Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Soap Opera Snow Day Post!

Well, I'm snowed "in"...not quite actually. We only got about 3" on top of our foot of snow. Lots of sleet here though, which means no school. That's fine with me!! I have some fun stuff to share today with the wubbers!

Brandon Barash is in a new Indy movie called "The Morning Hour" that's filming now in Wyoming. He tweeted this pic out today. He's playing  Carl Bakely...a dapper gentleman by the looks of things! Glad this talented guy has another gig in the works. 

This next photo was posted on twitter last night. When I clicked it, I was dying when I saw what was behind Robin. Do you see that badger back there!? ahahahahhaaaa. Oh, you have to love the props department. I loves it. Maybe they found the old Bonanza storage unit and put it in there. This is the weird stuff I live for. Sad, but true. LOL 

Who saw the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last night? Ah..nice Dramaz!! Loved Ken and Lisa-- Cedric is a weenie-ho. Goodness. I still think Camille is either really stupid or just vapid. I do like Kim, btw. I was a Nanny and the Professor watcher back in the day. I found out Kyle played Alicia Edwards on Little House!! I almost died! I loved that kid-- the eppy that her mom died was a 2 parter "remember me with laughter"... She was so cute. Had no idea she was a little actress too. 

Aw... too cute. I loved Little House.  Grew up with that and The Waltons. I thought our past was so bleak that I wondered how anyone was happy! LOL...Blizzards, fevers... fires, lumber failures. Always stick together, face adversity. Somewhat different than Hannah Montana :) heh. 

I should be around to do the show at 3pm...I might watch OLTL today for the Natalie reveal as well. John's not gonna be happy!! I think the kid is really his though-- we'll see. Oh, and I found out the wedding is airing from February 18th to at least the 25th! LOL.. Franco is on the 24th-- and the 28th-ish. Between the Balkan and he we'll be all villain-fied. Some new Rumors are up, btw. Have you checked them lately? They are rumors-- but they are out there on the net, so I put them up!


  1. Speaking of props...ever notice the photos behind Sonny's desk in the restaurant office? There's one very clearly of Kristina, one of NuMorgan, and then one of some bowl cut blond kid between the ages of 7-10. Who IS that? LOL It's not any former Michael. Every time I see it, I think, "there it is again..who is that...".

  2. I think the kid is Chad Duell at a young age...

  3. really!? Makes sense, but I wouldn't have connected those dots.

  4. Soaps preempted in Sacramento area-shooting in Placerville Ca. - Custodian shot and killed principal.

  5. Soaps preempted in Sacramento area-shooting in Placerville Ca. - Custodian shot and killed principal.

  6. sorry for the double posting

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