Friday, February 18, 2011

Today is the Sonny and Brenda Nuptual Day!

Today is the big day!! Who's ready!? It's also the day that Dante and Brenda fess up over the bambino that has been kept a secret for so long. Way to get your wedding adrenaline going! We know the vows are exchanged though and everything runs smoothly--for awhile. 

I'M SURE you all saw the post below about Becky staying on GH!! woot! Power to the People! LOL Guess we'll have a lot to talk about. I'm getting changes in my email--Gedstern's on the hunt. I'll write more this weekend for Sunday Surgery. 

So, post away. I will have the show on DVR--tell me thumbs up, down or zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. xxoo 


  1. Is Liz staying going to mean that Lucky and Siobhan will break up? And that JaSam won't have a baby?????

  2. Now if only we can get them to listen to us about a new writing team and head of daytime! General hospital and All my children need new writer's.

  3. I'm so stoked about this s/l finally moving-on today. I'm actually (gasp) watching today's episode in real time :)

  4. today's epi was great! the snbers are on cloud 9! eeeeeeeeee (hehe)

    hope the drs appt went well! xo


  5. today was great!!!!! i loved every thing about today show and i was not really into this wedding but man i started to get excited as i was watching the show and now i can not wait to see what happens monday

  6. Very nice episode. I enjoyed it.

  7. I though Molly did a great job!

    Today's episode was old GH good. Nice, suspenseful build-up to the cliffhanger. I can't wait for Monday :)

  8. I just saw the show.I was trying to be NICE but the whole not telling anyone about Theo just seemed wrong to me--especially when they knew Shawn was there!! I just thought they should tell people. But no dramaz that way.
    I'll dish on the clothes and make up and other stuff later!!
    thanks for encouraging me to watch. I loved that girlie giggle hug they had!!

  9. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the wedding so far! Just like GH of old!! This S & B'er is in Heaven!!

  10. Karen watch the Max/Milo/Carly scene!!! ROFL! So funny! It cracked me up! :)

  11. I thought today was another crap-fest. I guess that I still expect the nostalgic GH from the past. A wedding of this magnitude should be a romantic spectacle.

    Instead, we have random characters inter-acting with the same tired dialogue. Brenda still being weird and delerious. The Balkan crap. And, Sonny's bodyguards being stupidly dense and easily conked out with a flower vase. So cliche.

    Not my GH anymore.

    - Where is Brenda's god-daughter Brooklyn?
    - the Milo and Max scene with Carly was great
    - I LOVE Tracy but HATE soft, love stricken Tracy like we saw today
    - has any mention been made of the grooms father, Mike? Any explaination of his absence?
    - Why Jason / Sam did not notify everyone of the Balkan's identity is beyond me. Atleast send Sonny, Dante, Lucky, etc. a text msg.
    - when Alexis appeared in that low cut dress and asked "where are my girls?" I just wanted someone to say "right there, you have them on full display"
    - the actress that plays Molly is fantastic
    - Ethan flirting with Kristina was disturbing given the history
    - Steve looked less orange then usual
    - Super model Brenda getting married. Is there paparazzi outside the church? They should of had Olivia mention it or Edward grumble about it.
    - I hate Sonny but happy Sonny is slightly tolerable. Angry angst ridden Sonny I can not tolerate and sadly I know that angst ridden Sonny will be back by Monday.
    - Wouldn't Jocelyn and Jake have made cute ring bearer and flower girl?

  13. yesterday Sonny had a conversation with Mike on the phone. He then told Michael his Grandfather wasn't doing very well and couldn't make the wedding. At least they mentioned Mike.

  14. Also, yesterday the wedding planner said Jason had security so tight paps couldn't take a pic, and so they would release pictures after the fact for publicity.

    Max/Carly/Milo scene was the best part of yesterday. =)

  15. I know who the Balkan is Theo . Also Franco showed up here is some more news Theo has a wife guess who it is.


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