Friday, February 25, 2011

General Hospital: IT's FRANCO FRIDAY!

IHere's the cake  Franco sent to the happy couple yesterday!! What do you think? I love it.

Too bad it blew up -- heh. So what did you think of the REPEAT Limo=Click BOOM?  You know how I feel. I would like to have Theo explain the whole operation and switch. I'm thinking it involved cutting a huge hole in the pavement with a lift.


By the way, looking at the pre-noms, I am floored that Florencia Lozano from #OLTL isn't nominated. She blew me away last year--and really REALLY deserved a nod. The whole thing is crazy if you ask me. 

TODAY'S SHOW: They replayed the whole clink BOOM!! 
Jax and Alexis were so cute "We're losers"!! 

Morgan was losing it...Molly was just numb.  " I wonder what it felt like inside that limo when the bomb went off"!!! Sniff. Anyone else think Molly will be a depressive teen with an eating disorder?? LOVED Ethan reciting Tennyson!! That was in Four Weddings and a Funeral.

I guess all the EMTs and cops and those people were with the A Twubber caught the fact that during the Scrubs scene, the wedding cake was totally untouched. Heh..there's that continuity again! 

Sonny clinging to Dante was pretty powerful. Nice long SaSon hug!! 

Jax tells Sonny to shoot himself in the head. I'm sure Ingo and Mo were like here we go again dude.'s the "BRENDA DANCE"!! 
Edward broke my heart:  "dont' you be like that" he says to Michael.

Sharly--- what did you think? He's some handsome! Doing well for a gunshot wound. 

FRANCO was great...much more relaxed this time around. Love the M&Ms... I know some of you can't deal with him 'interrupting' GH but he is HUGE right now. He so didn't have to do this right in the middle of Oscars. Did you hear his reference? "I have a big event coming up...BIG"!! Heh. HE also found himself "Inbetween a rock and a hard place"...get it??!!! He should have said "I hate to cut this short"..brahahahaa. 

Sonny pulls back the hair on the body and it's Sam.  Who was obviously switched after the explosion. She looks too good to have lived thru that!!

PROMO: Sonny throws barware at Bob the Badger in his office.  LOL 

C U for Sunday Surgery!!


  1. OMG I loved the entire episode! Finally a good GH episode!!! Loved Jason's look when he realized it was Sam... Loved Ethan, Franco and Lucky. I can't wait for Monday... :)

  2. I love that when Edward showed up he was wearing PJ's under his coat!

    I think it was out of character for Carly not to immediately run to her kids. surely Jason could of had some other thug watch Shawn so Carly could go be with her kids.

    I love, love, love how Carly and Alexis might not like each other but show such concern for each others kids.

    I have seen Kristina and Molly give solid performances in the past but Morgan blew me away (excuse the pun) today!

    Ingo/Jax was exceptional as well.

    No Lisa, Siobhan, Brooklyn or Nicholas. A good episode.

  3. Today was great and fankly, the last few weeks have been amazing!

  4. I thought it was a very good episode; felt like old times! I thought Ingo was great yelling at Sonny. Made me not even care about the bomb redo.

  5. So call me stupid..but is Sam dead???

  6. No, Sam isn't dead....she'll go to #GH and be deaf for a bit. LOL
    Ingo gave an awesome performance today!

  7. OMG!!! Tea didn't get nominated! What a JOKE!

  8. Karen first before I get into today's show, that spoiler about Theo turns on Suzanne, do you mean turns her on or turns on her? ROFL! Kidding. :) Anyway on to the show.

    Franco: When did Franco become blind? ROFL! I mean the way his eyes were ROFL! He is getting ready for an event! Hahahaha! The oscars! :) Franco is sooooooo deeply inlove with Jason. :)

    Ingo Rademacher: BRAVO INGO!!! That was fantastic! Jax was so upset about Brenda in the limo that exploded. I don't think I ever saw Jax THIS upset like that!!! WOW!!! Ingo better win an emmy and/or a soap opera award! :)

    Molly: Poor Molly!!! :( Going online relaxes her. Yeah Molly I can relate! It does that for me too!!

  9. Molly already is having issues with the bus accident (which I am really upset that they aren't showing her going to therapy on this...) and now here is another accident right in her face..
    Poor Sam. I hope Elizabeth helps out when she is taken to the ER. As much as these two have been through, I still think the writers did a crappy thing with Sam and still like redemption. Still DON'T like that they had Jason forgive her, but that is another rant for another day....
    Can't wait to watch the episode!!

  10. Andrea well I have forgiven Sam! So if I can forgive her then Jason can too. :)

  11. Love, love, love GH today!

  12. At least we didnt have Bobbie say to Carly "what are you doing on Sunday?" and Carly replying, "I'm watching the Oscars on ABC"

    Does anyone remember THAT cheesy plug years ago?

  13. Sonya, nothing against Sam. I think on her part,she shouldn't have forgiven Jason either. he did threaten to kill her...

  14. Loved the show today. I actually didn't mind the repeat of the explosion....I thought it was well done and didn't mind seeing it was a good distraction from my taxes anyway! lol.

