Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Franco's Writer's Room Bar and Interview with Film.com

These little tidbits emerged in the interview Franco gave to Film.com  --see full story on the link. I liked the question about how his "Franco" name happened!

On how his role as an artist named "Franco" came about:
"Turns out General Hospital was very open to me coming on. I could design my own character and even write for it. I didn't want that. I wanted the full soap opera treatment. I just said, ‘Make him an artist and make him crazy.' That's all I wanted. They said, ‘We want to call your character Franco.' I thought that was awesome. So the shock of me being on people's screen, being called, ‘Hey, Franco,' keeps people from forgetting it's me. It's like, ‘It's James Franco, but he's acting kind of crazy.' People look at it different from the movies I make. In movies, you just want people to suspect their disbelief. In soap opera, it's so the other world."

Franco has a new bar called "The Writer's Room" in LA...and he's inviting a small  circle of people there for an After-After Oscar Party. Alberta is getting ready!! The Writer's Room will be located in The VogueTheater attached to The Supper Club  and helmed by famous mixologist Daniel Nelson.  
The Guide has the goods on Supperclub, an international supperclub chain that's taking over the historic Vogue Theater on Hollywood Boulevard: "Patrons eat and drink on actual beds while watching edgy performers (dominatrixes, opera singers, midgets on bicycles, etc.) during lavish multi-course meals...which sounds like the BEST venue for Franco to attach a bar to!!
Mr. Franco was on the set to film his eppies for the end of February.

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