Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday: General Hosptial Stormy Weather

Stormy weather for US...not for Port Chuck. God  knows, they only have 'snow events' when there's something to crash ...:) 

Laura Wright tweeted this today, there's LLC and AL in the back!
WEDDING SCOOPS are up!! They are just trickling in. Brenda will be presumed dead after  the reception. I'm hearing there may be a BOOM involved.  Sonny? Oy vey. More will be coming in so keep checking!

TODAY'S SHOW: "We don't have a marriage" says Carly to Jax. round and round it goes...it's been YEARS of this CarJax sheeze.  Good God.  Brenda and Jax together...there's another merry go round. "I'm not sorry you're free of that woman" says Brenda. Ingo was great today, he's played Jax for so long, he just knows how to  make it real.

Michael and Jason...again, powerful scenes. Loved Steve Burton today. Laura Wright is the one that made me tear up though.

TOLD you all the baby died or at least Brenda thinks it died. ...and I bet it was Alesander's.  Some are wondering if it's Jax's...I say no way. She would have told him. The reason that they had him sign the birth certificate and then the "custody papers" was to protect it from the Balkan when it was born. 
Now, today, she said she got a fever in Africa and Suzanne was there when she woke up and she 'knew the baby was gone'...soooooo I guess the door is open for a toddler to walk through it. Guza will have to see if he wants the kid to reappear.
Brenda said it was a boy and she didn't get to hold him. If you listen to the crazy timeline, the fact Brenda didn't even have cramps..you can tell this was written in the dark or something. Whatever. She would have at least have had to have a D&C after. We really didn't many details about it all. I bet they are deciding if the kid is going to be alive or not. 
Ok, OK!! Thinking too much!!


  1. Oh Carly shut up!!! Stop it just stop it! And oh you want a divorce? PLEASE! Jax has forgiven you from a lot of crap you done! You have forgiven Jason so many times for things! Give me a freakin break. And then you went to cry on Jason's shoulder? *Rolls eyes*

  2. I agree Carly is the biggest hypocritical liar. SHE has kept the secret from Jax this whole time trying to bring Dante & Lulu down. Hiring Brooklyn, etc. I want this all to blow up in her face. Laura Wright is amazing, but Carly I hate.

  3. These rumors of Jake dying make me absolutely sick to my stomach. There is absoutely no reason to have him die other than to get Liz out of town. At least when BJ died, she saved Maxie's life. Honestly, if they want to get rid of Liz, there have to be other ways of doing it. I think it might be Jake's death that winds up being the last straw for me, because it is pointless and unnecessary and I have suffered through enough pointless and unnecessary "stories" on GH lately.

  4. Jake was sooo amazing when he and Jason interacted, HE BETTER NOT DIE!! Carly asking Jax for a divorce for the millionth time, how stupid can you get?

    The show was amazing today, even beatch Carly made me cry, a first, I think. Her scenes with Michael and Jason were wonderful. The show seemed well written today, and tighter, hopefully this is the harbinger of things to come, and not just a fluke.

    The acting on GH is so amazing, I've not really watched other soaps, but sometimes I'll catch a glimpse of one while I'm changing channels, and the acting seems terrible. GH always has been magical, largely due to the actors, and I think this came through today.

  5. The Balkin is so evil I cannot wait for him to be gone. I can't believe people are letting an attorney talk to them in this manner. I'd run screaming from the room!

  6. CD, SB, and LW were absolutely fantastic. I didn't cry but I definately felt bad. Speaking of feeling bad you could see in Dante's eyes how much he wants Lulu back. I'm glad they're rewriting this every guy must love Brenda thing. I didn't like it.

  7. I thought VM was the best part of the show. When Brenda was talking about her baby was very emotional.

    Felt nothing for either CD or LW. I thought they fell incedibly flat.

    IR was also very good in finally telling Carly off.

  8. AS much as I am hating the Jason/Carly/Sonny show, I enjoyed Steve, Laura, and Chad. They did a great job with a storyline that I thought I would absolutely hate. But, it sure brought tears to my eyes. Vanessa did a great job too about the baby reveil, but why wouldn't she just tell Sonny about the baby and get his sympathy. I am beginning to side with Carly about how Brenda keeps all the men at her attention (although Carly does the same thing).

    Carly and Jax....yawn. Just get divorced. I'm tired of the same damn things being said.

    I'm in Missouri, so I left New jersey and a foot of snow and brought it with me to MO. Stuck in my house for a couple of days, sans going outside to shovel, shovel, shovel!

  9. I'm watching Jason and Micheal right now...very powerful and well done. I was quite apprehensive about this s/l, but have changed my tune.

  10. My sod arrive today and it said that Elizabeth is open to returning .Think that's just b*llshit I think that's to try to make the fans calm down .I can't even watch gh without being so angry If they kill Jake that's just wrong on so many levels .All they're doing it for is the just spam fans Guza being the biggest of all .And then Shobahn is put on contract after firing Elizabeth what the ... Someone better fix GH before there's no fans left

  11. I actually think the baby is alive and Suzanne knows where he is.

  12. I just got done watching OLTL...GREAT!! Strippers at the ladies party and then Rex and Co. stripped at Rody's!! They are making Natalie and John out to be fuddy duddy's though. I know they are now parents, but what drew me to them was how fun they were.

    Dorian/Echo/Vicki. The best.
    Dorian: Thank you for saying I was 50 times the woman Echo wsa
    Vicki: Dorian, I said 20

    All Todd scenes...Fantastic. Putting him and Vimal together was a stroke of genius.


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