    As for Franco...I know he's huge right now but I really don't care. Huge waste of money.

    PS it's actually the character I really don't care for and not the actor. It's just that this stunt is really making me dislike the actor too.

  15. Surprisingly, I liked some of this episode, and I have not really enjoyed GH for the past 2 years mostly because the focus has changed from general hospital to mob. I did like Jax and Alexis talking. I liked Jax exploding on Sonny, although it was quite predictable. I most enjoyed the Franco/Jason exchange with the nod to the oscars and "127 Hours " ( very cute ). I do find the Balkan story boring but I did like that they tied Franco to the bomb (did you enjoy the fireworks? ). Maybe Franco is tied to the Balkan.

    Side note; I am a Rebecca Herbst fan and hope they give her some romance with a new man altogether and give her backbone to stand up for herself. I am hoping they don't kill off her baby in a sad attempt at promoting the Jason /Sam baby storyline.

  16. Ingo was amazing, today.

    That is all.

  17. Why wouldn't the suspicion be that Anthony blew up the limo in retaliation for Sonny trying to blow up Johnny? Remember how Anthony threatened Sonny if he harmed, or attempted to harm Johnny? Apparently even though we were lead to believe the Z's are a major crime family, somehow they have lost power while Anthony is in prison. What happened to all his allies. Plus he was running things from in there, what changed? Guess everyone forgot him. Wouldn't that have been a great twist? It wasn't the Balkan, but a forgotten enemy.

    Apparently there is no one on the writing staff who pays attention to history. Amazing how they forget all these things.They probably think the fans forget as fast as they do.

  18. I guess I just can't get into it anymore. Everyone is saying how "amazing" the show was today, but I thought it was just another tired repeat of mob-related death and destruction. I don't think anyone really truly acted shocked that Brenda was just blown up to bits in front of them.

    Yes, Ingo was good. And, I enjoyed Jax's chat with Alexis before the (repeated) big boom. But, the rest...just stupid. Even the Franco crap.

    How on earth did "the Balkan" spirit Brenda away? How did Sam get there and how did she survive? Wasn't Sonny supposed to be in the car, too? What was "the Balkan" supposed to do with Sonny? It just makes no sense and is utterly ridiculous.

    Everything on this show is just so over the top that I just don't believe in it anymore. There is just no fun in it. I'm done.

  19. Just wondering why ABC is coming down so much on actors revealing spoilers (whether at events, on Twitter or elsewhere) when they give away the biggest twists themselves in their own promos. Even if I were totally offline and spoiler free, any one watching GH the last couple weeks knew even before the wedding happened that the limo was going to blow with Brenda in it (or appear to be). They didn't even have us wondering who all was in there, because they clearly showed Sonny outside in the promo. So we all knew when Sonny and Brenda went towards the car, only she got in. It also took away any question of whether they did marry this time, since the promo showed it happening as they were happily leaving.

    I suppose the twist is she survived, but wouldn't it have been a bigger shock and surprise if the boom had not been endlessly previewed on the very show it was going to happen days later? There is a way to tease without giving all the surprise away.

  20. Andrea well Sam and Jason both forgave each other and moved on from all that. I love them together I just don't want them to have a baby together cus well, it's pretty obvious why! Jake! :)

  21. Andrea er when I say Jake, I mean Jason hasn't claimed him as his son to protect him! So Jason and Sam having a baby together would be horrible! :(

  22. Okay, to put my two cents in on the Jason/Sam forgiving each other sheeze, Jason forgiving Sam is the complete opposite of the true nature of the character and those of us that have watched this show since Jason Morgan was Jason Quartermaine just cannot and will not ever be able to buy into it.

    Trixie, I am with you. There are just so many holes in this mess of a story that the few good moments just cannot save it. We are supposed to believe the car was on fire, that it took the fire dept to put out the fire and use the jaws of life to get the body out, and that Sam could not only have survived, but had barely a scratch on her? Remember, they said Sonny had to stay back because the fire was burning too hot...And looking the way she did, we are supposed to believe that no member of this cracker jack rescue crew checked to see if she was alive? Crap, crap, crap and more crap. These writers honestly believe that we are stupid. The fans evidently saved Becky's job, maybe it is time they got Guza fired...

  23. I thought today's show was stellar! Got goose bumps watching Kimberly and JT together. Maurice was great; but you know Steve is what I call a great "face actor" his eyes and his expression speak volumes!
    I only have one problem with Franco...he's not around nearly long enough. I have a feeling Franco is going to leave us all hanging on Monday! Still James is a stand up guy for doing "our little show"
    Don't know how I feel about Carly and Shawn...I do like Shawn and I hope he gets to stay in PC. I also know that every time they try to put Carly in a relationship, she becomes either boring or just more idiotic than normal!
    I hated hated the fact that Lucky was stuck, wasted in Ireland or in the air on a plane or wherever the hell he was with someone who doesn't really matter! JJ could have lent some awesome talent to today's show and the entire wedding story for that matter.

