Saturday, February 26, 2011

Some Saturday Soap Notices!!

Did you miss Kimberly McCollough's chat she had with fans during the show on Friday?? Here's a transcript provided by Scorpio0098: Tripod Text She dishes about the wedding, what her least challenging storyline was (You'll be surprised) and who the girlies are obsessed with on the show!!

On another note, if you are in the LA area and LOVE books, think about attending the RT Book Fair. Two GHers will be there: Carolyn Hennesy and Jackie Zeman! Check out the other soap divas that will be there. has all the details.

Don't forget that AmTam is also in 127 Hours!! Wonder if she'll be at the Oscars?? I think the cast gets an invite. I hope we see her!!


  1. Thank you so much for putting up the link to the Kimberly chat. Special thanks to whoever archived it! I would love to read the other ones too. Are any others archived? ABC should have put these up for the many fans who couldn't be online at the time.

    Just wondering about one comment she made though. Kimberly said she's known Ingo since she was 12. So she knew him before GH? Because he started GH in 96, when she was 17-18. Maybe it was a joke. It did send me looking at imdb to see how long cast have been there. :D

  2. Kimberly came to GH as a little girl, was on for years, then was off for years, then came back on (I don't know the years).

  3. Yup Kimberly started GH in 1985, and has been there, on and off, since. But Ingo didn't start GH until 1996, so unless she knew him before he started as "Jax", she had to be 17 or so. It's entirely possible she knew him earlier, as she even mentions in the chat she worked on a TV film with Dominic Z before he was on GH. It could have been in Australia. Just never had heard before they knew each other so long. It's fun to have these chats just to find out new things!

  4. Many thanks to you and Scorpio0098 for the KM transcript, that was great to read. I'm still sad, I really think ABC should have kept those logs themselves as I ended up missing them all, but I am glad I got to read one at least.
    Thank you for sharing!

  5. Scorpio just sent me this transcript..I didn't get any others.. I should ask on twitter.


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