Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Soap Opera: Oprah Intervention and Tuesday Shows

Soap Legends Invade Oprah tomorrow!! Luke and  Laura-sigh...Angie and Jessie, Tad Martin!! Erica and all EIGHT of her hubbies!! That's worth the price right there!! It should be fun watching. 

One Life To Live today was so FAB!! And it's ONLY Tuesday!! EEEE! Like someone said to me, more happens on this show in 10 minutes than on GH in a month!!  That wedding scene was EXACTLY how soaps should be written..wow..my heart was pounding like I was a teenager. LOL. 
By 2:30 I was exhausted. It was sooooo great!! I need a drink. :) I can't stress ENOUGH to watch One Life today... wowza. Tomorrow is going to be FABU TOO!! eeeeeeeee! 

General Hospital today can ONLY be a let down after that fun stuff!!  Where are Johnny's wounds?! Healed up quick.

Michael, Carly, Dante and Lulu...zzzzzzzz sorry but zzzzzzzzz Carly needs to STEP THE HELL down for one day. JUST one day....shhhhhhhhhh, Carly........shhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Sonny yelling at Max on the phone was fun. Brenda trashing Carly--- lol... she's not going to like it when Carly struts into the ceremony! Brenda was sure spazzing out over Carly today.

Michael goes up to therapy.  We see Liz going out for Margs with her brother. Ok, we hear them talking about it.  

Lisa did such a stupid plot right out of High School Drama 101.  

Olivia got her face on the TV today!! She and Steve at Jake's along with Liz, Nik...Brooke. 

IT's so NOT Carly doing all this stuff with the wedding sabotage. Wonder if Brenda remembers HER run-in with Lily's wedding dress? LOL!!!

note: Today was writer  Karen Harris' last script.  She will be missed.

Here's a great  article attempting to explain sweeps month: Mentalfloss

Wedding stuff In TV Guide:
Carly has the ammunition and the wherewithal to blow Brenda out of the water and she will use it. She will blow the secret, but not in the way you expect her to. And the Balkan is also going to make his move to grab Brenda," says the Emmy-winning Guza, who promises the wedding and its aftermath — airing over six days — will be epic. "Something very, very big is going to occur that will turn our canvas upside down. What you think will happen is not what you get."


  1. I think it is Claire doing the stuff to sabotage the wedding!

  2. on Oprah: "Did you two date in real life"

    What an awkward question to ask.

  3. I'm going with Suzanne as well. As for Oprah...no question is awkward when you're Oprah! (haha!)

  4. I'm going with Suzanne as well. As for Oprah...no question is awkward when you're Oprah! (haha!)

  5. Oh I don't know Karen. I thought the metrocourt stuff with Lisa was soapy goodness. :) I enjoyed it. :) And I am starting to think Franco is doing all those bad things and not Carly. Altho it's very juvenile and childish. Melissa maybe it is Claire doing all that.

  6. I doubt it, but wouldn't it be cool if they made the announcement about Genie's return on Oprah? That probably would have already leaked by now though.

    I wonder if Oprah is gonna ask why she's not on the show anmyore but he still is? LOL

  7. OLTL = EPIC

    More fun to come to :D

    Interesting thought that Claire is doing the sabotage, I totally forgot about her.

    DVR set for Oprah tomorrow so I can catch Luke and Laura :)

  8. Let the saboteur be KATE!!! She lose's Sonny, Brneda won't do the cover of Crimson...Kate goes all Connie Bensonhurst on the wedding.

  9. classic gh would be Brenda's other personality doing it so she can go to shadybrook where all women of GH end up eventually!!!!

  10. Betting Suzanna too.

    Mrs. Goose

  11. First, Brenda was Sonny's first love, then Kate was Sonny's first love, then, apparently Olivia was Sonny's first and now, surprise! Brenda is once again Sonny's first love and Carly hates it...how many first loves can one person have, anyway?

    OLTL rocks- it is everything that you could want in a soap- on the one I can't wait for tomorrow and on the other hand, I am cringing because I feel so bad for Jess, Brodie, John and Natalie...even though John is truly the only person involved who is innocent in the whole mess! I still think that it will turn out that Brodie and John are both the daddies though!

  12. Loved OLTL today! What is the difference between OLTL and GH? On OLTL the central families keep adding family members and on GH they keep losing family members. The Buchanans just keep growing while the Quartermaines keep losing family members.

  13. Kinda off topic, just read the rumours, but if they have Robin run over Jake with her car, then they are really nailing the proverbial nail into the coffins of 2 Jason pairings...JnR and Liason.

    Does anyone else feel they are really trying too hard to make the audience except Sam as Jason's one and only true love???

    Jason and Robin have finally put everything in their past behind them and come to a good place, so why ruin that??

    I give up to make sense of any of this!!

  14. My money is on Suzanne being the saboteur, but I'm with Frisco that it would be an awesome twist if it was really Kate.

    All the buildup to Michael revealing he was raped, and we don't even see him in his therapy session?

    Lisa should have been killed off months ago when she was waving around that gun and then this story could have ended on a high note. Now her act is beyond stale.

  15. OMG!!!!! Brook Lyn singing to Nik...was painfully awkward.

  16. OLTL is sooooo good thanks for giving the heads up after I read that I ran in the livingroom I had it on dvr soooo yeahhh me I skipped Blair and Starr and just watched the wedding......Clint is such a skeeze.thanks Karen it was soo good


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