Monday, February 21, 2011

General Hospital Nice Day for a Soapy Wedding

     Uh.... anything new Carly?

I have given up on All My Children for now, I actually watched "You're Cut Off" on the DVR instead! hee!! That's a crazy ass show!! I did see Real Andrews (Taggert) was on AMC so I had to turn over for a minute. I still miss that boy on GH!! He played a Fed and was perfection!! 

OLTL was wonderfully soapy again today!! Loved Dorian's hat pin! Roxy was back in all her glory. Such a wonderfully soapy day on the show...ahhhhhhhhh. 
I am also thrilled to see that wardrobe actually put people in turtlenecks, the staple of North East/PA winter clothing.

Haley Pullos (Molly)  will be on HOUSE tonight !!! And since AmTam is on too, we have a whole GH reunion..sorta. lol

GENERAL HOSPITAL:  Why WHY WHY didn't Jason call the wedding venue?? Even when he figured it out...he ran there. CELL PHONES! 

I really loved Lulu's look the best. If I were her age, I would totally wear it. TOTALLY.

Today was slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Waiting for the Carly/Brenda smack down took too long, LOL. Brenda said "Didn't you sleep with your mother's husband"!!?? Ah, nice one. Carly was priceless too. Just being Carly. Edward was right, he just doesn't know it yet! BOOM! BOOM! 
I loved when Carly walked in and everyone's face fell and they turned around fast! heh.
I was so mad Siobhan and Lookie were on today! WHY! WHY! zzzzzzzzzzz add to that Lisa and Johnny. ugh.

BEST LINE: "There's not enough scotch on the world to avoid this disaster..we might as well be on the Titanic" #GH Says Eddie Q 
'I told you not to wear your GOOD COAT IN THE CAVE"!!!  says the valet to The Balkan :dead: 


James Franco posted this fun photo you might like!! Laser Kitties-- too fun. I think he'd LOVE to have Alberta Lobster on set with him, don't you?? Just have to get her to him! Sorry, but he IS fun.


  1. I couldn't disagree with you more... Sorry! The only parts I didn't find boring were the JaSam and Lush scenes, although Laura Wright was also amazing, as usual...

  2. How many different places was Jason at the SAME TIME?

    At the metro court. THEN at the wedding. THEN upstairs in the hotel room.

    He truly is Superman. of the Flash. One of them.

    I thought the best line was Tony saying "The Titanic had a better band". You can tell this was adlibbed because Jane cracked up so loud they cut away from her so fast. Her reaction was priceless. Clear it was Jane, not Tracy.

    FINALLY! Someone mentioned that carly slept with her mom's husband. I have been waiting years for someone to throw that up in her face.

  3. I wish the Spencermaines were around to give commentary every day. Love!

  4. Dear Karen,

    I told you it was going to be a James Bond-ian type cave!! Straight out of the Mikkos Cassadine bad guy handbook! ROFLMAO Let me know why you want to borrow my crystal ball ;)

    Love Pooks

  5. FF'd through all JaSam, Lucky and Johnny/Lisa scenes- And with all those people speculating that Brenda changed her mind, don't you think somebody who knew would just say that Jason wasn't there?

    Brenda's hair and makeup look awful...yeah- that's a super model on her wedding day!

  6. I too hate Brenda's makeup, but I love her hair.

  7. No papparazzi. In fact, no photographers at all, even hired by the bride and groom.

    No security.

    Just saying...

  8. my mom had it on today (no tv in my room since they switched from Dircetv to Fios, which suck imo), and i agree with Anonymous that Luke's line about the Titanic band was great.

  9. Brenda looked BEAUTIFUL, her hair, dress, make-up, I even loved the spotted veil! She was GORGEOUS, I don't know how people can criticize her make-up.

    However, the wedding was crazy, a supermodel and supermobster, and there were, like, 12 people there. HELLO, people have TONS of friends, even if they have small families, plus, doesn't Brenda have a sister, Julia? Where were the press? On other shows, I know they have extras so that the wedding looks like a large wedding, even I had more people at my wedding than S & B did, and we had an informal ceremony in my sister's backyard.

  10. I have to say i half expected the theme from Batman to start playing when i saw The Penguin,i mean The Balkan in his cave today. This is too funny. Obviously BG has been watching reruns of Batman again.
    AntJoan..The reason why there were not that many guests is because Sonny & Brenda do not have that many friends.Most of those guests were friends & family of the wedding party NOT the bride & groom.


  12. So if brenda's baby is alive and suzanne has it, where is it? bring back claudia and have her have him...what fun that would be...suzanne intertwined with the zacharras!!

  13. Best line of the day was Luke's, after Carly walked in and sat her arse right in the front row at the wedding:

    "Man the lifeboats. The iceberg just hit the bow."



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