Sunday, February 27, 2011

Franco's BIG Oscar Night!!

 Make Up for GH:

You know he thinks GH is way more glam than the Oscars, but we won't tell, will we?? How fun to watch and know he'll be chasing "our Stone Cold" on Monday!! Here are some fun things from the WUBBAH Red Carpet:
 Here's the premiere of FRONKEY at the red carpet--all Glammed up to be on Franco's arm. Nice or what? I think those are some of Lila's pearls. Brooke Lyn loaned her the dress. 

Here's the WUBQUEEN ensam for the big event! This is Cassadine Couture!! Made with real goat hair in the monkey's faces. Stunning or what? I thought it was a bit Marilyn Monroe.

So, what pic do you think will take the big prize??? I actually saw 5 of the 10 movies, which is pretty good for me. I did like "The King's Speech" but in a way, thought "The Social Network" was much more outside the box -- making a boring subject exciting. I just want to see Trent Reznor take a statue!! The music was really part of that film. 

Franco is going to star in the Prequel to "The Wizard of Oz" and he beat out Downey and Depp. He's the younger version of them I guess. heh He won The Independent Spirit award last night, and I'm hoping he hides it on set when he comes back this summer to do this thing on GH. He'll direct, so why not? 

Mila Kunis looked awesome. I loved Gwen Paltrow's 60's dress, and Reese Witherspoon. Hated Nicole Kidman's tablecloth!! WTH. 

 THIS? looked like ScarJo has on a sports bra under there!! UGH!! Not a good look-- I like my cupcake PJs much more. WORST dressed for me.



Just loved this look. Reminds me of chic 50's/60s' glam. 


FULL Oscar dish tomorrow!!


  1. In the first 5 minutes GH was mentioned!!

  2. The first 5 minutes with Franco was okay Anne stole the show he really wasn't seen as much as her.Loved Colin getting it and also them winning Best picture.Loved loved Kirk Douglas hes a hoot...The gowns were awesome I thought Marisa Tormei was classic Hollywood

  3. Karen Did you see ABC exects came out said they renewed there contract to do the Oscars to 2020????

  4. I actually like Nicole Kidman's dress it was cute. What was with Cate Blanchet's dress? ROFL! That looked like mustard on it! Did she eat a hot dog before the show? ROFL!


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