Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New General Hosptial Scoops and VM Says "NO" Baby For Brenda!

In an interview with MSN, Vanessa explains there's no living baby on GH for her character, Brenda.

Is there any chance Brenda's baby could still show up in Port Charles?
Vanessa Marcil: Absolutely not. Brenda had a miscarriage. But, who knows moving forward. ... Brenda and Sonny could prove to be very fertile together.

Other highlights include cast takes on the filming of the wedding:

How do you keep stamina up and pass the time during multiday shoots like this wedding?
Kimberly McCullough: We don't get a lot of days like this anymore, where we're here all day together, so there's a lot of talking, gossiping, catching up and showing pictures of kids on iPhones. Everyone's tweeting, but it's still social hour. Talk and tweet!

Vanessa Marcil: Eat every two hours and make sure you work with Maurice. He's so talented scenes feel like music, and so smart and funny he keeps you wildly entertained in between scenes. I'm crazy about him.

Maurice Benard: It goes both ways. I watched her become a butterfly. When Sonny and Brenda were together before, she worked her butt off and I watched her become this great actress. For me, it's like a father and a daughter. I'm proud. She's incredible.

So, Mo thinks of Vanny "like a daughter"!! Interesting!! Hit the link to read the entire interview, it's a good one. 

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  1. She says that for now no baby yeah right.

  2. If the baby is alive it will be sonny's of course.

  3. It can't be Sonny's because Brenda was last with Jax. If the abay is alive it could turn out to be Jax's

  4. Every kid turns out to be sonny's

  5. except for Michael he stole him.

  6. I really want it to be Jax's baby (and ALIVE). I just need Carly to get some of her own medicine. I'm over her B*tch-on-Wheels shtick.



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