    I have to say also that yes Ingo's performance was fantastic, he should have been smart enough to know that Brenda has been targeted by the Balkan for months...and the Balkan has nothing to do with Sonny.

    And finally, seriously....someone really should find out what happened to Max! Poor guy still knocked unconscious on Sonny's floor probably isn't a good thing! As for Milo, better be some DAMN good Italian food he went to get!!

  24. Mosbp2003, it's ridiculous, isn't it?

    I too have been utterly disappointed with the direction they've taken with Jason's character. No continuity!!
    They've ruined his character in my eyes just to shove down our throats some contrived BS love story that is supposed to be Jason/Sam.

    The real issue is, TPTB don't know what to do with Sam when she isn't paired with Jason. That should tell you something, her character isn't a well-developed character then.

    As for the show, loved it today. But, I could have done without the Clink-Boom.
    It was such a great scene the first go around because it was so unexpected. Times have changed, can't repeat certain storylines or scenes.
    It's like watching Usual Suspects for the very first time, the ending blows you away (no pun intended) and after that you can never watch it again because it's now lost it's appeal, you know what's going to happen. And, that sadly is what has become of GH.

  25. Forgot to mention, are any of you tired of this incessant need for Sam to play Jason's backup all the time? Like I mean, all the TIME!!

    He did do this stuff long before you showed up Sam. He's learnt how to take care of himself.
    Like, I said, TPTB don't know what to do with Sam if she isn't running around playing Jason's protector.

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  27. Anonymous, you are obviously a Mayan fan, and that is fine. And if you don't like the idea of Ehtan and Kristina, that is also fine. YOu have a right to your opinion. But Lexie Ainsworth is a teenager- a beautiful teenager at that. To attack her looks or her body is not cool, and you need to find some other way to express your displeasure with the potential storyline.

  28. Watchintele, I completely agree with you. I liked Sam b4 she stood by and let Jake be kidnapped and I liked her again with Lucky. I just do not like the way her character is written with Jason. She has no life other than to follow him around. KeMo is wasted in this JaSam Episode II version of the couple.

    I also agree about the original click-boom episode. It was done so well- it was shocking and heartbreaking. The editing was superb with the scenes alternating between Lilly blowing up and Brenda/Jax wedding. There is no way GH could ever repeat or top the power of that episode.

    AS for yesterday,I want to make clear that I think the actors did a superb job- it is just the holes in the story and all the inconsistencies in the writing that are ruining things for me.

  29. Hmph. I only WISH I looked like Lexi Ainsworth. She has amazing legs. And she's gorgeous. And she has palpable on-screen chemistry with the Ethan guy, which they're clearly taking advantage of. I don't see any problem. *shrugs*

  30. It amazes me how these actors are able to make a purse out of a sow's ear. They take an inferior product much of the time and usually rock it onscreen.


    They would be the hottest couple on TV.
    Jason's, Lucky's and Nik's heads would explode.
    It could bring out Liz's bad girl side while helping moderate Johnny.
    Could help redeem Johnny from his hiding Lisa's secret.
    Most importantly it keeps Liz away from Sonny. I think Liz, Monica and Epiphany are the only women Sonny has not been with, haha, so Liz has to be near the top of his "still to conquer" list.

    It is easy enough to set up. Johnny gets shot (we know it has to happen every few months, urgh!) and Liz nurses him back to health...perhaps hides him in her old art studio.

  32. I love that people are commenting and talking RATIONALLY about the Sam/Jason story..thank you for keeping it all civil!! LOL

    PLEASE do NOT comment on actor's looks..that comment about Lexi Ainsworth? Sorry, I took it off. Especially someone her age.
    Thanks for being NICE ---

  33. 1. I'm glad it was Sam. Just wish she'd perish.
    2. Robin's eyemake up was way too heavy
    3. Loved Jax & Alexis. Ingo was incredible. By far the performer of the day IMO. Who would have known?
    4. I think Shawn is soooo hot!
    5. I so agree about trhe back up thing. Out of all the available mobsters he choose her in heals? seriously? Plus he hadn't contacted her in all that time.

  34. Oh and good job, Karen. Just cause we like certain characters more than others doesn't mean we have to personally attack the actors. I do have to say Molly & Lulu looked the best out of almost everyone.
    I so have to say, I didn't like the dress carly wore. And wouldn't it be more appropriate for her to show a little anger for the wedding going forward?

  35. Mosbp2003, that's the thing that I cannot comprehend. Her character shows some growth and depth, somewhat more interesting when she isn't paired with Jason.

    Both Jason and Sam are watered down versions of themselves (Jason moreso, because he's a well-developed character). So much potential, and it's just wasted.
    How many times are you going to have the same story with them. They get together, guns and bullets, babies, and nothing much else ensues. It's so BORING!!!

    If you haven't read the chat Kimberly McCullough had with fans, do. It's very telling.
    A fan asked if she would like to see Jason and Robin get back together. She replied Yes. But it probably won't happen, or anyone else for that matter being paired with Jason, unless Kemo LEFT THE SHOW.

  36. Dori! Milo went to get PIZZA! ROFL!


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