Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Surgery: Get Out The Gowns!

There it is...the SnB moment you've all been waiting for! 

Today I thought I'd write about something fluffy and light...with the rape revelation last week and the heavy scenes, I know most blogs will be waxing poetic about Chad Duell and his performance. I've already done that--with heavy Kudos to Steve Burton and Laura Wright as well. Today is a day of Fun! Of "Say Yes To the Dress'!! 

So, what did Brenda choose as her next dress--she's had two already from the past. Her newest one got shredded by someone lurking in Jason's penthouse.  They want us to think it's Carly...but that's just WAY too obvious...isn't it? 

I've got the goods!!! This dress is an Oscar de la Renta in a pale dusty-pink.  Word is it cost a bundle!! The veil is also interesting as you can see from the photo. The bridesmaid's dresses are a light mocha with light pink sashes. The altar flowers are white tulips. Speculation is the dress is this Oscar number.

This was not one of my fave looks for Brenda... This look was the one she wore when Sonny left her at the altar. I personally think it was a bit nightgownish.  For all Brenda's Wedding dresses go to the fabulous Sonny and Brenda Wedding Countdown. 

Yes, a bit of a departure from my usual groan/bitch Sunday Surgery. I guess because I'm a sap for a decent wedding, few that we ever get on GH.  I think I'm in heaven with Tracy and Luke's so close to this one!! 
My FAVE Scene of the Week: I have to pick the one where Carly is overhearing  Robin and Brenda are trashing her.  Laura Wright's face was perfect. Tough Carly, still bothered by the barbs that were thrown by the girlies. Almost felt like Jr. High and being in the stall when someone is talking about  you. I liked it because it was honest, and featured some girl interaction. 

Oprah will feature Soap Opera Legends on Feb. 9th. Look for GH's Luke and Laura to be featured! 


  1. I also hated that nightgown looking wedding gown. Cheesy.

    I think it's Suzanne sabotaging. Kind of obvious but that's my guess.

    I would like to know how Carly ends up at the wedding, however since clearly she isn't invited.

  2. I totally agree that it could be Suzanne! since they just showed her-- and they haven't in like, months! LOL

  3. Does that mean Laura is going to be back since she will be on oprah?

  4. On soapzone:

    Someone at Daytime Dishclaimed that Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth) already found another soap to act in, like say, the higher-rated B&B?

  5. Beautiful gown, but did they really have to go designer and pay so much? No designers on the payroll? With money so tight they have to discard good talent like Becky, did they really need such an expensive gown for Vanny? It will probably get torn or bloodied before it's all over anyway..... if Guza runs true to form.

    It really is lovely, though. Simple and yet lush looking. The fabric looks elegant.

  6. Looks like I better start watching Bold and the Beautiful, if that is where Becky is going. I don't even know what time it is on. The same time as GH?

  7. My favorite wedding dress ever was the one Brenda wore when Jax stood her up a few years back.

  8. I think it was Suzanne!

  9. I bet the company LENT THEM the dress. Good PR

  10. no one is going to answer my question about Genie Francis coming back

  11. there have been many rumors she is coming back but nothing in awhile. they don't have the money right now, I don't think.

  12. The wedding gown is gorgeous.
    Could do without the bow.
    But she'll be a beautiful bride.
    I just hope the marriage lasts a little while. They're a great couple.

  13. Could careless who shredded her wedding gown wish they would shred her. Silly forty something actress dressing, hopping and giggling like a fourteen year old. I haven't watched GH in a week both YR and OLTL are better!


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