford....

  8. I LOVE Tess! She's 100% better than Jessica so I hope she sticks around permanently.

  9. Ugh...too many holes with the Balkan/Suzanne angle. Although, it's nice to have someone other than Carly yammering/plotting about revenge. I still hope Suzy has B's baby in hiding; even from the Balkan.

    I noticed that Sam was sporting Ye Old Black Bra under a white lace shirt. I've never liked that look on her.

  10. Read "RH returning to play Todd"...and I thought ...Rebecca Herbst???? ohhhhhhh Lordy, hahahaha I need a nap! sorry Roger Howarth, I think you'd be great!

  11. just read on another site that jake will indeed be sacrificed - say it ain't so!

  12. It doesn't matter anyway because once Becky leaves the show, I do, but if they kill off Jake, I am done for good. And that is even if they get Becky back in the future. That has got to be the stupidest storyline ever, and GH has some doozy's!!


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