Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Soap Opera Sizzle

It's  Valentine's Day!!! woot!! How is you day today!!? Good I hope... frosting and sprinkles and all gooey stuff. 

Well, if you want to watch the Click-BOOM video of Sonny and Brenda's wedding go to Facebook. I have no comment on this at all. Nothing. Just glad they could use the pyro-techs and same director's shots as they used with Lily. All I'm going to say is, repeat much? Yes...we know you do. OVER and OVER...and... *sigh* I think I might need a break. Why didn't they just have Brenda get into a Delorean with Marty McFly this time?? Here's the LILY blow up. Last shots are exactly the same.
OLTL was hotter than hell again today!! I just park myself in front of the TV and squee!! Loved John making Nat tell  Brody and Jessica!! heh. Jessica went nuts and stupid ass Joey married Aubrey...D'uh!! 

TODAY'S SHOW: Suzanne looks suspicious!! 
Come on...there aren't 4 guns in all of Ireland.   I swear Siobhan said "Lookie, do ye tink I turd on ya"?? TURD!! (instead of turned!! aaaaahaha)'s 2011 who the hell goes to the hospital for a rabbit test? NO ONE! Unless you want everything messed up. Sam crying was a good scene...
Lisa drugged her own drink! aaaaahhahah
Balkan told Carly where to go. HEH. 
That "MET" shot of the balcony...that's the best they could do??? LMAO. gelato cart there. heh. I wish  they could at least have some audio crowd sounds. 
Jake's...when Patrick stormed out after kissing Robin, I thought Carly was going to burst out laughing!!  
Today would have been  a perfect day to show M&M, Alexis/Mac, Lisa/Steve--Kristina/Taylor... Abby/Michael...especially if you're trying to pimp them. 
Aw,  Sonny's ring's missing..and Carly was at the store. LOL.
RUMOR:  wedding planner Carole bites the dust wedding week. 
Terry Morrow's second part of the interview he did with Vanessa Marcil on the Knoxville Blog.  
She dishes about shooting the wedding (long hours), the dress  (Expensive) and fashion (she's a clothes ho)!!  


  1. Ford, apparently having cardiac arrest and saying.
    just too funny!

  2. Did you notice how beautifully the Badger was lit in the last scene where Shaun was in Sonny's office? lol I thought of you instantly when I saw him beaming brightly in the corning ;)

  3. Haven't watched GH yet, but OLTL rocked! I did think Ford and his heart palpitations was a bit much though. And how did he just waltz into Lanfear and manage to not only find the nursery without being seen, but knew which baby was Ryder?

  4. I was saying outloud YES you go Girl to Jessica for calling Natalie a whore.....


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