Sunday, February 27, 2011

GH's James Franco wins Actor Award at Independent Spirit Awards!

Last night, Mr. Franco took home "Best Actor" in the indy awards, one night before he's due to host the Oscars. Doesn't that statue look like a cool bat? Heh..perfect!!

In the press room, he discussed acting in General Hosptial excerpt:

“Because the writing is different, because the way they shoot it is different, the lighting is different and all the dynamics are different, you change,” Franco said. “But the acting, at its core is the same, whether you’re on a soap opera or an independent film or on a super large budget film. It’s just that the world and the context around you changes. Each project has its own reality, but the basics of it are the same.”

He does credit GH for "leading him the the 127 Hour Project" because of the massive amounts of dialog he needed to memorize for the show. Full Article on SpeakEasy. 

OSCARS tonight..I will be tweeting live..using #GHOscars as a hashtag... supporting Franco and also creating a timeline we can follow together---the #Oscar one will be clogged, I can't follow them when they are that fast!

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